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General Information

Name:  Scott C. Ristau  

Pen Name: None


Born: 1965 in Geneseo, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Scott Ristau was born in Geneseo, Illinois and currently lives in Chatham, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Scott Ristau received his Masters Degree from the University of Illinois at Springfield.

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Titles At Your Library

Death Brand
ISBN: 1413773001

PublishAmerica. 2005

An evil seed has been sown in the kingdom of Gairloch. Torrin Murgleys, a young wizard and grandson to Gairloch’s Queen Bryana, is witness to a heinous crime perpetrated by his father. He reports the crime but is not believed. Compelled by a need for justice, Torrin takes the law into his own hands. For his vigilante justice, Torrin is exiled from Gairloch and expelled from the wizard Prelature. Adding to Torrin’s punishment, the boy’s mother and brother are banished with him. However, the queen’s edict cannot permanently suppress the malice she sees harbored within her grandson. And grievous events ultimately conspire to force Torrin’s return. Chronicling Torrin’s exile and his psychological transformation into a malicious tyrant, Death Brand is a look inside the heart and mind of evil. It is a tale of corrupted justice, hateful revenge, and redemptive love set in a world of fantasy.

The Maul of Murgleys
ISBN: 1413776019

PublishAmerica. 2006

Quinn is a middle-aged man living a simple life on his farm with his loving wife and their five children. But Quinn is a man with a secret, one that has come back to haunt him and threaten what he loves most in life. Twenty years ago Quinn helped his friend, Torrin Murgleys, conquer the kingdom of Gairloch. But Torrin proved to be unworthy both as friend and king. So Quinn and Midori, an elvin woman pregnant with Torrin's child, fled from Gairloch and in their flight fell in love. Now the unexpected arrival of Aragon, a powerful wizard and Torrin's brother, once again disrupts their peace. Aragon is searching for Keenan, the son Torrin sired and Quinn reared as his own. Over their protests, Aragon persuades Keenan and Quinn to help him steal an axe of cursed magic in order to reduce the expanding menace of Torrin's evil empire.

Master And God
ISBN: 1597058025

Wings ePress, Incorporated. 2015

By the final year of the Jewish Revolt, Vespasian has become emperor and turned responsibility of defeating the Jewish rebels over to his son, Titus, a man of flagrant evil. During this turbulent time, Simon the Zealot, one of Jesus’ twelve disciples, seeks to rescue his estranged son from the Romans and convert him to Christianity. Simon’s son, Jonas, is a leader among the Jewish rebels and fiercely committed to saving both his people and the temple in Jerusalem. Vespasian and Simon each desire a kingdom for their sons, one an earthly empire, one a place in God’s heavenly realm.



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