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General Information

Name:  Karla Lang  

Pen Name: Karla Brandenburg

Genre: Fiction Romance

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1961 in Lombard, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Lang was born in Lombard, Illinois and currently resides in Elgin.

Biographical and Professional Information

Karla Lang was raised on the gothic romances of Victoria Holt and also enjoyed reading Stephen King and Rod Serling, which influences bring supernatural elements into the award-winning contemporary romances that she writes.

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Titles At Your Library

The Treasure of St. Paul
ISBN: 0595233635

iUniverse. 2002

When a long-time friend of school teacher Kira Ellison's proposes marriage, Kira realizes her life is passing her by. On a personal quest to discover "is that all there is?" she pursues her love of archeology and takes her summer break to do some digging. Caught up in the romance of the Holy Grail, Kira begins to wonder if her dream may be more than just a bedtime story when she meets someone else on a similar quest. Her curiosity takes her to Herculaneum, the sister city to Pompeii, where she meets the enigmatic Dominic Fioretti and finds herself searching for more than just a fabled artifact.

Intimate Distance
ISBN: 1430324481 2007

The high profile ad campaign Jack and Julianne develope together propels them into the spotlight as the industry's hottest couple. But can they withstand the glare? Julianne DeAngelo is working toward a degree in marketing while juggling a full-time job and planning her wedding. Driven to succeed, she joins an on-line marketing group where a mentor, Jack Guilder, becomes her confidante. Their on-line relationship grows, adding to Julianne's second thoughts when her fiancé comes home smelling of perfume. Adding insult to injury, Julianne spies her fiancé in a cozy tęte-ŕ-tęte with her disloyal sister. Julianne cancels the wedding and throws herself into a marketing career with Jack, getting caught up in a web of deception. With their futures on the line, Julianne and Jack struggle to maintain the image they've created as a couple, but Julianne's former fiancé isn't giving up without a fight.

Touched by the Sun
ISBN: 1468098675

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2011

School teacher Kira Ellison embarks on an archeological vacation to southern Italy in search of the phantom Holy Grail, one last diversion before she settles into the life that is expected of her. Prior to her arrival, a premonition forewarns her of the dangers that lay in wait. When she comes face to face with Dominic Fioretti, the “man of her dreams,” the danger becomes all too real, both physically and emotionally. “Author Karla Brandenburg presents a romance novel that strives to expand the genre and offer the reader suspense, mystery, mystic wonder and, of course, true romance. . . For anyone who enjoys romance novels, this book will not be a disappointment. It is well written and allows the romance to grow as a natural part of the narrative. Much in the same way that Nora Roberts crafts a good story first and allows the love interest to support but not overwhelm the plot, The Treasure of St. Paul delivers a well told tale that holds suspense until the very end.” - A guest reviewer for the Chicago Daily Herald “Karla Brandenburg weaves a surprising tale of suspense and romance in THE TREASURE OF ST PAUL. The historical value of this book is remarkable. The romance depicted is thrilling and satisfying. The characters are believable and well written. This reviewer can’t wait for her next novel.” - Tammy Falkner for Road to Romance

Living Canvas
ISBN: 1478110686

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2012

Audrey MacDougall's new boss is cleaning house and to make matters worse, he is a “person of interest” in the mysterious disappearance of a young girl 20 years ago. Greg Ellison offers Audrey a chance to break away and start over, but what is it about Greg that pulls her out of the real world and inside a painting with him? While on a business trip to Scotland, Audrey receives news that her company has been taken over by a ruthless businessman, famous for the way he downsizes his acquisitions. With some sight-seeing days built into her trip, she meets Greg, an American photographer also traveling on business, and decides she might as well make the most of what could be her last vacation. When Greg holds her hand, orphaned Audrey’s overdeveloped sense of intuition fills her with a sense of home and family. Audrey takes a day off with her best friend, Cinda, to go venue shopping for Cinda’s wedding. After three unsuccessful stops at wedding sites, Audrey feels a connection with the last place on their list. It isn’t until after she realizes that this is the B&B that Greg is hoping to buy that she sees the backyard—the inspiration for the unusual painting hanging on her living room wall.

Mist on the Meadow (Kundigerin) (Volume 1)
ISBN: 148390069X

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2013

For her twenty-fifth birthday, a family legacy is passed on to small town pastry chef Marissa Maitland as a Kundigerin, which means she has come into secret psychic power. She will know things about people at the brush of a hand, and use this to help them—but she cannot talk about being Kundigerin without suffering pain. Named executor of his grandmother’s estate, Wolf Harper must find something called a “Kundigerin” before he can sell the place. If he could sell his remaining family too, he would. Keeping the family business afloat is his priority, in spite of his uncle’s bad management putting them in the red. Wolf runs into Marissa—literally, at an icy intersection—and is enchanted by her beauty. One bite of her baked goods bewitches him and enflames a passion Marissa shares. But Marissa blurts long-buried details about the car accident that killed his parents, and knows far too much about the problems at Harper Electronics, neither of which she will explain. Should he be afraid of her?

Heart for Rent, with an Option
ISBN: 1493560840

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2013

Ghostwriter Michelle Alvere is returning from self-imposed exile to be present for the impending birth of her niece and to mend fences with her sister, but the attractive author renting Michelle’s house isn’t ready to vacate. Although she would prefer to have her home to herself, she agrees to let her tenant stay on so he can remain close to his dying mother. Novelist Keith Schumaker is determined to be by his mother’s side during her final days, but he is also on deadline to finish his latest book. His enigmatic landlady is a distraction, one who alternates between coming on to him and pushing him away. While away on a book tour, he discovers secrets about Michelle that even she doesn’t know, secrets that could put her life in jeopardy.

Return to Hoffman Grove (Northwest Suburbs) (Volume 3)
ISBN: 1502430843

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2014

After nine years away, a business venture forces Brody Parkhill to return to his home town. Trying to determine whether the building he’s been sent to assess would be a viable project for his boss, he is surprised to discover it houses a women’s crisis center. Further complicating his job, members of his old high school gang are involved in the center’s operations—the same friends he ran out on all those years ago. His boss questions where Brody’s loyalties lie and ultimately fires him. With no more to offer Cinda Cooper, the girl he left behind, than when he was a hot-headed teen, Brody must find a way to regain his job, save the center, and win her back. The last person Cinda Cooper expected to see after a night out was her best friend from high school, Brody Parkhill, the one who was supposed to help her escape her troubled home life. The one she hasn’t seen or heard from for nine years. But she’s too busy dealing with escalating acts of violence to deal with her feelings for him. Could these crimes have anything to do with Brody’s return to town? Or has her past caught up with her?

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