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Name:  Don Olund  

Pen Name: Don Olund

Genre: Non-Fiction

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1958 in Chicago, IL

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Olund was born in Chicago and raised in Roseland, Illinois until he was twelve years old when he relocated to the southside of Chicago. A graduate of Governors State University with a Masters Degree in Marriage & Family Counseling, he currently owns a private counseling practice in Hinsdale.

Biographical and Professional Information

I am a native Chicagoan and remember when the Prudential Building was the tallest skyscraper in the city! Residing in the city and surrounding suburbs my entire life gives me a unique perspective of the “windy city” culture. Growing up fourth in a family of five children, I knew at an early age I wanted to help people connect. As the fourth of five children, I knew that to get along I had to be caring, flexible and respectful.My youngest brother, Tom, was born with disabilities that required special attention. In order to connect with my brother, I had to adapt to his way of communicating. My siblings and I had to focus, slow-down and listen and in some cases we had to ask more questions to really get the heart of what he was trying to say. Supported, safe, connected.Making an effort to listen and understand others is an essential aspect of successful relationships.Caring for Tom created strong and meaningful relationships in our family. We took on the responsibility of care and made personal sacrifices to meet his needs. Compassion, sacrifice, accommodation, and understanding were some of the things I learned in caring for my brother. I carried these core elements into my professional career.For twenty-five years I served in pastoral ministry combining relational and spiritual gifts to provide solid leadership from a compassionate heart. As a speaker, I was highly regarded for my ability to make historical biblical themes relevant to current life challenges. People enjoyed my relational style and often commented that they felt I understood what they were going through.At age 40, I returned to school to complete a Masters Degree in Marriage & Family Counseling. I was selected by the faculty as student speaker for the commencement service. A few years later, I was invited on the faculty of Governors State University as a lecturer.Over the past decade, I have dedicated myself to further development as a relational specialist. In 2012, I completed an advanced program and became a board-certified executive coach. Recently, I completed a year long program and was awarded a fellowship in advanced psychodynamic theory at the University of Chicago.Today, I work in private practice in Hinsdale, IL with a team of seven licensed professional counselors and social workers who serve the community.I know what it means to run a business and balance family life and relationships.I am happily married to my wife Marian for fourteen years. I have three adult children from a previous marriage and four grandchildren.In 2013, I published my first book, “Bringing Respect Back: Communicating Without the Conflict”. My second book is forthcoming: “Bringing Intimacy Back: Restoring Romance in Your Relationship.”I am a frequent speaker in churches, retreats and workshops while serving as a guest lecturer in the Graduate School at Governors State University.

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Bringing Respect Back: Communicating Without the Conflict
ISBN: 1494286319

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2013

This is a book about how to improve relationships by showing respect. It helps the reader learn how to communicate effectively, resolve conflict, and establish healthy boundaries. Chapters address self-respect, bringing respect back into marriage relationships, parents and kids, siblings, workplace and society. The concepts in the book help couples, parents, teenagers, and people in carers. How do people get along in your family? Generally speaking, are they nice to one another? Or do they tend to fight a lot? Are you tired of heated arguments that never get resolved? Does every conversation have to be a contest of wills? Do you feel like the people you care about don't care about you? Have you felt like you are in a one-sided relationship? If your answers to these questions indicate relationship problems then you are not alone. Families today are struggling to get along. Conflict is on the rise, while connection declining. A fundamental element is missing in relationships today. Respect. It's missing at home and in the workplace. Respect is hard to find in society. It appears our culture has lost respect for respect. This book is about bringing respect back where it matters: within ourselves and in our most significant relationships. Learn how to communicate without conflict getting out of control. Find new ways to interact that promotes mutual respect and reciprocity. You will learn about two dances: The Dance of Disrespect and the Dance of Respect. One is popular in our culture. It causes conflict and distance. The other is a classical dance that promotes kindness and closeness. Ten Things You Will Learn Key elements that establish a respectful relationship A proper sequence to effective communication How to manage your emotional intensity The role self-respect plays in getting respect from others How to establish a respectful dialog with your spouse/partner Tools to help you bring conflict to a respectful resolution Tips on how to disarm a conflict before it explodes into a heated argument Principles and strategies of Influential Parenting How to give and receive respect in the workplace What to do with people you care about who don’t show you respect

Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagement Availability (Yes)

Please contact Don Olund at 630-935-0511. He is available to speak on the subjects of relationships, marriage, parenting, family child-development, emotional intelligence, communication, business relationships and respect. He has experience in workshop, conference and key note presentations and can speak in business settings, community groups, churches, schools, and group settings.