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Name:  Marion Dane Bauer  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction & Non-Fiction

Audience: Adult; Young Adult; Children;

Born: 1938 in Oglesby, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Bauer was born and raised in Oglesby.

Biographical and Professional Information

Since 1976, Marion Dane Bauer is the author of more than seventy books for young people from novelty books, picture books and early readers through writing guides and novels. She has won numerous awards, including a Newbery Honor in 1987 for her book ''On My Honor'' and the Kerlan Award from the University of Minnesota for the body of her work. Her books have been translated into more than a dozen different languages and she edited the award-winning book, ''Am I Blue? Coming Out From the Silence''. Bauer was educated at LaSalle-Peru-Oglesby Junior College, the University of Missouri and the University of Oklahoma, where she graduated in 1962. She has taught English at a Wisconsin high school and classes in creative writing in Minnesota.Marion has long been a writing teacher as well as a writer. Her book ''What's Your Story? A Young Person's Guide to Writing Fiction'' is used by adults wanting to write for children as well as by young writers. She was the first Faculty Chair at Vermont College, developing the first Master of Fine Arts in Writing program devoted exclusively to writing for children and young adults.Bauer now lives in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.


'Body of Work

Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagement Availability (Yes) Bauer is primarily interested in presenting for adult groups - librarians, teachers and writers.

Selected Titles At Your Library

A bear named Trouble /
ISBN: 0440421322. OCLC Number: 56590915

Clarion Books,. .

In Anchorage, Alaska, two lonely boys make a connection--a brown bear injured just after his mother sends him out on his own, and a human whose father is a new keeper at the Alaska Zoo and whose mother and sister are still in Minnesota.

A dream of queens and castles
ISBN: 0440405548. OCLC Number: 25219424

Dell,. .

Twelve-year-old Diana and her mother are moving again.

A mama for Owen
ISBN: 9780689857874. OCLC Number: 62755477

Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers,. .

When the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami separates a young African hippopotamus from his mother, he finds a new snuggle partner in Mzee the giant tortoise. Based on a true story.

A mummy for Owen /
ISBN: 1847380956. OCLC Number: 148318074

Simon & Schuster Children's,. .

When the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami separates a young African hippopotamus from his mother, he finds a new snuggle partner in Mzee the giant tortoise. Based on a true story.

A question of trust
ISBN: 0590479156. OCLC Number: 28494340

Scholastic,. .

After his mother leaves the family, Brad involves his younger brother in a plan to get her to come home and deals with his feelings of rejection by taking care of a newborn kitten.

A recipe for Valentine's Day /
ISBN: 0689858957. OCLC Number: 57335119

Little Simon,. .

A boy and a girl come up with a great way celebrate the perfect Valentine's day.

A taste of smoke
ISBN: 0440410347. OCLC Number: 32986313

Bantam Doubleday Dell Books for Young Readers,. .

Thirteen-year-old Caitlan looks forward to the camping trip with her older sister in the woods of northern Minnesota, but she doesn't count on the intrusion of her sister's boyfriend or the ghost of a boy who died in the fire that destroyed the forest a century before.

A writer's story :
ISBN: 039572094X. OCLC Number: 31867218

Clarion Books,. .

The author explores the influences that led her to become a writer including the importance of inspiration.

Alison's fierce and ugly Halloween
ISBN: 0786812117. OCLC Number: 35397796

Hyperion Paperbacks for Children,. .

Alison dresses as a fierce and ugly pirate for Halloween, but she is disappointed and angry when everyone says she looks cute.

Alison's puppy
ISBN: 0590118382. OCLC Number: 37773397

Scholastic, Inc.,. .

All Alison wants is a puppy for her birthday.

Am I Blue?
ISBN: 1439505926. OCLC Number: 232125705

Paw Prints. .

An early winter /
ISBN: 0440416949. OCLC Number: 45874719

Dell Yearling,. .

When eleven-year-old Tim's beloved grandfather develops Alzheimer's Disease, Tim tries to restore and save him by taking him out for a fishing adventure at the pond, but the outing turns into a disaster.

