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Name:  Charlotte Antonia Digregorio  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Non-Fiction

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1953 in Portland, OR

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Illinois Connection

Charlotte Digregorio lives in Winnetka. She has lived in Chicago, Geneva, and Sycamore, and did her graduate work in Romance Languages and Literatures at The University of Chicago.

Biographical and Professional Information

Author Charlotte Digregorio received an Official Commendation from Governor Bruce Rauner in 2018 for her thirty-eight years of accomplishments in the literary arts, and her work to promote and advance the field by educating adults and students alike.

Among her activities to make literary arts visible to the public, she holds solo exhibits regionally and nationally year ‘round of her illustrated poetry. These are in public/academic libraries, art galleries, corporate buildings, hospitals, botanic gardens, and cafes. Her individual poems have appeared on public transit, in theatres, supermarkets, restaurants, wine shops, parks, nature centers, banks, and apparel stores.

Digregorio has organized numerous poetry programs and festivals, working with municipal leaders and foreign consulates, in addition to organizing events through public libraries and literary organizations. She was an Executive Officer of the Haiku Society of America for many years, and is currently an Ambassador for The Haiku Foundation. Among significant speaking engagements were her poetry workshops at Former Chicago Mayor Daley’s After School Matters annual event; Career Day at The University of Chicago; and the Chicago Women’s Alliance Annual Dinner at The Cliff Dweller’s Club in Chicago.

Her poetry has been featured on many library websites, including Shreve (LA) Memorial Library and Mann Library of Cornell University. She often gives poetry and non-fiction lectures/workshops at schools, libraries, and to literary organizations. She has given dozens of poetry readings at bookstores, libraries, and art galleries, and also hosts poetry open-mics.

The author of six award-winning books, Digregorio writes twelve poetic forms, publishes short stories, and writes news, features and columns for newspapers and magazines. She has won fifty-one international poetry awards, and was nominated for a Pushcart Prize in Poetry (2011). Her poems have been translated into eight languages: Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Turkish, Polish, Russian, French, and Italian. She translates poetry books from Italian into English. She has published more than 500 poems in international journals and anthologies.

Her five reference books include three on the subject of writing to get published: ''Haiku and Senryu: A Simple Guide for All''; ''You Can Be A Columnist: Writing & Selling Your Way to Prestige''; and ''Beginners' Guide to Writing & Selling Quality Features: A Simple Course in Freelancing for Newspapers/Magazines.” These books have been widely adopted as supplemental texts by universities throughout the U.S., Canada, Pakistan, India, and Catalonia. The latter two were Featured Selections of Writer’s Digest Book Club.

Two other titles are: ''Everything You Need to Know About Nursing Homes: The Family's Comprehensive Guide to Either Working With The Institution or Finding Care Alternatives,'' and ''Your Original Personal Ad: The Complete Guide to Expressing Your Unique Sentiments to Find Your Dream Person.” The former has been adopted as a supplemental text at universities throughout the U.S. Digregorio has also authored “Shadows of Seasons, ” a haiku and senryu collection. The author’s books are sold in 46 countries, and are displayed in major metropolitan venues including cultural centers.

Digregorio regularly speaks at regional and national writer's conferences; is a writer-in-residence at universities; teaches poetry in the public schools; and judges national non-fiction and poetry contests. She hosted her own radio poetry program on Oregon Public Broadcasting.

Her longtime general writers' blog,, is read by people in about 180 countries. It features the work of writers of many genres and includes author interviews, book reviews, how-to essays on writing/publishing, and The Daily Haiku of poets from 35 countries.

Digregorio’s writing career also includes staff positions as a reporter, columnist, and editor at daily newspapers. She held such positions as Lifestyle Editor of The Daily Chronicle in DeKalb. She was also Founding Editor of “Forest World Magazine.” She has worked as a public relations and marketing consultant, in addition to having been Public Relations Director of The World Forestry Center. She was on university and community college faculties for decades, teaching languages and writing.

She is regularly interviewed by major print and radio/television organizations throughout the U.S. She has been nominated and listed in "The International Authors and Writers Who's Who" in Cambridge, England, and in the "Who's Who in Writers, Editors & Poets US/Canada.

