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Name:  Judith Markowitz  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Adult;

Born: 1946 in Chicago, Illinois

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Dr. Markowitz is a Chicago native.

Biographical and Professional Information

Dr. Markowitz has over 20 years experience working in speech processing and speaker recognition. In 2003, she was named one of the top ten leaders in speech processing and in 2006 she was elevated to Senior Member status in the IEEE. She is Technology Editor of ''Speech Technology Magazine'' and serves on the editorial review board of ''International Journal of Speech Technology''. She has published more than sixty papers and articles on speech processing, authored a groundbreaking series of reports on speaker authentication, and has written books and book chapters. She is often asked to speak, organize sessions, and chair panels at speech and biometric-industry conferences and has been invited to present conference keynotes. Dr. Markowitz has a doctoral degree in linguistics, an MS in computer science (AI focus), and a certificate in strategic management from the American Management Association.

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Titles At Your Library

Using Speech Recognition: A Guide for Application Developers
ISBN: 0131863215

Prentice Hall. 1995

Speech recognition is becoming part of our daily lives. Hardware and software system developers, consumer product designers, researchers, and innovative computer users are creating speech recognition applications that range from voice control of dishwashers to meaningful human-computer dialogues.
Using Speech Recognition is a comprehensive, unbiased examination of the speech recognition industry. It explains the technology using clear, understandable language and explores differences among existing commercial speech recognition products.
Using Speech Recognition describes successful applications along with the technology and human factors involved in designing good speech recognition applications. Most chapters contain a "Technology Focus" section that explains aspects of the technology and an "Application Focus" section that addresses application-development issues.

Gay Detective Novel: Lesbian and Gay Main Characters & Themes in Mystery Fiction
ISBN: 0786419571

McFarland Publishing. 2004

Gertrude Stein called it “the only really modern novel form that has come into existence,” yet the mystery genre was a century old before it featured its first gay main character in a novel. Since then, gay and lesbian detective fiction has been one of the fastest growing segments of the genre. It incorporates gay and lesbian cultural elements and offers crossover appeal. Its authors call upon a century of development in the mystery genre, while providing new, more accurate images of lesbians and gay men than generally found in mainstream literature and popular media. This groundbreaking study of gay and lesbian detective fiction examines mystery series and historically significant stand-alone novels published since the early 1960s. Part I is an overview that describes how these novels make gay and lesbian life visible and forge new, powerful images. It also examines how they fit into the larger history of mystery fiction. The series analyses in Part II are grouped according to the type of main character (police officer, private investigator, amateur sleuth, etc.). Each section discusses main and secondary characters of that type, characteristic themes for the group, and more. The analyses of individual series cover main characters, themes, plot points and other elements. Comments from authors interviewed for this book play a central role in those analyses. Part III lists series-spanning themes (e.g., homophobia, the closet, gay marriage) and the novels and series that address each of those themes.



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