Baby bear discovers the world
ISBN: 9781591935711. OCLC Number: 952181567

Adventure Publications, Inc.,. .

Real live bears are the main characters in this dynamic tale of adventure and discovery! Photos by nationally known wildlife photographer Stan Tekiela pair with text by award-winning author Marion Dane Bauer for a lively story that will fascinate children and adults. This Mom's Choice Award winner for Most Outstanding Children's Book creates a compelling dynamic between reality and imagination.

Bear's hiccups
ISBN: 0439052815. OCLC Number: 43665976

Scholastic,. .

On a hot summer day, while Bear and Frog are arguing about who owns the cool, wet pond, Frog disappears and Bear develops a sudden case of hiccups.

Blue Ghost.
ISBN: 1299246923. OCLC Number: 842914811

Random House Books for Young Readers,. .

Celebrating California.
ISBN: 9780606316651. OCLC Number: 839392748

Turtleback Books. .

Celebrating Florida.
ISBN: 9780606316675. OCLC Number: 839392750

Turtleback Books. .

Celebrating Illinois
ISBN: 9780544302808. OCLC Number: 884589975

. .

Mr. Geo explores Illinois, including a kite festival in Chicago, the Field Museum of Natural History, and the Shawnee National Forest.

Celebrating Illinois /
ISBN: 0544123751. OCLC Number: 830205921

. .

Takes beginning readers on a whirlwind tour of Illinois, the Prairie state with Mr. Geo. His first stop is Chicago for a kite-flying festival and a trip to the museum to see the biggest T. rex skeleton ever found! Then he will ride riverboats, work on a farm, climb the mysterious Cahokia Mounds and visit place where President Lincoln lived and worked, plus much more.

Celebrating Massachusetts /
ISBN: 054411972X. OCLC Number: 830205925

. .

Takes beginning readers on a whirlwind tour of Massachusetts, the Bay state with Mr. Geo. Join this fun and funny geography teacher as he goes up and down the state visiting Boston for a Fourth of July celebration, walking the Freedom Trail, and cheering on the Boston Read Sox! He also plans to meet the Pilgrims, go whale watching, bike along the seashore and much much more.

Celebrating New York
ISBN: 9780547897813. OCLC Number: 794603921

. .

Takes beginning readers on a whirlwind tour of the Empire State with Mr. Geo. Join this fun and funny geography teacher as he explores New York City and New York State with stops at cultural attractions, historic landmarks, scenic wonders, sports events, and much, much more.

Celebrating Texas :
ISBN: 9780547983950. OCLC Number: 793973706

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt,. .

Takes beginning readers on a whirlwind tour of the Lone Star State with Mr. Geo. Join this fun and funny geography teacher as he visits popular attractions, national parks, historic landmarks, rodeo shows, and much, much more.

Christmas in the forest
ISBN: 0439151074. OCLC Number: 53833266

Scholastic Inc.,. .

After Cat is accidentally shut outdoors on a cold, dark Christmas Eve, she makes a promise to Mouseling in order to share his warm bed.

Christmas lights
ISBN: 0689869428. OCLC Number: 74273909

Little Simon,. .

Children dream of Santa, good food, and family during the days before Christmas, in a book with real Christmas lights.

ISBN: 9781481462136. OCLC Number: 923564827

. .

Illustrations and simple text explain stratus, cumulus, and cirrus clouds.

Dinosaur thunder /
ISBN: 0590452967. OCLC Number: 731666347

Scholastic Press,. .

Brannon is afraid of thunder until his older brother compares thunder to one of Brannon's favorite subjects--dinosaurs.

Earthquake! /
ISBN: 1416925511. OCLC Number: 232979537

Aladdin,. .

Explains that earthquakes are caused by plate movement.

Easter is coming
ISBN: 0689863853. OCLC Number: 57562354

Little Simon,. .

Face to face :
ISBN: 0440407915. OCLC Number: 22593397

Clarion Books,. .

Picked on at school by bullies, thirteen-year-old Michael confronts his fears during a trip to Colorado to see his father, who works as a whitewater rafting guide and whom Michael has not seen in eight years.

ISBN: 9781448783793. OCLC Number: 709669205

Paw Prints. .

