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Name:  Peggy Munson  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction Poetry

Audience: Adult;


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Munson is a native of Normal, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Munson is an award-winning fiction writer, poet, and essayist with Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome whose work has appeared in numerous journals, periodicals, and anthologies. She also edited the anthology, ''Stricken: Voices from the Hidden Epidemic of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome''. She is also the author of the novel, ''Origami Striptease'', a finalist for the Lambda Literary Awards. She has published in such places as ''Best American Poetry 2003'', ''Literature and Medicine'', ''Marginalia'', ''Spoon River Poetry Review'', ''Sinister Wisdom'', ''13th Moon'', ''Blithe House Quarterly'', ''Lodestar Quarterly'', ''Margin: Exploring Modern Magical Realism'', ''Best American Erotica'', and the ''San Francisco Bay Guardian''. Munson has also been a fellow at the MacDowell Colony, the Ragdale Foundation, and Cottages at Hedgebrook. ''Pathogenesis'' was a finalist or semifinalist for numerous prizes including the ''Dorset Prize'', the ''Carnegie-Mellon Poetry Series'', the ''Beatrice Hawley Award'', the ''Verse Prize'', and the ''University of Wisconsin Pollack Prize''. ''Bay Windows'' described Peggy as a "master of the written word," and Rebecca Brown dubbed her a "stylist extraordinaire." An Illinois native, Munson now resides in the woods of Western Massachusetts.

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Stricken: Voices from the Hidden Epidemic of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
ISBN: 0789008955

Routledge. 2000

Develop a better understanding of what CFS/CFIDS sufferers are going through!

In the 1980s, a strange emerging epidemic baffled doctors in Incline Village, Nevada. Dismissed by the media as “The Yuppie Flu,” Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS) turned out to be neither a faddish disease of the wealthy nor a passing trend, but rather a growing worldwide epidemic of devastating proportions.

In the voices of a South African journalist, a former marathon runner, a teenage girl, a public health activist living on the edge of race and gender, a cancer patient neglected by doctors because of disdain for her chronic illness, and a theologian relearning the art of spiritual empathy, the people who share their stories in Stricken: Voices from the Hidden Epidemic of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome defy cultural stereotypes and explore the complex social and political dynamics of this hidden epidemic. Through their distinct points of view, we feel the grief and hope of those stricken with CFIDS and learn of the complex nature of this misunderstood disorder. These are compelling stories about a quiet and baffling epidemic.

The first American anthology to contain stories from a diverse range of people with CFIDS, Stricken offers an intimate look at the political and social issues surrounding CFIDS, as told by those who are living through this ordeal.

Stricken addresses several issues, such as:

  • why some doctors still do not believe CFIDS is real
  • how the disease is mocked in the media
  • myths about this illness
  • the personal fight for medical or public recognition
  • the skepticism and hope that is felt by the ever-growing number of CFIDS sufferers
Stricken confronts fascinating CFIDS issues such as the Kevorkian suicides, accusations of Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy, Gulf War Syndrome, the role of storytelling in a memory-impaired patient movement, and the feasibility of mass activism in a disabled population. With contributions from Pulitzer-prize nominated writer Susan Griffin, renowned health writer and radio host Gary Null, well-known feminist activist Joan Nestle, and award-winning poet and essayist Floyd Skloot, Stricken is an eloquent testament to the heroism, defiance, and diversity of the CFIDS community.

ISBN: 0978617223

Switchback Books. 2008

Poetry. Gay & Lesbian Studies. "Put whippets in your heart and let the rabbits breed. They will." Like still-wet lagomorphs crawling over each other in innate proximity, Peggy Munson's poems confine the reader "inside a lantern, buzzing at the headlights." Munson addresses illness, family, and the blood running through both with malleable tenacity. Noelle Kocot describes Munson's work as "free from a lot of the burden of contemporary poetry conventions, [existing] like a small island in the fiery sun, alone, yet willing to be utterly beautiful, utterly strange and utterly itself." PATHOGENESIS was a finalist or semifinalist for numerous prizes, including the Dorset Prize, the Carnegie-Mellon Poetry Series, the Beatrice Hawley Award, the Verse Prize, and the University of Wisconsin Pollack Prize. Munson is the author of the novel, ORIGAMI STRIPTEASE, a finalist for the Lambda Literary Awards.

Origami Striptease
ISBN: 0976341190

Suspect Thoughts Press. 2006

Origami Striptease is a lyrical love story between a writer and an enigmatic wanderer named Jack. The speaker of the novel is a feisty journalist of tell-all erotica who seduces borderland boys--trannies, butches, and daddies--and doesn t know how quickly she will inhabit the margins she writes about. Written mostly in iambic prose, Origami Striptease takes the reader on a wild ride into lost igloos, snow globes, sinister cakewalks, and a land of paper moose.

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