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Name:  R. Dennis Shelby  

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Genre: Non-Fiction


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R. Dennis Shelby is a Professor Emeritus of the Institute for Clinical Social Work. He is the Co-Chair Advocacy Relations Committee, a member of the Service Members and Veterans Committee and a member of the Gender and Sexuality Committee for the American Psychoanalytic Association. He is on the faculty of the Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis and serves on the Curriculum and Research Committees, is the Principal Researcher for the Psychoanalytic Identity Study Group and the Failed Case Seminar. His areas of clinical expertise include psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, and issues related to sexual orientation, HIV, and law enforcement. He received his B.A from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, M.S.W. from Loyola University at Chicago, Ph.D. from Institute for Clinical Social Work and Certificate in Adult Psychoanalysis from Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis.

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People With HIV and Those Who Help Them: Challenges, Integration, Intervention (Haworth Social Work Practice)
ISBN: 1560249226

Routledge. 1995

In this guidebook, People With HIV and Those Who Help Them, author Dennis Shelby uses the reported experiences of HIV-positive men to chart the course of living with HIV. He offers a consistent clinical-theoretical framework that encompasses the vast range of clinical problems clinicians may encounter in their work with HIV-positive individuals across the span of infection.

This book provides a detailed account of the many psychological transformations that infected people experience. People With HIV and Those Who Help Them enables clinicians and students to better address the problems commonly encountered in clinical practice with persons with HIV. Clinicians will be able to gain perspective on the process of knowing one is infected, infected men will see their process mirrored and validated, and family, friends, and partners of infected men will gain a greater appreciation for the experience of their relative, friend, and partner.

As clinicians have gained experience in working with HIV-positive people, they have become increasingly aware of the complexity of successful clinical intervention with HIV-related problems. In his book, Shelby “breaks down” this complex process into its component aspects:

  • psychological impact of HIV infection
  • the process of adapting to the knowledge of infection
  • the dynamic process involved with HIV infection
  • common problems and solutions encountered by infected people
  • case examples that illustrate the clinical framework
  • intensive psychotherapy and HIV infection

    The study that is the basis for this book charts the initial psychological impact and many changes and transformations of the experience of being HIV-positive. While infected people are often encouraged to maintain hopeful outlooks and to think of themselves as living with HIV rather than dying from it, it is often a long and arduous process to achieve and maintain this perspective. People With HIV and Those Who Help Them is a guide to help those with HIV to keep a positive outlook on life.

If A Partner Has AIDS: Guide to Clinical Intervention for Relationships in Crisis
ISBN: 1560230029

Routledge. 1992

This powerful book is an immersion into the experience of AIDS, loss, and the impact of HIV on the mourning process. It presents a reconstruction of the general range of experiences of well and surviving partners of AIDS diagnosed men from a study focusing on the well partner’s perspective from his first suspicion that his partner has AIDS, to caring for him, and through mourning his loss. If a Partner Has AIDS is a comprehensive book that emphasizes the integral role relationships and their loss play in individuals’experience with AIDS and HIV infection.

This helpful book discusses the phenomenon of anticipatory grief and mourning in light of advances in clinical theory. Reformulations of grief and mourning are presented in a self-psychological framework, offering insights into the complexity of the partners’experiences and providing a framework for clinical intervention. Psychotherapists and clinicians will find the information in this practical book relevant to their work with homosexuals and persons affected by AIDS and HIV. Students in social work and psychology will find the step-by-step approach through the long processes of terminal illness, death, and mourning vital education for their future work. For couples and surviving partners impacted by AIDS, their friends and families, this important book offers a framework for understanding and healing.

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