Flood! /
ISBN: 1416925538. OCLC Number: 180756372

Aladdin Paperbacks,. .

All living things need water to survive. But when there is too much rain, a flood can happen. Learn how floods form and how we try to avoid them.

Foster child
ISBN: 0440928613. OCLC Number: 4551412

Dell Pub. Co.,. .

When her great-grandmother is placed in a nursing home, a twelve-year-old is sent to a foster home where the fanatically religious father presses his intentions on her.

Ghost eye
ISBN: 0590452991. OCLC Number: 32268701

Scholastic,. .

Purrloom Popcorn, an exotically beautiful cat with one blue eye and one gold eye, receives his first real love from a lonely girl and an array of ghost cats.

Grand Canyon.
ISBN: 1424215579. OCLC Number: 226358573

Fitzgerald Books. .

Grandmother's song
ISBN: 0689822723. OCLC Number: 40050942

Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers,. .

A woman celebrates the arrival of her baby girl and then, years later, the similar arrival of her grandson.

Grandmother's song /
ISBN: 1416968490. OCLC Number: 1089538271

. .

A woman celebrates the arrival of her baby girl and then, years later, the similar arrival of her grandson.

Green Ghost.
ISBN: 1299250408. OCLC Number: 842909624

Random House Books for Young Readers,. .

Halloween forest
ISBN: 9780823440382. OCLC Number: 663101195

Holiday House,. .

When a young boy goes out to trick-or-treat on Halloween, he encounters a spooky forest full of bones.

Harriet Tubman
ISBN: 9780545232579. OCLC Number: 613432514

Scholastic,. .

A simple introduction to the life and work of Harriet Tubman.

How do I love you?
ISBN: 9781444925616. OCLC Number: 974675290

. .

How do I love you? /
ISBN: 0545072700. OCLC Number: 231584760

Cartwheel Books,. .

"A book about how much we love our little ones"--Back cover.

I'm not afraid of Halloween! :
ISBN: 0689850506. OCLC Number: 71300821

Little Simon,. .

Spooky trick-or-treaters knock on the door. From a cackling witch who pops up to a scar-faced Frankenstein who looms large, the costumes get more and more frightening--but they don't scare the little boy giving out candy. Wht will scare him? He's not afraid of anything. Or is he?

If frogs made weather /
ISBN: 0823416224. OCLC Number: 54280152

Holiday House,. .

A young child ruminates on the favorite weather of ten different animals.

If you had a nose like an elephant's trunk
ISBN: 0823415899. OCLC Number: 44612934

Holiday House,. .

A young girl imagines what it would be like to have a tongue like a snapping turtle, feet like a fly, a tail like a lizard, or cheeks like a chipmunk.

If you were born a kitten
ISBN: 0689801114. OCLC Number: 34412769

Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers,. .

Simply describes how various baby animals come into the world and what happens when a human baby is born.

Jump, little wood ducks /
ISBN: 1591935857. OCLC Number: 921867394

. .

If you were born high up in a tree, would you jump to the ground? That’s what Wood Ducks are supposed to do, but three little ducklings aren’t so sure. Mama Wood Duck calls for them to come, but her babies just won’t budge! Will they find their courage when Mama tells them all about a Wood Duck’s wonderful life?

Killing Miss Kitty and other sins
ISBN: 9780547076140. OCLC Number: 271667642

Houghton Mifflin,. .

A series of five stories, loosely based on the author's experiences growing up on the edge of a small, industrial town in Illinois in the 1950s, touching upon such diverse topics as race relations, unwanted cats, confirmation in the Episcopal faith, and homosexuality.

Land of the buffalo bones :
ISBN: 0439220270. OCLC Number: 50004353

Scholastic,. .

Fourteen-year-old Polly Rodgers keeps a diary of her 1873 journey from England to Minnesota as part of a colony of eighty people seeking religious freedom, and of their first year struggling to make a life there, led by her father, a Baptist minister.

Little cat's luck /
ISBN: 1481424882. OCLC Number: 891718740

. .

A little cat named Patches manages to push out a window screen and leave her house, chasing a falling leaf, and sets out to find a special place to call her own.

