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General Information

Name:  Fredericka Meiners  

Pen Name: Ann Macela

Genre: Fiction

Born: 1942 in Texas

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Illinois Connection

Meiners lives in Chicago.

Biographical and Professional Information

Ann Macela is the pen name Fredericka Meiners uses to write contemporary romance and light paranormal romance.


Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award for Best Romance for Windswept

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Selected Titles At Your Library

Do you believe in magic? /
ISBN: 1933836164. OCLC Number: 173620814

Medallion Press,. .

The oldest kind of magic /
ISBN: 1932815430. OCLC Number: 60931417

Medallion Press,. .

Daria Morgan is a magic practitioner, one of a group of people who uses magic and spells to do their everyday jobs. As a management consultant, she can discern that her employer's problem is crooked employees. Now these employees are out to get her, while she also faces an ancient force, an irresistible compulsion, called the soul-mate imperative.

Wild magic /
ISBN: 1933836997. OCLC Number: 318427201

Medallion ;. .

Irenee Sabel, a witch, is on the hunt for a the Cataclysm Stone when she unexpectedly meets Jim Tylan, an undercover government agent on his own hunt for secret records. In her chase, will Irenee find something she hadn't been looking for: a soul mate?

Windswept /
ISBN: 1933836342. OCLC Number: 154744342

Medallion Press Inc.,. .

Barrett Browning, a young historian, is summoned to inventory a library of family papers. With mounting excitement, she discovers that the letters and journals before her are a treasure trove of potential articles that could further her career at the university where she teaches, but venture capitalist Davis Jamison, the owner of the plantation, is intent on keeping the documents private and distrusts her scholarly ambitions. The standoff between the two opponents begins to crumble, however, as Barrett becomes more and more unsettled by evidence of magic and murder in the family's past, and Davis, who has sworn never to trust a woman with his property or his heart, struggles with the realization that he is falling in love.

Your magic or mine? /
ISBN: 1933836326. OCLC Number: 223912423

Medallion Press,. .

Theoretical mathematician Marcus Forscher, who has developed an equation for spell casting, clashes with botanist Gloriana Morgan, who believes that spell casting is an art.