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General Information

Name:  Pam S. Stone  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction

Audience: Children;

Born: 1952 in Aurora, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Stone was born in Aurora, Illinois and grew up in Decatur where she drove to Springfield to attend Robert Morris University. She now lives in Mechanicsburg, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Pam S. Stone graduated from Robert Morris University in Springfield, Illinois. She owned a marketing firm and published a local home improvement magazine. She wrote the stories for the magazine and later closed the marketing firm. Since then, Stone decided to write children's books of which two have been published - ''Oscar's Adventures in the Woods'' and ''The Watermelon Party''.

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Titles At Your Library

Oscar's Adventures in the Woods
ISBN: 1432763822

Outskirts Press. 2011

"Oscar's adventures in the woods" is a true story of a little girl, Shelby, and her pet turtle, Oscar. Each page is original artwork created, drawn and colored by award winning artists Eric Hector and Candace Schinzler- Bell. Who has done artwork for many companies including Disney. This story is written by a mom who would read to her daughter every evening at bedtime up to three books each night, and instilled her love of reading in her daughter, who is a voracious reader to this day. Someone gave Shelby a turtle. She named him Oscar He became a prized possession. He lived in his aquarium on Shelby's dresser. No one bothered him most days except once in a while a cat would peer down at him from atop the dresser. He decided it would be fun to be able to roam wherever he wanted just like the cat. One day while Shelby cleaned Oscar's aquarium. He wandered off, he was nowhere to be found, and it was a sad day. Maybe Oscar wanted to live outside? When Oscar turned up the following spring, he was recognizable because of the chip out of his shell. He was released outside every year in the fall. Oscar kept coming back every spring. He apparently hibernated under the leaves in the winter. See how Oscar's adventure makes him decide if he did the right thing in wandering off. How he learned that sometimes there really no place like home. Learn how Oscar finds out how to survive in the cold alien woods. The lesson is that home is safe warm place where people live that love you. If you wander off. It really is special to come home and find your friends that have missed you for a whole season. Who does Oscar meet in the woods as as he learns how to care for himself? How long will Oscar keep coming back to find his friend, hoping he is taken in to live with his friend again. Oscar is a fun loving friend that all kids will love from the very first moment they read about him in the book. A great bed time story for kids of all ages. So read "Oscar's adventure in the woods."


''Oscar's Adventures in the Woods'', listed in ''Midwest Writers'' and ''Publishers Weekly''

Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagement Availability (Yes)

Please contact Pam Stone at 217-3649028 or 217-454-1118. The author prefers to read or speak at children's events. She can also talk about the publishing process - all of her illustrations for Oscars Adventures are hand drawn and colored originals.