Little Cat's Luck.
ISBN: 9780606397469. OCLC Number: 959803822

Turtleback Books. .

Little dog, lost
ISBN: 9781442434257. OCLC Number: 741542618

Atheneum Books for Young Readers,. .

A boy, a dog, and an old man are lonely before the boy plans a rally, the dog looks for a boy, and all the townspeople run to the old man's aid when lightning strikes his home and something miraculous happens.

Love song for a baby
ISBN: 9781442449732. OCLC Number: 897466574

. .

Providing a warm and loving poetic answer in a beautiful celebration of parental love, this picture book is an ideal treasure for new parents. Parents describe their longing for a baby and their joy at the birth and marvel at the baby's attributes and actions. The gentle text and lush paintings say I love you in many touching ways in this exquisite book ideal for children, parents, and grandparents. Full-color illustrations.

Martin Luther King, Jr.
ISBN: 9780545142335. OCLC Number: 326505650

. .

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a great man. His words changed the way people thought, and his actions spurred them on to change the world. With simple, lyrical text and bold, kid-friendly illustrations, this book introduces Dr. King to the youngest readers--Page 4 of cover.

Mount Rushmore
ISBN: 153443030X. OCLC Number: 1078689800

. .

Visit Mount Rushmore as Newbery Honor recipient and New York Times bestselling author Marion Dane Bauer takes you on a tour of one of our country's greatest treasures in this Level 1 Ready-to-Read. Mount Rushmore is the most visited place in the United States. Learn the story about how this wonder of America was made.

Mount Rushmore /
ISBN: 1416934782. OCLC Number: 71322138

. .

Simple text describes the history behind the construction of the four faces on Mount Rushmore.

My mother is mine
ISBN: 9781416960904. OCLC Number: 316568715

Little Simon,. .

As a child makes a Mother's Day card, various animal mothers are shown taking care of their young.

Niagara Falls.
ISBN: 1424215528. OCLC Number: 226358574

Fitzgerald Books. .

Introduces young readers to how the Falls were made and the history that surrounds them.

On my honor
ISBN: 0676319785. OCLC Number: 42480144

Random House/Miller-Brody,. .

When his best friend drowns while they are both swimming in a treacherous river they had promised never to go near, Joel is devastated and terrified at having to tell both sets of parents the terrible consequences of their disobedience.

On my honor /
ISBN: 0440466334. OCLC Number: 13184228

. .

When his best friend drowns while they are both swimming in a treacherous river that they had promised never to go near, Joel is devastated and terrified at having to tell both sets of parents the terrible consequences of their disobedience.

One brown bunny /
ISBN: 0439680107. OCLC Number: 81917156

Orchard Books,. .

One brown bunny goes out one day and finds many friends who would like to play.

Our stories :
ISBN: 0395815983. OCLC Number: 33948403

Clarion Books,. .

This follow-up to What's Your Story? presents a selection of short fiction written by students in grades four through twelve followed by Bauer's comments on each.

ISBN: 9781481462143. OCLC Number: 50090259

Aladdin,. .

Illustrations and simple text explain what rain is, how it is used by plants, birds, and people, and the importance of clean water.

Rain of fire
ISBN: 0899191908. OCLC Number: 9323442

Clarion Books,. .

When Steve's older brother Matthew, returning home after service in World War II, refuses to talk about his wartime experiences, Steve's friends begin to doubt the stories he has told of Matthew's heroism.

Red Ghost.
ISBN: 1299247598. OCLC Number: 842914121

Random House Books for Young Readers,. .

Runt /
ISBN: 0440419786. OCLC Number: 50775393

Clarion Books,. .

Runt, the smallest wolf cub in the litter, seeks to prove himself to his father King and the rest of the pack and to earn a new name. In this beautifully written story set in the north woods of Minnesota, four healthy wolf pups-Leader, Sniffer, Runner, and Thinker-are born one spring. And then one final, undersized pup emerges-Runt. Despite his size, Runt manages to keep up with his brothers and sisters and learn the ways of the pack. But he finds it impossible to please his father, the pack"s leader, and gradually withdraws from the others. When he ventures into forbidden human territory, Runt at last comes to understand his mistakes and to recognize his own worth. Award-winning author Marion Dane Bauer combines her gift for evocative writing with her in-depth knowledge of wolves to create a compact tale that has the power of an epic. Like the best animal stories, it reflects our own world and shows us what it means to be alive.

