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General Information

Name:  Jan Frazier  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction

Audience: Adult; Young Adult;

Born: in Pekin, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Frazier was born and raised in Pekin. She is an English professor at Bradley University in Peoria.

Biographical and Professional Information

Jan Frazier, a teacher for over 25 years, is currently an English professor at Bradley University. She earned the Tommy Award for Starlight Laser Express, the first book in the J. C. van Winkler series, and has been honored in the “Who’s Who Among American Teachers” for five years. Ghost of a Chance is the second book in the series.

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Titles At Your Library

The Starlight Laser Express: The Adventures of J.C. Van Winkler
ISBN: 1563153033

Sterling House Pub. 2003

Teenager J.C. Van Winkler travels to world cities across the centuries with her friend Smitty, a ghost who must do good deeds in order to move on.

Ghost of a Chance: The Adventures of J.C. Van Winkler, Vol. 2
ISBN: 1563153173

SterlingHouse Publisher, Inc.. 2004

Twenty-three-year-old J. C. van Winkler time travels to 1943 Holland, disguises herself as a member of the Dutch Underground, and tries to prevent Nazi troops from killing her Uncle Peter.

A Glimpse of the Netherworld (The Adventures of J. C. Van Winkler)
ISBN: 1563153742

SterlingHouse Publisher. 2005

J. C. goes way, way, way undercover! Imagine being forced to visit the lord of the Underworld and watch him at work! That’s just what happens to J. C. van Winkler when she tries to save her cousin Jacob from being hit by a car. Both are transported to the Underworld, where J. C. encounters pure evil in the form of Wicker, the ruler of darkness…and truth in the form of King Arthur. The Netherworld is the pits, but Wicker has plans to keep J. C. underground…forever. Glimpse of the Netherworld may be J. C.’s most exciting voyage yet!

Mission to Murder
ISBN: 1424104882

PublishAmerica. 2006

After the death of Lisa Marie Fox's adoptive parents, Lisa Marie felt compelled to search for the truth about her birth parents, who had lived in Holland. She knew that they had died in the terrible flood of 1978-or so she thought-and at the age of two and a half, she had been sent to America to be adopted. Upon arriving in the amazing, fascinating city of Amsterdam, Lisa Marie discovered that her parents had died, but not in the flood. They had been murdered-bludgeoned to death and taken to a deserted farmhouse to be discovered months later. Han van Bolen, a travel agent in Amsterdam, takes Lisa Marie under his wing and together they attempt to unravel the enigmatic circumstances of the murders. Unsuspecting Dutch residents are found to be involved in the entangled web, which has been spun throughout the past twenty-five years-a complicated ensnarement which has covered the horrendous murder of Lisa Marie's parents.

Transatlantic Ticket 1852
ISBN: 1432713388

Outskirts Press. 2007

A desperate murderer finds his way aboard the transatlantic journey of 1852.

Life was difficult in the mid-nineteenth century Germany. Most people were suffering from distress and afflictions: economic conditions, religious freedom, famine, and political upheaval. The Pollmanns from Hummersen, Germany, were enduring just such tragedies of the era. When the crops failed in the mid-1800s, Christian Pollmann reacted by formulating a plan to travel to the New World. The journey was to be an arduous one. On board the Don Quixote, the Pollmanns were introduced to the desperate lives of immigrants - lack of food, sparse medical attention, cramped living space, and unadulterated filth. In addition, an unexpected murder on board drove Christian to search for extra protection for his family. Also, discovering and attending to two stowaway urchins became a dangerously incredible task that the family handled well. The historical novel is based on true facts yet is intertwined with fictional stories, helping readers to envision the immigrants' upheaval in the Old World, the undaunted passage across the Atlantic, and the Pollmanns unflinching struggle as they settled in America.

Destination Disaster (J.C. Van Winkler) (The J.c. Van Winkler Series)
ISBN: 1563154609

SterlingHouse Publisher, Blue Imp Books. 2009

J. C. van Winkler and Smitty the Ghost hop on the Laser Express for another adventure. The duo race in time from one disaster to another saving those who will change the world's destiny. Their stops include Pompeii for a little lava flow, Italy for a cup of Black Death, London where things really heat up and a quick shake-up in San Francisco. Final stop: New Year City: September 11, 2001.

