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Name:  Lois Fowler Barrett  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction Non-Fiction Poetry

Audience: Adult; Young Adult;

Born: 1935 in Marion, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Barrett was born in Marion, Illinois and currently resides in Harrisburg, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Lois Fowler Barrett is a retired state of Illinois employee, area news reporter and a writer. Along with her other books listed, she has also published an ebook, ''Shuugh, God, And Lulu''.

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Titles At Your Library

When the Earthquakes Spoke
ISBN: 0976235609

Brick Hill Publishing. 2004

Historical fiction set in 1806-1812 when Campbell Smith from Plymouth and Rebecca Burton arrive seperately from Boston into southeastern Illinois to escape their domineering fathers. Disaster strikes in many ways, first with Smith losing his partner to murder upon arriving in the area, leaving an inexperienced youth to survive the land. Burton is escaping a secret past. Her secret is brought to light and she is forced to return to Boston to face the consequences, for which she faces condemnation and estrangement from Smith. The 1811-1812 earthquakes of a four state area ultimately forces unforgiving souls to regret past actions, bringing about reconciliation.

Preacher's Son & Henry Brown
ISBN: 0976235617

Brick Hill Publishing. 2007

In the aftermath of the Earthquakes of 1811 and 1812, the refugees at Fort Stone find themselves in a hard place surrounded by British redcoats and their Shawnee allies. With all-out war on the horizon and treachery around every bend of the river will Campbell Smith and Rebecca Burton ever find love and security?

There Oughta Be A Law
ISBN: 0976235625

Brick Hill Publishing. 2007

A sheriff ought to be able to retire when he's sixty and DeWitt County Sheriff Art Simonds believes he will. Leona Broughton upsets his plans when her thriteen year old granddaughter disappears and it's deja-vu for the older woman. When the alleged perpetrator, a registered sex offender is loosed on bond, events are set off which lead to a serial killing situation. Bodies are turning up with no solid leads as to who ridded the county of the blight of known child molesters. Will Art get involved or rest out his days? Will the county ever be the same?

Gulf Coast Love Affair / 19th Century Hurricanes
ISBN: 0976235633

Brick Hill Publishing. 2009

While chasing a dream he could not fulfill, Campbell Smith is searching for answers as to why survivors of hurricanes, himself included, would risk life, family, and wealth to return again and again to the Gulf Coast. What is this love affair with the seashore?

Margaret, the woman he has loved since nineteen, is addicted to seashore living -- even after losing so much in two hurricanes, 1875 and 1886, and fervently believes there is no quality of life away from the coast. She wishes to die there, but not in Indianola, Texas where she lost her family and business.

She will go to Galveston where it is safe. Arthur will die with her if it means they can be together. She pushed him away for twenty-seven years due to religious beliefs.

Was he wrong? Will God judge him now? Will he live?


  • Golden Poet award in 1990 for ''The Survivor''
  • Awards of Merit for ''Limbo Into Suicide'' in 1990

    Speaking Engagements

    Speaking Engagement Availability (Yes)

    Author will speak to any audience interested in writing. Contact Information Brick Hill Publishing PO Box 86 Harrisburg, Illinois 62946 618-252-7012