Secret of the Painted House.
ISBN: 1299248357. OCLC Number: 842912785

Random House Books for Young Readers,. .

Shelter from the wind
ISBN: 9781477816035. OCLC Number: 1622274

Seabury Press,. .

After her father remarries, twelve-year-old Stacy runs away in search of her real mother, only to be befriended by a wizened old woman who lives alone in the desert.

Sleep, little one, sleep
ISBN: 068985269X. OCLC Number: 50903513

Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers,. .

Sleepiness is compared to the actions of a spider, a mouse, a bird, and increasingly larger animals.

ISBN: 1481462164. OCLC Number: 923564841

. .

Uncovers the mysteries of snow and celebrates the joy it can bring.

Some babies are wild /
ISBN: 1591930847. OCLC Number: 227930227

Adventure Publications,. .

Rhythmically portrays the loving relationships between baby animals and their moms, while also providing real-life photographs.

Thank you for me!
ISBN: 9781442431164. OCLC Number: 870956954

Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers,. .

Rhythmic text enumerates what various body parts can do, including hands to clap and a body to twirl, then expresses thanks for each of those parts--and for the whole.

Thank you for me! /
ISBN: 0689857888. OCLC Number: 70839670

Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers,. .

Rhythmic text enumerates what various body parts can do, including hands to clap and a body to twirl, then expresses thanks for each of those parts--and for the whole.

The Badlands /
ISBN: 1416954074. OCLC Number: 154677628

Aladdin,. .

"Non fiction picturebook regarding the formation and history of the Badlands in South Dakota"--Provided by publisher.

The blue ghost /
ISBN: 0375833390. OCLC Number: 56799025

Random House,. .

At her grandmother's log cabin, nine-year-old Liz is led to make contact with children she believes may be her ancestors.

The Christmas baby
ISBN: 9781481444255. OCLC Number: 921248956

. .

A simple retelling of the Nativity story that celebrates the timeless joy of welcoming a new baby into the world.

The cutest critter
ISBN: 9781591935759. OCLC Number: 952181568

Adventure Publications, Inc.,. .

Baby critters are soft and cuddly, but which is the cutest' Award-winning author Marion Dane Bauer poses this question, leading readers on a heartwarming journey to find The Cutest Critter. Stan Tekiela's adorable photographs provide plenty of choices, but by story's end there is just one answer. Stan and Marion's other collaborations both won Mom's Choice Awards. The Cutest Critter is sure to become another family favorite. Share it with someone you love, and introduce them to the wonders of nature.

The double-digit club /
ISBN: 0823418057. OCLC Number: 52178739

Holiday House,. .

Nine-year-old Sarah is excited about summer vacation, but she faces unexpected crises when her best friend Paige becomes old enough to join a local girls' clique, and when she makes choices which affect her relationship with an elderly blind neighbor.

The green ghost /
ISBN: 0375840834. OCLC Number: 191023758

Random House Children's Books,. .

While Kaye and her parents are driving during a bad snowstorm to her grandmother's house on Christmas Eve, their car spins off the road and they take refuge in a house where Kaye meets a ghost in a green cloak.

The kissing monster :
ISBN: 0689848994. OCLC Number: 49399978

Little Simon,. .

A young girl tries to hide from her mother's mushy kisses.

The longest night
ISBN: 9780823420544. OCLC Number: 234257129

Holiday House,. .

One very long night, a crow, a moose, and a fox all claim they can bring back the sun, but the wind knows that only one little creature has what is needed to end the darkness.

The mighty Mississippi
ISBN: 9781428720596. OCLC Number: 63108356

Aladdin,. .

Briefly describes the geography of the Mississippi River, along with some history of the transportation and commerce associated with the river.

The red ghost /
ISBN: 0375840818. OCLC Number: 123136358

Random House,. .

