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General Information

Name:  Julie Kistler  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Adult;

Born: 1956 in Peoria, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Kistler was born in Peoria, Illinois and attended the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. She currently resides in Central Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Julie Kistler was born and raised in Peoria, Illinois but moved to the Chicago area for high school. She attended the University of Illinois, and graduated with a BA in history. She earned a law degree from the University of Illinois and moved to Minnesota to be a lawyer. In 1985, Kistler left the legal world to be a full-time writer. She moved back home to Illinois in 1989, and has lived in Central Illinois ever since. A lifetime movie and theater lover, Julie began a side career as a theater critic for the ''Champaign News-Gazette'' in 1990. She is also on the Board of Directors of Heartland Theatre, in Bloomington, Illinois.

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Titles At Your Library

Once Upon a Honeymoon (Harlequin American Romance, No. 557)
ISBN: 0373165579

Harlequin. 1994


Ryan'S Bride
ISBN: 0373165757

Harlequin. 1995

Fantasy Wife
ISBN: 0373165935

Harlequin. 1995

Single dad Alex Thornhill could manage multimillion-dollar deals, but he couldn't manage his own children...and neither could anyone else! What his two little girls needed most was a mommy. What Alex needed was a fantasy wife. Setting his sights on Sabina Charles, the glamorous, best-selling author of The No-Fuss Guide to Parenting, Alex vowed to woo her and wed her. As he set out on his mission to restore order to his home life, he discovered that Sabina might be the image of serenity and grace, but it was her feisty assistant Meg who really got under his skin. But if Alex couldn't even control his incorrrigible daughters, how on earth was he going to handle irresistible Meg Kaczmarowski?

Touch Me Not (More Than Men)
ISBN: 0373166907

Harlequin. 1997


His senses were all-powerful

Caught in a cave-in, photojournalist Lucas Blackthorn was buried in a labyrinth under an ancient palace. When he emerged, he'd developed superacute senses. He kept them secret, but they made the world outside Blackthorn Manor almost impossible to bear…

Only Lucas's childhood crush, Gilly Quinn, was determined to lure Lucas from his lair. But she had another project, too—to clean up her dangerous neighborhood. And when that landed her in hot water, a mysterious crime avenger magically appeared!

Gilly quickly began to fall for "Nightshade," her sexy rescuer—and to wish that he and Lucas could be one and the same man. And then suddenly she began to suspect her crazy wish was more than a fantasy….

Tuesday's Knight (Harlequin American Romance, No. 740)
ISBN: 0373167407

Harlequin. 1998

50 Ways To Lure Your Lover (Real Men)
ISBN: 0373440650

Harlequin. 1999

When freelance writer Mabel Ivey is offered a full-time job at Real Men magazine--the magazine dedicated to helping women find real-life heroes--she jumps at the chance. She's not sure whether to be complimented or insulted, however, that the first story is to be a makeover--her makeover!

Lizzie'S Last - Chance Fiance (Wedding Party)
ISBN: 0373167822

Harlequin. 1999

More Naughty Than Nice (Sensual Romance)
ISBN: 0263835847



  • Finalist for Romance Writers of America's Rita Award for
  • Black Jack Brogan

    , 1994

  • Waldenbooks Bestseller for
  • Fantasy Wife

    , 1995

  • Nominated as one of Affaire de Coeur's Top Ten Favorite Authors, 1995
  • Nominated for Romantic Times' Best Duets of the Year for
  • Calling Mr. Right

    , 2000

  • Waldenbooks Bestseller for
  • Just a Little Fling

    , 2000

  • Winner of the 2001 Madcap Award for Romantic Comedy for
  • Just a Little Fling

  • Nominated for Romantic Times' Career Achievement Award for Series Romantic Fantasy, 2003
  • Nominated for Romantic Times' Best Temptation of the Year for
  • Packing Heat

    , 2004

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