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Name:  Wendy Goldman Rohm  

Pen Name: None


Born: N/A

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Illinois Connection

Wendy Goldman lived in Illinois from 1980 until 2009.

Biographical and Professional Information

In addition to being a New York Times best selling author and literary agent, Wendy Rohm has taughter and lectured for MediaBistro, yale University and numerous other organizations and universities in the US, Europe and Asia. She also hosts ongoing online Book Development Classes forauthors worldwide.

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Titles At Your Library

The Microsoft File : The Secret Case Against Bill Gates
ISBN: 0812927168

Crown Business. 1998

The Microsoft File is an extraordinary fly-on-the-wall account of Microsoft's intent to monopolize the computer industry. Wendy Goldman Rohm takes you to the inner sanctum of Microsoft, has you sit in on meetings between Microsoft and important customers and competitors, and looks at the struggles of the Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice as they try to develop a strategy to counter one of the most serious charges of market manipulation since John D. Rockefeller and Standard Oil.

The Microsoft File is based on information from not one but many "Deep Throats," as well as internal documents that tell a story of:

> How Microsoft's predatory marketing and pricing behavior belies its claims of fair competition.

> How Microsoft killed the market for a competitor's operating system, a system that could have challenged MS-DOS.

> How bugging devices were found in the hotel room of a supposed business partner of Microsoft's the day before a critical meeting with Microsoft.

> How Microsoft inserted hidden code in the beta version of Windows 3.1, creating fear in the marketplace that competing products would crash and adding a byte in the final version that was marketed so the hidden code wouldn't appear on the screen.

> How close Apple came to discarding the Macintosh operating system for Windows, and the real reason why Bill Gates decided to invest some $250 million in Apple.

> How Microsoft, despite nondisclosure agreements, obtained and used technological secrets from competitors.

> How the biggest mergers in the software industry unfolded, blow-by-blow, as Microsoft's competitors tried to survive the increasing power of the Gates juggernaut.

Is Microsoft's rise as the world's most powerful and successful company a classic example of the free market, as many Microsoft apologists contend? Is its success, and the failure of other companies, the result of the creative destruction that makes capitalism so strong? The Microsoft File suggests that other forces were at work.

Under the Radar: How Red Hat Changed the Software Business--and Took Microsoft by Surprise
ISBN: 1576105067

Coriolis Group. 1999

Documents the history of Red Hat, Inc. and how it revolutionized the software industry

The Murdoch Mission: The Digital Transformation of a Media Empire
ISBN: 0471383600

Wiley. 2001

A dramatic narrative by a top journalist about the transformation of one of the world's greatest media empires.

The Murdoch Mission gets inside Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. and documents the media mogul's strategic forays in digital media and broadcasting and new Internet-based businesses. Among other giant highlights is the creation of his new $40 billion company, the mammoth Sky Global Networks.

Wendy Rohm provides an up-close look at how Murdoch's youngest son, James Murdoch, is changing his father's fortune in the megamarket of China and other world markets. She shows the impact these forays will have on international trade and the media world at large. Based on her personal time with James in Hong Kong and Beijing, interviews with Rupert Murdoch himself as well as Murdoch's corporate officers, senior executives, colleagues, confidants, and competitors, Rohm provides a larger-than-life, colorful account of how one of the most powerful media lords on the planet leads his global corporation into the digital age. The Murdoch Mission delves into Murdoch's successes as well as his disasters while also providing a glimpse into the impact he and his company are having on the cultural and media landscape of the world.

Wendy Goldman Rohm (Chicago, IL) is the bestselling author of The Microsoft File, a Business Week, Barnes & Noble, and New York Times bestseller. A prolific writer, she has been a correspondent for many publications, including Wired magazine, Upside, the New York Times Syndicate International, Chicago Tribune, Red Herring, the Los Angeles Times, and others.

The Eighth Day: The Promise and the Peril of Stem Cell Research and the Regeneration of Man
ISBN: 140005317X

Harmony. 2006

An inside look at stem cell research documents the cutting-edge work being done in this revolutionary and controversial scientific field, examining the political, ethical, and religious issues raised by stem cell research, as well as its potential to transform modern medicine by providing treatments for many currently incurable diseases and ailments. 25,000 first printing.



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