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Name:  Dick Simpson  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Non-Fiction

Audience: Adult;


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Simpson lived and taught in Chicago for approximately 30 years.

Biographical and Professional Information

Sick Simpson is a professor, former head of the Department of Political Science and the University of Illinois at Chicago, former Chicago alderman of the 44th ward, and 5th District congressional candidate. He has written more than a dozen books, numerous articles, and produced several documentaries about politics and government.

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Corrupt Illinois: Patronage, Cronyism, and Criminality
ISBN: 0252078551

University of Illinois Press. 2015

Public funds spent on jets and horses. Shoeboxes stuffed with embezzled cash. Ghost payrolls and incarcerated ex-governors. Illinois' culture of "Where's mine?" and the public apathy it engenders has made our state and local politics a disgrace.

In Corrupt Illinois, veteran political observers Thomas J. Gradel and Dick Simpson take aim at business-as-usual. Naming names, the authors lead readers through a gallery of rogues and rotten apples to illustrate how generations of chicanery have undermined faith in, and hope for, honest government. From there, they lay out how to implement institutional reforms that provide accountability and eradicate the favoritism, sweetheart deals, and conflicts of interest corroding our civic life.

Corrupt Illinois lays out a blueprint to transform our politics from a pay-to-play–driven marketplace into what it should be: an instrument of public good.

Twenty-First Century Chicago
ISBN: 1609277678

Cognella Academic Publishing. 2012

Twenty-First Century Chicago investigates the social, economic, political, and governmental conditions of Chicago in this century. While traditional anthologies on urban politics comprise stilted journal articles that place far too much emphasis on statistics, this anthology adopts a unique approach. Although it does incorporate the writings of preeminent scholars on the city of Chicago, the focus is on first-hand accounts: speeches by politicians, newspaper stories, editorials by journalists, memoirs and biographies and little known research reports advocating change. Covering metropolitan Chicago as a whole, this volume underscores the city's efforts in recent years to establish itself as a global metropolitan region and highlights the most pressing issues Chicago is facing to create a positive future in these challenging times.

Dick Simpson is the author of 17 books and 100 journal articles, book chapters, and documentary films. He is former alderman of the 44th Ward of Chicago (1971-1979) who led the opposition bloc in the Chicago City Council against Mayors Richard J. Daley and Michael Bilandic. He is a former congressional candidate and has served on six transition teams for mayors, county board presidents, and other county and state officials. He writes a regular column for newspapers such as the Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Journal. He is Head of the Political Science Department at the University of Illinois at Chicago and has won the highest teaching awards available at UIC, in addition to the American Political Science Association’s Pi Sigma Alpha Teaching Award. His former books on Chicago include Rogues, Rebels, and Rubber Stamps: The Politics of the Chicago City Council from 1863 to the Present and Chicago’s Future in a Time of Transition.

Constance A. Mixon is an Associate Professor of Political Science and Director of the Urban Studies Program at Elmhurst College. Prior to joining Elmhurst College, she earned a tenured Professorship of Political and Social Sciences at the City Colleges of Chicago, where she also served as a Dean of Instruction and Director of the Honors and Illinois Scholar Programs. In 2001, she was named the Illinois Professor of the Year by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. In 2002, she was awarded the American Political Science Association’s Pi Sigma Alpha Teaching Award. A lifelong resident of Chicago and a learned scholar of Chicago politics, Professor Mixon provides political analysis for Chicago news programs, including local NBC and WGN affiliates, and has moderated numerous political programs for Chicago’s public television station, WYCC.

The City, Revisited: Urban Theory from Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York
ISBN: 0816665761

Univ Of Minnesota Press. 2011

The contributors to The City, Revisited trace an intellectual history that begins in 1925 with the publication of the influential classic The City, engaging in a spirited debate about whether the major theories of twentieth-century urban development are relevant for studying the twenty-first-century metropolis.

