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General Information

Name:  John Reed Clark  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction Other

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1966 in Waukegan, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

John Clark grew up in Lake County, Illinois, in Venetian Village, near Lake Villa. He spent his childhood swimming, riding bikes, sneaking into places he shouldn't go, and stealing fruits and vegetables from neighborhood gardens and yards. He was a louse.

Biographical and Professional Information

The backdrop of his Illinois childhood has allowed John to develop a rich palette from which to draw his characters. Inspired to write creatively as a sophomore in high school, he's never looked back. John co-wrote the fantasy novel Sorrow's Ashes and is currently working on a sequel as well as several other creative projects.

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Titles At Your Library

Sorrow's Ashes (Volume 1)
ISBN: 1518857000

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2015

Every culture eyes with suspicion, the motives of its neighbors, and with good reason. As you delve into the layers within, you will witness a world of developing plots, subterfuge, and a clash of cultures that threaten to unwind the fabric of it all. * Ancestral denizens seek to reclaim lands once lost, but greed beckons. * A proud race of isolationists discovers death can only be averted by lashing hope to those outside of the tribe. * Independent settlements of men, secure in their strength, may not see the danger until too late. * A cunning new chieftain seeks to raise his horde beyond their present squalor amidst shortsightedness and betrayal. * An exiled priest, torn between faith and clan, struggles to create compromise where none has existed before. Follow the disparate yet woven tales of leaders, craftsmen, and the acutely ordinary as each discovers the casting of their roles is more complex than it seems. The force of tradition and legend drive some in new directions,and alliances never dreamed of come to fruition. Who ultimately directs the fate of society? That depends on who is asked.

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