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Name:  Thomas McNulty  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction Non-Fiction

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1955 in Chicago, Illinois

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Thomas McNulty was born in Chicago and is a graduate of Columbia College in Chicago.

Biographical and Professional Information

McNulty is the author of the critically acclaimed biography ''Errol Flynn: The Life and Career'', the culmination of over a decade of research and writing. His celebrity interviews, articles, essays, book reviews and film reviews have appeared in numerous publications – from the slicks to the pulps – including: ''American Cowboy'', ''Filmfax'', ''The Big Reel'', ''Classic Images'', ''Films of the Golden Age'', ''Kung-Fu Magazine'', ''Mystery News'', ''Comic Effect'' and ''Scary Monsters'' among others. Tom has also published poetry in various literary journals.

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Errol Flynn: The Life and Career
ISBN: 0786417501

McFarland Publishing. 2004

Errol Flynn set the standard for the modern action hero in films like The Adventures of Robin Hood, Dodge City, and The Sea Hawk. This biography follows Flynn from his birth in Tasmania, Australia, in 1909, to his death in Vancouver, Canada, in 1959. Included is analysis of his films, discussion of the 1943 rape trial that changed his life, a survey of the FBI’s infamous surveillance, and the first detailed account of his television appearances in the 1950s. First-hand interviews with Flynn’s friends and colleagues are complemented by research from FBI files, correspondence, Flynn’s diary, and other sources. Illustrated with rare and previously unpublished photographs, the study also gives attention to the historical backgrounds and cultural influences that contributed to Flynn’s fame the work takes an objective and analytical look at the actor’s adventurous life.

The study includes two appendices: the first is a collection of quotations from various celebrities, from memories of his talent and style to anecdotes about his wild pool parties. The second appendix is a filmography including all Flynn’s work for film, stage, and television, with cast and crew information.

ISBN: 0615183727

Thomas McNulty. 2008

The Swashbuckler's Press presents Thomas McNulty's Anthropoets, a collection that explores the range of American poetry - personal, meditative, lyrical, political and ultimately unforgettable. A man watching the sunset over a prairie suddenly realizes that he is looking into the past. A hunter encounters a madman who alters his perspective. A mother listening to a baseball game grieves for a lost son. A walk through Chicago's Art Institute becomes a meditation on the human condition before transforming into a litany on the creative impulse itself. Revised and Expanded edition.

Trail of the Burned Man
ISBN: 0709088175

Robert Hale. 2010

When Rafe Morgan rides into a Wyoming town called Twisted Oak, he gets into a saloon brawl and horribly disfigures an outlaw named Dutch Williams. Vowing revenge, Dutch and his men pillage the town and take two hostages, including the marshal's daughter. Rafe joins Deputy U.S. Marshal Ethan O'Hara and a small posse in the hunt for Dutch, but they soon realize that Dutch didn't take hostages to negotiate—he took them as bait. Dutch won't be satisfied with stolen money he wants blood, and he'll stop at nothing until Rafe and the posse are destroyed. Following the outlaw's trail, the posse now find themselves in a desperate struggle for their very lives.

Wind Rider (Black Horse Western)
ISBN: 0709089112

Robert Hale. 2010

When Hank Benteen rides into a Wyoming valley, he saves a homesteader's life and that of the his two children. But there's a war brewing, and some of the cowboys are hiding a murderous secret.

Death Rides a Palomino
ISBN: 0557367387 2010

The autumn of 1893 should have been a time to celebrate the harvest, to gather in the park and listen to the barbershop quartet sing "A Bicycle Built for Two." But life is never that simple in the west. Instead Sheriff Bob Carter finds himself unraveling a mystery involving Vance Kane, an unscrupulous banker, and Mathew Sully, a stranger who rides into town on a palomino named Spirit. Within days the sheriff learns that Sully's arrival has forced an evil presence to reveal itself. Brandishing an ivory handled .45 Colt, Sully is intent on delivering his own brand of justice. As events spiral out of control Sheriff Carter realizes the resolution will be written in blood. Also includes the BONUS WESTERN STORY "Justice at Ten Sleep Canyon"

Showdown at Snakebite Creek
ISBN: 0709092024

Robert Hale & Company. 2011

Book by McNulty, Thomas

Werewolves! A Study of Lycanthropes in Film, Folklore and Literature
ISBN: 1593936753

BearManor Media. 2011

Something stirs in the darkness and pads along the moonlit path... Werewolf stories have long captivated film audiences and lovers of pulp fiction. Thomas McNulty's Werewolves! explores the genesis for this cultural phenomenon dating back centuries when stories of shape shifters and wolf-men were predominant in folk tales. The book traces the origins of lycanthropy in mythology through modern times. Included are discussions of wolf mythology and the importance of the wolf symbol around the globe. Included is an examination of key werewolf stories and novels with an emphasis on popular fiction and pulp fiction. This is followed by a survey of the Hollywood films with chapters devoted to the Wolf-Man films starring Lon Chaney Jr. and the groundbreaking Spanish werewolf films of Paul Naschy. The survey of films includes titles from Hollywood's Golden Age to present times with commentary on over 70 werewolf films. The work includes a bibliography, filmography and index. Illustrated with rare photographs.

Gunfight at Crippled Horse
ISBN: 1300315113

Wounded Outlaw Books. 2013

Wounded Outlaw Books presents Thomas McNulty's Gunfight at Crippled Horse. J. T. Parker, Laramie Calhoun and Lee Taylor were legends in the west, notorious gunfighters, ruthless and fast on the draw, but they hadn't been heard from in years. So when the three aging gunmen suddenly re-appear and ride into Crippled Horse asking questions about a missing Chinese boy they set in motion a series of bloody events that may very well become their last gunfight. Crippled Horse and its gold mine are a sweltering hellhole of murder and deception orchestrated by the ruthless Juno Eckstrom. But the arrival of enigmatic U. S. Marshal Maxfield Knight adds a player into the game who is capable of anything, and with a reputation that rivals that of Parker, Calhoun and Taylor. Juno Eckstrom is soon to discover there are men far more ruthless than himself, and who are willing to die in the name of justice. This edition includes the bonus stories "The Ghosts at War Eagle Hill" and "The Outlaw's Dance."

Jack Ripcord
ISBN: 1300914416

Wounded Outlaw Books. 2014

Wounded Outlaw Books presents Jack Ripcord. The time is 1939 and the world is on the brink of war. From the back alleys of Chicago to the jungles of South America, adventurer and top government agent Jack Ripcord clashes with a secret Nazi organization known as the Order of the Dread Angels, a merciless group intent on unleashing supernatural horrors against the United States. Ripcord follows the Nazis to South America where the Third Reich's occult leader, the Dragon, is about to unleash a demon of incredible power. Armed with a .45 automatic and an artifact called the Stonehenge Blade, Ripcord races to save the world from Nazi domination! Allied with a lycanthrope, Walter Kozak, and a witch, Trinity St. John, Jack Ripcord battles evil at every turn. Jack Ripcord is the premier adventure of a new pulp hero whose remarkable exploits are unequaled for whirlwind thrills and blood-curdling mayhem. Jack Ripcord is New Pulp Fiction for modern readers.

Coffin for an Outlaw
ISBN: 0719816475

Robert Hale Ltd. 0

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