Contributors: Janet Abu-Lughod, Northwestern U and New School for Social Research Robert Beauregard, Columbia U Larry Bennett, DePaul U Andrew A. Beveridge, Queens College and CUNY Amy Bridges, U of California, San Diego Terry Nichols Clark, U of Chicago Nicholas Dahmann, U of Southern California Michael Dear, U of California, Berkeley Steven P. Erie, U of California, San Diego Frank Gaffikin, Queen's U of Belfast David Halle, U of California, Los Angeles Tom Kelly, U of Illinois at Chicago Ratoola Kunda, U of Illinois at Chicago Scott A. MacKenzie, U of California, Davis John Mollenkopf, CUNY David C. Perry, U of Illinois at Chicago Francisco Sabatini, Ponticia Universidad Catolica de Chile Rodrigo Salcedo, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Santiago Dick Simpson, U of Illinois at Chicago Daphne Spain, U of Virginia Costas Spirou, National-Louis U in Chicago.

The Struggle for Power and Influence in Cities and States
ISBN: 0321105184

Pearson. 2010

The Struggle provides an insider’s perspective on how power and influence are obtained and wielded at the local and state levels of government.

By examining the social, economic, political and governmental conditions in communities and states, The Struggle equips students with the understanding they need to make the impact they want.

Inside Urban Politics: Voices from America's Cities and Suburbs
ISBN: 0321095677

Pearson. 2003

Inside Urban Politics covers social, economic, political, and governmental conditions of our cities and suburbs today and the proposals to change, reform, and improve them.
This anthology is unique to the market as its emphasis is on first-hand accounts—speeches by politicians, newspaper stories, editorials by journalists, interviews with political activists, memoirs and biographies of famous people, and research reports advocating change. The use of primary sources to depict urban politics is an attempt to bring to the students voices of passion, insight, and conflict, and engage them in improving their own cities and suburbs.

Rogues, Rebels, And Rubber Stamps (Urban Policy Challenges)
ISBN: 0813397634

Perseus. 2001

In Rogues, Rebels, and Rubber Stamps, Dick Simpson challenges and recasts current theories of Regime Politics as he chronicles the dramatic story of the civic wars in the Chicago City Council since the civil war. At the same time, the author provides a window into the broader struggle for democracy and justice.Simpson points out that through analyzing city council floor fights, battles at the ballot box, and street demonstrations, one can begin to see certain patterns of conflict emerge. These patterns demonstrate that before the Great Depression, fragmented city councils were dominant. The author also discusses how since the Democrats seized control of Chicago government after the Great Depression, Rubber Stamp City Councils have been predominant, although they have been punctuated by brief eras of council wars and chaos. This book is important for anyone wanting to understand the nature of these battles as a guideline for America's future, and is well suited for courses in urban politics, affairs and history.Rogues, Rebels, and Rubber Stamps received an Honorable Mention for the 2001 Society of Midland Authors Book Award for Adult Non-Fiction.

Winning elections: a handbook in participatory politics
ISBN: 0804005427

Swallow Press. 1972

WINNING ELECTIONS distills the successes and failures of though campaigns in which the people beat the Chicago Democratic machine and during which Dick Simpson's roles ranged from precinct worker to successful candidate.

Chicago's Future

Swallow Press, Inc.. 1980

Strategies for change: How to make the American political dream work
ISBN: 0804006962

Swallow Press. 1976

Book by Simpson, Dick W

Chicago's Future in a Time of Change 1993
ISBN: 0875634419

Stipes Pub Llc. 1993

Book by

Politics Of Compassion: And Transformation
ISBN: 0804009031

Swallow Press. 1989

In our time, we require a religion, ethics, and politics adequate to confront the global crises we face. In our scientific era of “progress,” we might expect to look with confidence to the “scientific” disciplines of political science, sociology, and economics to solve the problems of our civilization. We might also look to the older disciplines of religion and ethics to determine our values and to tell us what we ought to do. But the sad truth is that the dominant paradigms, methods, and conclusions of the social sciences and humanities are inadequate to this task. We need a new “politics of compassion and transformation.”

Political Action: Key To Understanding Politics
ISBN: 0804008345

Swallow Press. 1984

Without a new focus on action, political science will remain sterile and without a more human politics, citizens will remain misinformed, apathetic, helpless. Political Action is controversial because it challenges the profession of political science. It suggests a paradigm shift which is important for allied social science disciplines as well. For political strategists it provides the methodological tool of political action propositions, which allow a careful calculation of the effects of alternative strategies.

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