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General Information

Name:  Laurie Bradach  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction

Audience: Young Adult;


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Illinois Connection

Bradach lives in Ottawa, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Laurie Bradach writes action-adventure romantic fiction. She is active in her local Romance Writers of America chapter, Heart and Scroll, and is a founding member of Random Moon Books. Laurie also collaborated with her husband, Kim "Howard" Johnson, on the book, ''The Dare Club: Nita''. They both own DoubleDare Books. Previously an editor at Joe Quesada's and Jimmy Palmiotti's Event Comics, Bradach oversaw books like ''Ash'' and ''Painkiller Jane''. She has also been a comic art dealer and agent for about 90 comic artists.

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Titles At Your Library

A Good Draw
ISBN: 0988245213

Doubledare Books. 2012

ELLA BRYCE thought her life couldn?t get any worse. She was wrong. Getting fired from a prestigious job is bad enough, but being courted by a man who wears a purple wig is more than the celebrated young chef can bear. No matter that JAY MONROE is a rodeo clown, the bravest of the brave, he still swishes around in baggy britches and greasepaint. REV PARKER is the breathing image of the word cowboy. Swaggeringly handsome, the World Champion bull rider has all the cowgirls drooling, Ella included. But Rev?s got his own problems--like being the number one suspect in a string of bizarre murders. With both men in hot pursuit, Ella soon finds herself in a love triangle like no other. When she discovers Jay is disguised as a clown to find his father?s killer, she thinks she knows his biggest secret. She?s wrong again. And this time it could cost Ella her life.

The Dare Club
ISBN: 098824523X

DoubleDare Books. 2012

Nita Conroy has relocated to the most boring town on the planet. That is, until would-be boyfriend Brad Keeley spills the beans about a secret group of girls known as The Dare Club. During her subterranean initiation below the high school, Nita overhears a plan by contractors and school officials to embezzle millions of dollars in grant money. When she is betrayed, The Dare Club's pranks become deadly serious. With the clock ticking, Nita will need the help of her new friends to expose the chilling plot--and hopefully survive long enough to snag a date to the Homecoming Dance. THE DARE CLUB is a group of high school girls drawn together by a love of adventure and an aversion to boredom. The members challenge each other with creative pranks to liven their tedious, small-town. It's all in good fun...until their antics land them in dangerous predicaments. When the chips are down, the girls have only their talents and wits to rely upon, as they struggle to uphold a basic club rule: Don't get caught!

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