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General Information

Name:  Yvonne Kay Meckfessel  

Pen Name: Yvonne Meckfessel, Yvonne K. Meckfessel, Yvonne K Pitts and Yvonne Scherer Meckfessel

Genre: Non-Fiction

Audience: Adult; Young Adult; Children;

Born: 1946 in Olney, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

I was born and raised in rural Richland County, Illinois, living there for over 55 years. I attended college at Olney Central College in Olney, Illinois. I now reside in Troy, Illinois. All of my books have been set in Illinois and are about Illinois residents. One of my books, ''Pickle Pots, Stupid Hats and Other Stories'' is a collection of stories about our pioneer ancestors living in Southern Illinois in the early 1900's. My book, ''Only On Loan, Notes from a journal edged in black'', is about a young man that lived 10 years in Illinois and passed due to heart problems. This is a book about dealing with losses.

Biographical and Professional Information

I continue to live in Illinois doing my writing and photography. For several years I was a leader of a local grief group. I was also a 4-H member and leader, winning many public speaking and demonstration contests. I was one of 10 in the nation to win the 4_H Safety Award. I have worked in genealogy for over 40 years and continue to work in this field

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Titles At Your Library

Only On Loan
ISBN: 074140088X

Infinity Publishing. 2013

A journal allowing readers to enter into a private world of inner thoughts as a mother faced life and death situations with her son. Discussion of different kinds of losses including death of son and parent, loss of health, divorce, relationship with children. From Only On Loan: I have learned many things during my journey. There will always be something which triggers my memory, things that only I carry with me. I have been places my friends have not been and felt pain they could not know. From Only On Loan: ...When the doctor left, there was stunned silence in the room, then when I had finally absorbed what had been said, I looked at Jason. His eyes were clouded with fear ... or was that a reflection of my own?"

Pickle Pots, Stupid Hats, and Other Stories
ISBN: 0989294404

Wild Child Publishing. 2013

A collection of true stories that chronicles life in rural Southern Illinois in the 1900s that helps keep the memory alive of pioneers who refused to give up when faced with adversity, and were so dedicated and persistent in making their dreams come true that they unknowingly became our heroes. Laugh as you read about chickens being baptized and hear the giggles as kids crawl under the house to test their mother's homemade root beer. Imagine walking behind a horse and plow from sunup to sunset day after day or shucking corn by hand and hauling it by horse and wagon to town to sell. Sympathize with the mother that loses her 3 year old to Typhoid Fever, and then her husband dies only three days later. REMEMBER the stories about your own pioneer ancestors and HONOR your own hero ancestors by being a hero to someone! The true heroes are revealed in these pioneers as their stories of day to day life are told. this is a saga of courage, bravery and hardship. The experiences found in this book will advance an understanding of our country and how all of our ancestors, who were so dedicated to their families, so true to their God, and so caring for their neighbors, changed it forever. Our ancestors struggled, fought, and endured hardships as they unknowingly became the heroes of America.

A Mother's Promises
ISBN: 0989294420

Wild Child Publishing. 2014

"A Mother's Promises" is a read out loud book for a mother to read to her child. In this book a mother makes simple promises to her child ... ones that will be remembered forever! A child will remember forever the good times along with the fun and loving promises made and carried through by a parent. "These promises I make to you and the fun we will have as we carry them through!"

Dust Bunnies, A Collection of Stories
ISBN: 0989294412

. 2014

A collection of true farm grown stories,,,some funny, some serious, some about an old cowboy by the name of Old Geezer and how his wife, Mrs. Old Geezer, lived through all of his escapades, some cowboy poetry and some about other stuff. These stories are good down to earth stories that will make you laugh (and a few might make you cry) but on the whole, the stories are about laughter as the author believes in laughing at ones self and enjoying life to the fullest!

Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagement Availability (Yes)

Please contact the author for scheduling speaking engagements at Groups preferred would be those interested in grief and loss, publishing and writing, genealogical and historical subjects and cowboy poetry. Preferred location would be Southern Illinois. Fees to be discussed ... depending on organization.