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General Information

Name:  Scott Jacobs  

Pen Name: Stump Connolly

Genre: Humor And Comedy Memoir Non-Fiction

Audience: Adult;


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Illinois Connection

Jacobs lives in Chicago.

Biographical and Professional Information

Jacobs has been a reporter, filmmaker, political consultant and community activist for 40 years. He started his career as the urban affairs reporter for ''The Chicago Sun-Times'' in 1972, leaving four years later to pursue video journalism. As an independent documentary producer, he co-founded the Center for New Television and Independent Programming Associates. His video documentaries have been seen on PBS and A & E Television and include ''True Life Video Stories'', ''Royko at The Goat'', ''Those Grede Girls'', and ''Saudi Arabia: A Complicated Ally''. Under the pseudonym Stump Connolly, he also brought his humor to the 1996, 2004 and 2008 presidential campaigns in three books: ''STUMP, a Campaign Journal ''; ''Talk's Cheap, Let's Race!''; and ''The Long Slog: A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The White House''.

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Titles At Your Library

STUMP. A Campaign Journal
ISBN: 1887229035

Dead Tree Press. 1998

Stump follows the 1996 presidential campaign trail, the party trail, and the paper trail, lampooning the candidates without regard for political affiliation.

Talk's Cheap, Let's Race!
ISBN: 1879652455

Dead Tree Press. 2007

Before there were bloggers, before there was even an Internet, there was Stump Connolly, chief political correspondent of The Week Behind. His freewheeling campaign coverage of the Bush-Kerry race in 2004 informed, delighted and confounded his Internet fans. As the horses saddle up for another run in 2008, here's Stump's inside line on what it takes to win. Follow along with Stump online in The Week Behind, but read this first.The past is prologue.

The Long Slog: A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The White House
ISBN: 1879652005

Dead Tree Press. 2009

Stump Connolly, chief political correspondent of The Week Behind, is at it again following along the 2008 presidential campaign trail with an irreverent eye toward what makes the politicians tick. Here are first hand accounts along the primary trail, plus the story behind the story of Hillary’s tears, Obama’s rallies, “live bloggers,” the air war vs. the ground game, and the silently-brokered deal that ultimately gave Obama the nomination. Watch Stump make his way through the Democratic and Republican conventions and join him for Obama’s triumphant Election Night rally in Chicago “The candidates run and we run alongside, trying to make sense of what they do and say,” he writes. “We talk to whoever comes across our radar. We read each other voraciously to see what the others have that we do not. We guess. We conjecture on what will happen. And we pontificate on why it didn’t.”

Never Leave Your Block: Adventures in Urban Living
ISBN: 1879652013

Wicker Park Press Ltd. 2012

To some, Chicago is the City of Big Shoulders and Magnificent Miles, but behind the postcards are blue-collar neighborhoods that are the beating heart of the city. Never Leave Your Block takes you into Chicago's Bucktown and nearby environs to meet the people whose strength, resilience and character are the very bedrock of Chicago. Here in the old stomping ground of Nelson Algren, Saul Bellow and Mike Royko, Scott Jacobs explores what happens when gentrification comes to a modern city. What institutions endure? Who survives? And how does a diverse community come together to keep the fabric of a city strong? Follow along with Jacobs as he wanders an inner city park reclaimed after decades of gang violence. Join the Bucktown Seniors on a field trip to Horseshoe Heaven. Meet Hector and Joe, once partners now neighbors and rivals in the haircut trade. Spend a season with the teams in the Holstein Park adult basketball league. Shop the bottled water aisle at Dominicks. Eat breakfast at Whole Foods. Kibitz with the young mothers at Moms & Tots . . . but don't forget to shovel the sidewalk. Your neighbors are watching. In this intimate portrait of his neighbors, Jacobs weaves his own experiences raising a young son into a bright, funny look at how urban communities like Bucktown are shaping the future of Americas cities.

Famous Ski Hills in Wisconsin: (And Other Delusions of Grandeur)
ISBN: 1879652188

Dead Tree Press. 2014

It's a short list--the famous ski hills of Wisconsin--that teaches one of life's great lessons: things aren't always what they are cracked up to be. In this collection of humorous essays, Scott Jacobs explores a boyhood of idyllic pastimes and the questions it led to later in life. Why is Budweiser beechwood aged? Is Black Friday a scam? And where have all the waysides gone? Here is proof positive that Wisconsin isn't a state, it's a state of mind and gentle good humor is the coin of the realm.

"A delightful mix of funny and affectionate tales . . . Jacobs makes junk shops, college cheers, little league baseball and, yes, even ski hills as fresh and inviting as Peshtigo after a new snow." -- Elizabeth Station, author of Casseroles

"A born storyteller . . . How going to the grocery store can captivate a reader for more than a few pages is a testament to Jacobs ability to write what he knows and write it well." -- Alisa Hauser, Chicago Pipeline

"In this pleasureful book, Jacobs shows us the evolution of a boy, a time, an era. Excellent writing, wonderful tales, his basic recipe includes his own crazy humor, a dab of poignance, some absurdity, and the deepest colors of his past. . . . tantalizing-stuff that makes readers laugh and tear a bit, a combination that elevates his stories to the read-em-again kind." -- Bill Janz, former columnist, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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