Transatlantic Voyage: J.C. Van Winkler's Adventure Series Vol. 9
ISBN: 1432768581

Outskirts Press. 2011

Meet J.C. van Winkler and Smitty

Transatlantic Voyage is a part of the award-winning J.C. van Winkler Adventure/Fantasy Series. J.C. van Winkler (a normal 16-year-old teenager) and her friend, Smitty the ghost, are thrust back into time, finding a new and incredible adventure during the 1846 Potato Blight of Ireland. With Europeans trying to escape starvation by going to America, the twosome must save some stowaways on the ship Perseverance, bound for New York City. Helping the stowaways, though, is not the only adventure on this journey. Murder on board the ship keeps J.C. and Smitty on their toes, looking for the guilty party and hoping that there are no more victims. Watching the destitute immigrants, helping with their perils, and befriending the O'Neals on board are all part of "the plan" for the two. Their final trail aboard the Perseverance is to get four unregistered and illegal stowaways off the ship unnoticed.

As they arrive in the New World, Smitty and J.C.'s work is not done. Finding a place to live other than the dangerous, gang-laden Five Points of New York City is first on their list. In search of a new location, they must travel up the Hudson River and through the majestic purple hills and valleys of New England towards the city of Chicago, where their future awaits them.

J.C. van Winkler Adventure/Fantasy Series

As always, this J.C. van Winkler novel is packed with excitement, history, and spell-binding adventure for the young readers. The series has received numerous awards in the past eight years and Transatlantic Voyage is a "must-have" in the series.

European Roots and Beyond
ISBN: 1432774654

Outskirts Press. 2011

J.J. and her cousin, Sophie, decide to venture to Europe to discover their German roots. Because of an unbelievable flight complication, it takes them three days to even get to Europe, and then finding the tiny village of Hummersen -- tucked away between mountains of northeast Germany -- is an adventure all in itself. From there, they travel southwest to Wilgartswiesen. Discovering their ancestors' homeland would have been excitement enough, but actually finding living relatives (and many of them) is a dream-come-true. However, after "finding their roots," J.J. and Sophie travel on to Paris and Amsterdam, where they encounter one escapade after another. They endure an unbelievable "attic room" in Versailles and live through the chaos of European driving while in France. Paris is both a dream -- seeing the Eiffel Tour, Montmartre, and Notre Dame -- and a nightmare -- getting stuck on the commuter train, trying to flush the toilets, and attempting to find the hot water in the bathrooms. Holland offers its own set of trials and tribulations. Getting trapped in the Red Light District of Amsterdam and finding themselves stuck in a Safari Park are only a few of the capers. Based on true-life experiences, the book has an endearing quality that will allow the reader to become immersed in the excitement and adventures of traveling abroad.

Pilgrims, Indians, Shakespeare, Oh My!: The Time Travelers' Saga....1620
ISBN: 1432789244

Outskirts Press. 2012

Are you kidding? J.C., Smitty plus Pilgrims, Indians, and Shakespeare? This is the tenth in the young adult/young readers adventure series. In this new and exciting experience, J.C. van Winkler and Smitty the ghost travel to Plymouth, Massachusetts, 1620. They enter the time warp to save two Pilgrim children, Catherine and Pierce, but they experience so much more. J.C. becomes involved in not only the lives of the Pilgrim children but also in the lives of young Indians. Much to J.C.'s surprise, the Pilgrims as well as the Indians have all been involved in time travel, and so their new adventures take on a new dimension as they explore the Nation of Nadie, The Secret Land of Goji, the Netherworld, and the World of William Shakespeare. They find that the evil Wicker, who has been imprisoned in the underwater prison of Venice, has a son, Tank, who enjoys exhibiting sinister, vicious acts whenever possible. Thus, the children become absorbed in freeing various famous characters --such as Shakespeare, Dickens, and Swift -- from Tank's malevolent curse. As always, the young readers learn about characters out of classic literature as well as well-known historical figures. In addition, in this latest novel, they also learn about the struggles of the Pilgrims -- religious, political, and social -- not only while they were in Europe but also during their first difficult year in the New World. Because the novel focuses on real places from the Pilgrims' past, photos are included to illustrate places that our Pilgrim Fathers lived and visited. It's a novel that not only entertains but also teaches. All in all, it's a novel of fun, adventure, history, and fantasy.

Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagement Availability (Yes)

Frazier is available for special visits, speaking engagements, or workshops for school districts who have introduced their students to Starlight Laser Express, Ghost of a Chance, Glimpse of the Netherworld, Destination Disaster, The Bells of Europe, The Patchwork Quilt, A Magical Christmas.