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General Information

Name:  Cindy Shanks  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Non-Fiction

Audience: Children;

Born: in Tilton, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Shanks was born and raised in Tilton.

Biographical and Professional Information

Cindy Shanks is a retired elementary teacher who spent 36 years sharing good literature with Kindergarten and First Grade children. She has a Bachelors Degree in Education and her Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education. Her Masters work focused on integrating children's literature into all areas of the curriculum. After her retirement, she spent three years following the Dobson sheep, and documenting the historic Heber-Reno Sheep Trail in Arizona with her photographs. Shanks now lives in Mesa, Arizona.

Speaking Engagements

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Selected Titles At Your Library

Alfonso grows up on the sheep trail /
ISBN: 1452079803. OCLC Number: 748454413

AuthorHouse,. .

A fictionalized introduction to burros and the Heber-Reno Sheep Trail in Arizona. A very young burro, Alfonso, is introduced to his job as a pack burro. He shares his adventures with six older burros, and the challenges of a 220 mile walk.

Emily walks the Sheep Trail /
ISBN: 1449022081. OCLC Number: 636762400

AuthorHouse,. .

Emily is a new lamb who shares her experiences on the farm and her adventures while walking the Heber-Reno Stock Trail with her mother.

Men on the Heber-Reno sheep trail
ISBN: 9781477279496. OCLC Number: 827336820

AuthorHouse,. .

Describes the work done by the shepherds of the Sheep Springs Sheep Company, especially herding the company's sheep on the 220-mile Heber-Reno Stock trail north to Greer, Arizona in the spring and back to Florence in the fall.

Mickey the sheep dog
ISBN: 9781467062374. OCLC Number: 775372532

AuthorHouse,. .

A border collie tells about his work with the Dobson sheep on the Heber-Reno Sheep Trail in Arizona and on the ranch, the traits of working sheep dogs, and about border collies that compete in sheep dog trials.

Whisper the wild horse /
ISBN: 150491709X. OCLC Number: 952734960

. .

"Whisper is a wild horse who lives in the desert along the Salt River in Arizona. Soon after she was born, she became entangled in wire fencing. The author lifted her out and sent her on her way with her family. This book allows you to follow their friendship for the next three years as Whisper grows into a beautiful mare and introduces her new foal to her friend."