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General Information

Name:  Marilyn A. Gardiner  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction Paranormal Romance Suspense

Audience: Adult;

Born: in Sparta, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Gardiner was born in Sparta, Illinois and currently resides in Assumption, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Marilyn Gardiner began her career as a secretary. She now writes and is a vocal musician.

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Titles At Your Library

Flight Of Angels
ISBN: 1590889800

Wings ePress, Inc.. 2016

Who is she? Whose child is she carrying? From the moment Beth Kincaid rubs the brass of long dead Olivia Avenlyng while she and her husband tour England, two worlds collide. Olivia freely inhabits Beth's body, and Beth is pulled back in time to relive the terror of Olivia's life, torn between love and duty.

My Pretty Lady
ISBN: 1590889576

Wings ePress, Incorporated. 2016

As a widow, Ellen is confronted with decisions that she feels inadequate to make. For the first time she must take charge of her own life and that of her three almost-grown daughters. Loneliness and fear of inadequacy sap her energy, the girls drain her emotionally and the first man he dates -- well, the dating scene has changed drastically from what she remembered. When she meets Drew Yardley, a man with a wonderful sense of the ridiculous, the middle child violently rejects him, another tells her to “go for it, Mom,” and yet another rebels but gives in finally to his charm. The biggest obstacle of all, however, is the fact that Drew is already married, and there is no option of divorce. The timing and circumstance is incredibly wrong for Ellen and Drew. As they wrestle with the integrity of an impossible situation, the middle daughter slides deeper and deeper into a troubled world, complicating any decisions they make. Ellen realizes she will have to choose between one of her children and Drew.

Like A River, My Love
ISBN: 1590889207

Wings ePress, Incorporated. 2016

Floating down the Ohio River in 1778 with George Rogers Clark and his small army, Verity survives capture by Indians, the rigors of flatboat transportation, the unwanted attentions of an overbearing and crude fellow-traveler, and all the dangers of the wilderness travel. To her unwelcome surprise, she finds herself responding to the combined patience and rough competence of the expedition’s scout, Trey Owens. She’s never known gentleness from a man, nor loyalty or honesty. Love is most definitely not in her plans. Can she--dare she--trust herself to a man who prizes his freedom above all things?

Keeper of the Singing Bones
ISBN: 159088955X

Wings ePress, Incorporated. 2015

Talk about irreconcilable differences! Juliet believes her brother has been kidnapped. Mac believes he’s running guns in Jamaica. Mac is tough-and-tumble. Juliet is every inch a lady. If they don’t kill each other first, they may make a surprising discovery. Juliet and Mac are forced to work together to avoid the curse of a native medicine man, hack their way through steamy jungles, cope with the mysteries of a groaning stone statue found deeply underground in a cave grotto, and come to grips with a mutual growing attraction. The problem is that they aren’t right for each other. Mac has Rastafari friends, for heaven’s sake, and Juliet wouldn’t trust him with the weather forecast. When they find Juliet’s brother, the plot only thickens. In a life or death struggle, the stone statue points to the answer.

When The Wind Blows
ISBN: 1590888618

Wings ePress, Inc.. 2016

When six-year-old Gilly disappears from school, his frantic mother sets out to find Gilly, herself. She deals with unsympathetic in-laws, underworld characters she never ever, thought to meet face to face, threatening “gifts,” and frightening intruders to her home. Is it possible for Molly to fall in love with the detective under such terrifying circumstances?

A Trivial Pursuit
ISBN: 1597059102

Wings ePress, Inc.. 2016

Jeremy Blake is committed to non-committed relationships. Lauren Chambers will settle for nothing less than the whole thing: bells and whistles, romance and marriage vows. Jeremy’s young son, Michael, and Lauren share an addiction to the St. Louis Cardinals baseball club and delight in stumping each other with trivia questions about the team. The two of them know that she and Jeremy belong together, but are despairing of how to convince Jeremy of that. However, a sticky issue arises when Lauren begins to question Jeremy’s business ethics. Is he truly about to commit fraud? Lauren knows that falling in love with Jeremy could only lead to heartbreak--they don’t seem to share the same values--yet she is powerless to stop the headlong rush of her heart.

Dancing Ladies (The Windemere Series) (Volume 1)
ISBN: 1597058041

Wings ePress, Inc.. 2016

What if you were a young, single mother, desperate for a place of security after two years of trauma, who moved with her seven-year-old son back to her childhood home, and finds it inhabited by the malevolent ghost of her dead twin sister? Kate Foster finds herself in serious jeopardy, as it appears her twin, Leah, is bent on revenge for an act of Kate’s that Leah believes led to her death. Kate has only two allies: her life-long best friend, Bree, and a former heartthrob, Cass Reynolds. The muddy and frightening waters of this terrifying summer are made bearable only by the dawning love between Kate and Cass, and the melding of their lives.

Window On Windemere (The Windemere Series) (Volume 2)
ISBN: 159705738X

Wings ePress, Inc.. 2016

Hearing the voice of her dead son calling for help can’t be normal. Can it? Zoe turns to childhood friend, Wiley, when she realizes her husband is either setting her up for committal or planning murder. Her gratitude for Wiley’s support deepens into love and her heart, at last, finds a home

Banjo Eyes (The Windemere Series) (Volume 3)
ISBN: 1597056782

Wings ePress, Incorporated. 2015

Coming home for a high school reunion is not the sentimental, happy time Lily anticipated. Meeting Adam—the man she never forgot, the man who inexplicably disappeared from her life ten years ago—is painful and then, to her bewilderment, someone is terrorizing her. The line between love and distrust blurs as she contemplates a possible future with Adam.

Mistletoe and Holly (The Windemere Series) (Volume 4)
ISBN: 1597056235

Wings ePress, Inc.. 2016

Love is not on Bree’s agenda as she plans a perfect Christmas for herself and her small daughter. However, the holiday is thrown into jeopardy when she’s made the target of a stalker. She is terrified. Ty is determined to convince Bree of his love and dependability, but who can she trust?


My Pretty Lady

  • Golden Wings Award
  • Flight of Angels

  • Golden Wings Award
  • Simegen Press - Best New Author and Best New Book

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