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Titles At Your Library

Haiku and Senryu: A Simple Guide for All
ISBN: 0991213904

Artful Communicators Press. 2014

This highly practical book is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide allowing readers to successfully and painlessly write and publish haiku and senryu-- short, insightful poems about nature, the seasons, and human nature. Haiku and senryu, the latter that is often humorous, capture life's moments and delight and stimulate readers and writers. They are quickly becoming a fad for their brevity and thoughtfulness, and are written in dozens of languages. People from all walks of life are successful in writing them, and one doesn't need a poetry background. Haiku and senryu are often seen in many public places. The author's poems are displayed on public transit, in restaurants, at botanic gardens, stores, art galleries, cultural centers, and libraries.She reads them in cafes and tea houses to crowds that find them entertaining. Haiku and senryu contests are very popular, and the author has won many of them. This book's readers will experience the healing nature of haiku and senryu, poems that are thoughtfully written, using an economy of words. They allow us to grasp life's meaning and truths. Readers will learn everything they need to succeed in writing these poems that are about one to four lines, learning the nuts and bolts of getting them published. They will read them to appreciative audiences. This guide also dispels the many myths about haiku's and senryu's content and style, giving both the basics and finer points of this artful type of writing. Haiku don't have to have a certain number of syllables in each line, but they have about 17 or 18 syllables total. There are hundreds of examples of excellent haiku and senryu included in this fun and instructional book. Ample detailed analysis of poems is provided, so readers can become accustomed to their flow, rhythm, and simple language that evokes beautiful images. Also included is instruction about haiku and senryu sequences, a series of individual poems with a theme. This guide provides the fascinating history of haiku and senryu, both in Japan where they originated, and in the U.S. Further, for educators of all levels and workshop leaders, the book contains teaching outlines, lesson and homework plans, and samples of students' poems. Educators of grade school, junior high, high school, college, and adult workshops will gain a wealth of ideas to instruct students. In addition, the book's exhaustive appendices and bibliography will guide readers to dozens of resources worldwide, online and in print, to increase their knowledge of the two forms, and offer publishing, networking, and contest opportunities. The author interviews and quotes many notable haiku poets about how they became interested in reading and writing haiku and senryu, and why they have been enriched by pursuing this art. Unlike other books, it gives equal attention to senryu that is similar in style to general haiku, but has a refreshing and unique subtlety to its lightheartedness and humor. This book is jam-packed with information. It is a reference book that readers will refer to frequently for memorable examples of poems and must-read tips on writing and publishing. Each page yields essential and valuable information that readers will highlight and review. This book makes a wonderful gift, too. As Denis Garrison, author of Fire Blossoms: The Birth of Haiku Noir and Editor of Modern English Tanka, recently stated: I highly recommend Haiku and Senryu: A Simple Guide for All. Comprehensive! And, as Donna Bauerly, Professor Emeritus of Loras College, recently stated: Marvelous book! Marvelous insight. I truly enjoyed this book, being wonderfully surprised by new information that I didn't know. The chapter on teaching haiku was especially great, since I've taught it, but by a different method.

Everything You Need to Know About Nursing Homes: The Family's Comprehensive Guide to Either Working with the Institution or Finding Care Alternatives
ISBN: 096233183X

Civetta Press. 2005

As a caregiver to her mother for 16 years, the author, a professional writer, offers an exhaustive and authoritative work on institutionalizing a loved one and the alternatives to it. This book is based on the author's vast personal experience of spending unusually long hours daily at three nursing homes with her bedridden, comatose mother for nearly four and one-half years, until she took her back home for the final eight months of her life. The book also deals with the advantages and disadvantages of care alternatives, such as caring for a bedridden or ambulatory person at home by oneself the hiring of home help adult day care assisted living facilities residential care facilties foster homes and hospice.

This book is authoritative because in her 16 years of caregiving, the author saw her mother through various stages of her illnesses, from a miraculous brain cancer recovery to an ironic head injury accident that led her mother into a coma and institutionalization. The author, a relentless healthcare advocate, writes in a compassionate and realistic way with amazing anecdotes that humanize her experiences at every stage of her mother's illnesses. In addition, there are helpful checklists on selecting nursing homes and care alternatives, and sample letters to use in dealing with nursing home staff and all healthcare professionals. This book is recommended as a resource by the National Nursing Home Survey Kentucky Initiative for Quality Nursing Home Standards American Parkinson's Disease Association Iowa Information and Referral Center and Texas Aging Network. Veteran's Today publication calls it: a complete, definitive instruction manual. Elder Home Finders praises it as: a truly definitive consumer's guide with special features, including checklists for elder care and housing options, enhanced with appendices and bibliography. It is recommended by Retirement Resources, and further, Ultimate Health calls it: an exhaustive and authoritative work. All Business, a Dun and Bradstreet Company, recommends it as a resource. As for libraries throughout the U.S., among others, these recommend it as a resource: the Pauline Hass Public Library in Wisconsin, the Pasadena Public Library in California, the City of Evanston Public Library in Illinois, the Burlington Public Library in Massachusetts, and the Downers Grove Public Library in Illinois. The Bellevue University Library recommends it as: a significant book.