After Jenna gives her little sister an old doll dressed in red velvet as a birthday present, the occurrence of some very disturbing events make Jenna suspect the doll might be possessed.

The Rocky Mountains
ISBN: 9780689869488. OCLC Number: 62089794

. .

Learn about the Rocky Mountains, how they came to be and what animals live there.

The secret of the painted house /
ISBN: 037584080X. OCLC Number: 71788813

Random House,. .

When her family moves from Chicago to the country, nine-year-old Emily is drawn to a mysterious playhouse she finds in the woods and soon meets its sad, lonely inhabitant.

The Statue of Liberty
ISBN: 1534430318. OCLC Number: 1078404330

. .

An introduction to the Statue of Liberty explains how it was built, what it is made of, and the symbolism behind it, and provides interesting facts pertaining to this wonder.

The Statue of Liberty /
ISBN: 1416934790. OCLC Number: 76261793

. .

An introduction to the Statue of Liberty explains how it was built, what it is made of, and the symbolism behind it, and provides interesting facts pertaining to this wonder.

The very best daddy of all
ISBN: 9781416985174. OCLC Number: 47297676

Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers,. .

Pictures and rhyming text show how some fathers, animal, bird, and human, take care of their children by bringing them food, playing with them, and keeping them safe.

The very little princess :
ISBN: 9780375898211. OCLC Number: 661179776

Random House,. .

After discovering a tiny, delicate, china doll in an old trunk, Rose is amazed when the doll comes to life, claiming to be a princess, and starts ordering Rose about.

Toes, ears, & nose! :
ISBN: 9781481419543. OCLC Number: 51442782

. .

Engages readers to lift the flaps to see which body parts are hiding underneath clothing.

Touch the moon
ISBN: 0440402565. OCLC Number: 20863333

Dell,. .

When the china horse Jennifer receives for her birthday is magically transformed into a real horse, they share an evening of fantastic adventures.

Turtle dreams
ISBN: 0439052823. OCLC Number: 36315868

Holiday House,. .

Turtle talks to different animals about the coming winter, trying to find a dream that will fit her and prepare her for the long cold season of darkness.

Uh-oh! :
ISBN: 0689847114. OCLC Number: 50733080

. .

From lost balloons to spilled milk, mishaps happen! Unfold the pages to see each hilarious uh-oh and the hugs and kisses that make them all better.

ISBN: 9781416925491. OCLC Number: 180756370

Aladdin Paperbacks,. .

The Earth as we know it was partly created by volcanoes. Many are still active today. Learn how volcanoes form and what is going on when they erupt.

Waiting for Christmas
ISBN: 0689863845. OCLC Number: 62171145

Little Simon,. .

A young boy sees the snow, lights, and decorations as signs that Chistmas is near. On board pages.

When I go camping with Grandma
ISBN: 0816734496. OCLC Number: 29391075

BridgeWater Books,. .

A child enjoys a camping trip with Grandma that includes hiking, canoeing, fishing, and cooking out.

Why do kittens purr?
ISBN: 9781481442497. OCLC Number: 907951415

. .

Simple rhymes tell why kittens, bears, kangaroos, and other animals behave the way they do.

Why do kittens purr? /
ISBN: 1416968504. OCLC Number: 47296244

Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers,. .

Simple rhymes tell why kittens, bears, kangaroos, and other animals behave the way they do.

ISBN: 1481462156. OCLC Number: 923564763

. .

Illustrations and simple text explain what wind is, how it is used by plants, birds, and people, and how wind can become a storm.

Wonders of america ready-to-read value pack :
ISBN: 1481427245. OCLC Number: 870896578

Simon & Schuster Books,. .

Yellowstone /
ISBN: 1416954058. OCLC Number: 134993183

Aladdin,. .

An introduction to Yellowstone National Park describes the landscape and animals found there and explains how people came to use natural means to tend the world's first national park.

ISBN: 1534440348. OCLC Number: 1056734007


Zutritt erst ab zehn
ISBN: 9783423712477. OCLC Number: 188261405

Dt. Taschenbuch-Verl.,. .