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Name:  John H Sibley  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Non-Fiction

Audience: Adult;

Born: in Chicago, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

John was born and raised in Chicago. He currently resides in Aurora, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

John H.Sibley is an accomplished artist and author. Art and music have always been a part of his life. Sibley grew up in a household listening to his father play the boogie-woogie on his Steinway Grand Piano. Sibley is a 1994 graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and earned a Bachelor of Fine arts Degree. He resides in a western suburb of Chicago.''Being and Homelessness: Notes from an Underground Artist'' was published in January 2012 by Wordsworth Greenwich Press. The book is a memoir about his six months as a homeless artist in Chicago years ago.John was also the illustrator for the book ''Hannibal the Great'', written by director, producer and author Ken Sibanda []. Sibanda's film company, Proteus films, will soon make the book into a major movie with the director of Shaka Zulu, Joshua Sinclair.

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Titles At Your Library

ISBN: 1601830041

Dafina. 2008

Malcolm Steel, Jr., who has found a lucrative hustle in stealing healthy organs and selling them to patients in need of transplants, needs all the help he can get to make one last run and get out of the game for good. Original.

Being and Homelessness: Notes from an Underground Artist
ISBN: 1468016083

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2012

John Sibley was a homeless artist living in winter on the streets of Chicago for six months. The terrain is Chicago’s Loop, Near Westside and the now abolished Maxwell Street open-air-market between 1989 and 2005. His aim in these philosophical essays is to shed light on a growing global problem. "Being and Homelessness" is not as much concerned with the cause but the wretched anxiety and pain of being homeless, which forces one to live, to exist in an in-authentic mode of "being-in-the-world." Sibley uses an existential lens to focus on this ghastly problem because the homeless being-in- itself is forged in rootlessness, displacement, and their lives are governed by the existential D’s of death, dread and despair. After his dark night of the spirit Sibley believes that being homeless in the world, displaced and rootless, is one of the most terrifying challenges that a human can experience. "I gazed down into the underbelly of the abyss. I am blessed that I escaped the stygian darkness of the nether world of alleys, bridge viaducts, vacant cars and subways caverns. To escape that region of dread and despair teaches you that pain and suffering are central to the human condition," he writes. In these essays Sibley uses the term "being-in-the-world" as an experience that makes one acutely aware of that gap between consciousness and objects in the world. Being-in-the-world makes the homeless aware of a distance, an emptiness, a gap that separates them from the region of things. This essay is a plea to maximize this nation’s resources, both public and private to help the wretched existence of the homeless. "I cannot recall the exact day-to-day or month-to-month suffering that I endured, but the existential feeling of dread, despair, hopelessness, wretchedness and loneliness still clings to my consciousness. "I write to illuminate the plight of the homeless so that when you see them in libraries, on subways, city busses, local train stations or standing in front of missions like they had stepped out of painter Edward Hopper’s canvas, you won’t judge them, as Anatole Broyard noted, as 'creatures of the darkness, where sex, drugs, gambling and other crimes are directed against a bourgeois culture that despises them.'” The homeless problems have become a Malthusian nightmare not just in Chicago but in urban cities across the nation and worldwide. The large population of homeless men, women and children give most urban cities a Third-World urbanscape. It would be disingenuous to state that the homeless only need shelter when the problem is much deeper than that. The Government needs to invest in creating a new Integrative Holistic Rehab Center [IHRC] to combat the multiple cause of homelessness. We need to heed the words of the homeless, Danish genius, Kierkegaard, who believed philosophy must recognize the presence of man-in-the-world. The reality is that for millions of us in our times we are only a lost job, a breadwinner's disability or death, a business failure, a lawsuit, a divorce, a long-term illness or natural disaster away from homelessness. Let the experience of John Sibley inspire you with its honesty, faith and redemption.

The Color of my Blood
ISBN: 0692516395


John Sibley in "The Color of my Blood" takes us back to an era when racism was rampant in America in the heat of the summer of 1966 in Marquette Park in Chicago. Damon James is 325 year old being who has arrived in Chicago from the Versai Solar System and has no preconceived notions about what he will find in the stark urban culture of America when he is viewed as a "back earthman." James is in a sense an innocent in that he wants to understand the ways of earth but is astounded by the treatment that he finds in Chicago as so foreign to civilized life in his native solar system. In a sense Damon James becomes transformed into an American Adam cast well East of Eden into the bleakest regions of urban Chicago.

USS Obama 2112 (Story Collection Volume) (Volume 1)
ISBN: 1517399297

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2015

This is my first assignment as Captain of USS OBAMA. Our mission is to stop a prison insurrection at Solstice Galactic Prison (SGP). It is a reconditioned military starship used to house the most wretched, barbaric inmates---both human and alien.We will board SGP four hours from now. It is a maximum 3 Galactic Security Prison that imprisons the moist murderous criminals captured in different star systems. Since some of these prisoners are more advanced than humans, I had to hand pick my crew because there is no time for cowards or nervous nannies: it includes my 2 bot dogs Ying and Yang: Mula, my half-alien-human navigator and Ali, a 500-pound mesomorph B alien from the Tau Ceti star system where they are bred to be warriors.

Hannibal the Great: Hannibal Born
ISBN: 0988615606

Proteus Books. 2013

Ken Sibanda Hannibal the Great: Hannibal Born. Series 1 of 3: Graphic Novel Hannibal Barca rises from the defeat of Carthage to reclaim his honor. Hannibal the Great: Hannibal Born The tide shifts as Hannibal Barca, the boy with a lion's heart, leaves Carthage headed to Spain. Born into the Barcid family, a young Hannibal moves to Spain to escape from the first Punic War. Here, Hannibal finds a new home, a New Carthage, from the old Carthage. In time, the young boy grows up to assume the mantle and the center of history. But first, he must be truly born. Movie teaser – Hannibal the Great: Hannibal Born Movie teaser - Hannibal the Great: Hannibal Born

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