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General Information

Name:  Irene Sedeora  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction

Audience: Adult;


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Illinois Connection

Sedeora lives in Morton, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Irene Sedeora is a published poet and writer of short stories, Sedeora lives with her husband in their ranch house near a ravine that is home to ground hogs, possums, skunks, raccoons, coyotes, and deer that sometimes venture into their backyard looking for lunch. The critters like the roses.

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Titles At Your Library

A Hunting She Did Go
ISBN: 0692332901

Tiger Lily Books. 2014

In October, 1997 Davina Reed, a former flower child of the 1960’s is in her Illinois backyard engaged in her Tai Chi routine when she receives a call on her cell phone from Keith Thorne, an unsavory acquaintance of her brother, Jed. Thorne says he’s worried because Jed won’t answer the door. After a night of drinking at Froggy’s Bar and Grill, they had planned to go fishing. He says Davina should bring the extra door key he knows she has, so they can go inside and check on Jed. Thorne doesn’t want to involve the police because he’s on probation. Something sounds off kilter but Davina decides to hurry to check on her brother. Thorne says he will meet her at Jed’s secluded house in the nearby town of Paxtonia but when Davina arrives, Thorne’s not on the scene. From outside Davina looks up and notices an upstairs window is without a screen and wide open. She goes inside and on the floor of the upstairs bathroom adjoining the bedroom she finds the body of her brother. His hands are in a death clasp around the shaft of an arrow protruding from his chest. Despite depression, alcoholism and marital problems, Jed Davidson has been successful, and with two other scientists developed a doe birth control serum, Pro310, which had angered deer hunters on the fringe of society, and who, instigated by ‘Weasel’ in online chat rooms, has waged protests and picketing of companies where the scientists work. Davina doubts the small town police department is capable of finding Jed’s killer, so she decides to conduct her own investigation, at the same time dealing with Chief Leo Donovan and his infatuation with Davina and her newly tinted red hair.

Mindful Rhapsody: Poems
ISBN: 0692315381

Tiger Lily Books. 2014

A first collection of poems by Illinois poet & fiction writer, Irene Sedeora, author of A HUNTING SHE DID GO, a Mid-western mystery. The poems are accessible, on a variety of subjects- travel, nature, seasons, holidays, relationships and so forth, lyrical and descriptive.


James Jones Short Story Award winner in the Seventh Annual Illinois Emerging Writers Competition of the Illinois Center for the Book, 2011

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