Your Original Personal Ad: The Complete Guide to Expressing Your Unique Sentiments to Find Your Dream Person
ISBN: 0962331821

Civetta Press. 1995

Your Original Personal Ad is the definitive book on how to write a personal ad and where to place it in order to find a date or mate.It offers methods on how to evaluate who you are and whom you seek a variety of 100 ads created by the author to suit everyone's tastes an abundance of useful tips on creating your own ad useful phrases/parts of speech to create your own ad warnings of typical mistakes made in writing personal ads samples of bad ads with critique and extensive appendices with useful adjectives, nouns, and verbs to use. Your Original Personal Ad has been featured on hundreds of domestic and foreign web sites.

You Can Be a Columnist: Writing and Selling Your Way to Prestige
ISBN: 0962331813

Civetta Press. 1993

This book will teach you how to identify the type of column you want to write how to come up with column topics regularly how to write your column, (good/bad column samples are included) provide you with painless and enjoyable writing exercises to give you confidence offer you style tips to give you the air of a professional writer and instruct you on how to sell your column to local, regional and national markets on a regular and guest basis. It is highly recommended by Barbara Curtis, Times-Mirror Columnist. Curtis says it launched her career as a newspaper columnist. And, Small Publisher Magazine of West Virginia says: This information is worth a heck of a lot more than $14. Further, this book is recognized and acclaimed worldwide, and is used as a text at universities here and abroad. In fact, The Higher Education Commission in Pakistan even recommends it as a text. Canadian Writer's Journal says: The information is simply and clearly presented, and the friendly, conversational style makes for pleasant reading. Readers can enjoy and learn at the same time, it emphasizes. In fact, if you've got the desire, this book is a road map on how to travel from Square One to syndication, according to California Writers Club. Quite simply, Bruce Taylor of The Clear Writing Institute calls it: a one-of-a-kind book, empowering, making dreams come true for many aspiring writers. This book is also recommended by Career Guidance Services at universities, and as a writer's resource by many public libraries. In addition, it is recommended by associations for the home-based business person, such as The American Home-Based Work Administration. It is cited as a resource in many best-selling books in the writing and business fields and on websites for writers and business people. It is recommended as a resource by dozens of reviewers, including The Canadian Review of Books.

Beginners' Guide to Writing and Selling Quality Features: A Simple Course in Freelancing for Newspapers, Magazines
ISBN: 0962331805

Civetta Press. 1990

A practical guide with journalism basics, cut & dried. Simple, concise, complete explanations on writing articles. Step-by-step realistic selling methods to ensure getting published. Dozens of ideas for articles. Answers to hundreds of beginners' questions. Warnings about common mistakes made. Analysis of good and bad articles. Exercises with answers. Key style rules. Insight into the unique language, form & structure of articles. Helpful anecdotes. Index and appendix with useful resources for getting published. This book is a Writer's Digest Book Club Featured Selection, and is truly a classic in the field for its instruction in simple techniques. This book is recommended as a writer's resource by numerous public libraries, including Pomona Public Library in California. It is recommended by various associations for authors, including Silence Speaks, an international association based in England, and by writer's clubs such as Sacramento Suburban Writers Club. It is also recommended by numerous authors of writing, public relations, and business books, including Dan Poynter in his book, Writing Nonfiction, and Larry Chambers in his book, The Guide to Financial Public Relations. This book appears on many business websites for business people who desire basic writing skills for publication. It is also a great book for people who work in public relations and who need to gain journalism skills in basic feature writing. Anyone can write and get published. You don't need any formal training. This book is useful for people of all walks of life. It's been used as a supplemental text at various universities. It is popular for stay-at-home mothers. The organization, Mothers At Home, says: This is the perfect book for a mother who has always wanted to try her hand at freelance writing. Learn how to use your know-how, education, and life's experiences to become a writer. Dozens of book reviewers have given it favorable reviews, as this book has allowed thousands of writers to grasp the basics of writing for publication and getting published. The author has also spoken to members of Moms in Business Network on writing to get published and she has been interviewed by Progressive Woman. The book covers frequently-asked questions that the author has answered in giving workshops to aspiring writers and in teaching/participating as a panelist at writer's conferences throughout the U.S. The book's author has also been a writer-in-residence at universities.

Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagement Availability (Yes)

I am available to speak at schools and colleges, libraries, and to business and professional groups, non-profit organizations, and women's clubs. For example, I have signed books and given non-fiction writing/poetry workshops and lectures at libraries. I often speak on writing to get published, business communications, and media relations. I have spoken to Kiwanis Clubs on public relations/marketing communications. I have been a workshop leader and panelist at writers' conferences throughout the U.S. and at literary festivals. I have spoken on a variety of topics, such as how to launch a writing career and how to break into freelance writing. I have spoken to chapters of organizations, such as the American Association of University Women and college alumni associations on authorship and also on cultivating creativity. I have also spoken at Lunch and Learn Series at community colleges on the latter topic. I give haiku workshops and lectures at schools and libraries. I can be reached by email at