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General Information

Name:  Patrick T. McBriarty  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Non-Fiction

Audience: Adult; Children;


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Illinois Connection

McBriarty is a resident of Chicago.

Biographical and Professional Information

McBriarty is a writer and creative producer based in Chicago. His first book was the three-time, award-winning history ''Chicago River Bridges'', which has been praised as entertaining, interesting, and accessible to most anyone interested in Chicago or Chicago history. It was the basis for the PBS documentary ''Chicago Drawbridges'', which he co-produced with filmmaker Stephen Hatch and was broadcast on Chicago and Milwaukee Public Television.


Drawbridges Open and Close

-- ILLINOIS READS Book Selection, Illinois Reading Council, 2017

Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagement Availability (Yes) '''Chicago River Bridges Program ''' This multimedia presentation explores the engineering, architecture, and human dramas surrounding Chicago’s bridges past and present. Take a journey into Chicago’s fantastic bridge history based on the award-winning book of the same title. Learn how today’s bridges evolved from the first simple footbridge built by a tavern owner to Chicago’s emergence as the Drawbridge Capital of the World with stories of floods, fire, politics, and bridge innovations. (All ages; 60 min; $150 negotiable with permission to sell books and DVDs) '''Chicago Drawbridges Program''' Presented by Stephen Hatch and Patrick McBriarty Screen the documentary Chicago Drawbridges as broadcast on Chicago and Milwaukee Public Television with a Q&A by the filmmakers. The 57-minute film chronicles the importance of the bridges in the making of the Windy City, from the first wooden footbridge built by a tavern owner in 1832 to today’s iconic structures over the Chicago River. Approachable, informative, and entertaining, viewers will walk away with an excitement and new appreciation for bridges everywhere. (All ages; 70 min; $150-250 negotiable with permission to sell books and DVDs)

Selected Titles At Your Library

Airplanes take off and land /
ISBN: 1941216048. OCLC Number: 889647714

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Experience a day in the life of Pilot Stacey and her nephew Little Harry as they take a flight aboard Crow-Flies Airline flight #6. You will learn, along with Little Harry, all about the inner workings of the airplane, and the many individual steps every pilot goes through before taking off and landing.

Chicago River bridges
ISBN: 9780252037863. OCLC Number: 891400010

. .

McBriarty presents the untold history and development of Chicago's iconic bridges, from the first wood footbridge built by a tavern owner in 1832 to the fantastic marvels of steel, concrete, and machinery of today. It is the story of Chicago as seen through its bridges, for it has been the bridges that proved critical in connecting and reconnecting the people, industry, and neighborhoods of a city that is constantly remaking itself.

City railways :
ISBN: 1941216145. OCLC Number: 936349530

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Join Sammy Hedgehog to learn about the Crosstown subway and elevated trains.

Drawbridges open and close /
ISBN: 1941216021. OCLC Number: 881041288

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Experience a day in the life of Bridge Tender Todd and his sidekick Ponticat to learn about the inner workings and individual steps of opening and closing a drawbridge. As the animal characters go about their day, see how the Narrows Drawbridge of the busy town is shared by a variety of fanciful characters, watercraft, and vehicles.