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Name:  Susan Coppula  

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Audience: Adult;

Born: 1952

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When last contacted Susan Coppula lived in Rock Island, Illinois.

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ISBN: 0449004562

Fawcett Books. 0

The Bishop's Daughter
ISBN: 0449216934

Fawcett. 1990

Lovely and reserved Kate Towers battles with conflicting emotions when Lord Harry Arundel, whose marriage proposal she had refused before he left to fight Napoleon's army, turns up alive at his own funeral

The Valentine's Day Ball (Regency Romance)
ISBN: 0449222101

Fawcett. 1993

Ten years after Maria had left Sir Jared Branden standing at the altar, he reenters her life, just when she is in the process of helping a young miss escape the clutches of a horrid betrothal. Original.

Painted Veil
ISBN: 0449149625

Ivy Books. 1995

"My intentions toward you are quite dishonorable. The only promise I make is that there will be a great deal of pleasure for both of us...."
It was a dangerous time in London, as a murderous scoundrel called the Hook terrified rich and poor alike with his dastardly conquests. It was certainly not safe for Anne Fairhaven to walk darkened streets, even with a loaded pistol in her purse.
But desperation made one do reckless things. Anne's young daughter had been stolen from her in a vicious act of vengeance. And with a mother's unyielding love, she vowed to reclaim her child.
Such dire need forced her back into the glittering society she hated. She was willing to risk her life and even dance with the devil himself--the Marquis Mandell, a callous, cynical libertine with night-dark eyes and full warm lips that could tempt an angel to sin.
Though playing the hero was rare for a man cast in a villain's role, Anne stirred something in him that he believed lost long ago. As intrigue and peril lay devious traps, two lost souls discover that somewhere between heaven and hell, there is love....

The Bride Finder (St. Leger)
ISBN: 0449003884

Fawcett Books. 1999

Chosen by the Bride Finder, a man blessed with amazing insight, Madeline Breton has come to Cornwall to meet her new husband, the enigmatic Anatole St. Leger. But her dream of happiness soon diffuses in his overpowering shadow. Anatole knows only too well the legacies that to him have been more curses than gifts. But as Madeline embarks on an odyssey both otherworldly and undeniably real, she and her husband fall hopelessly in love--until she sees a haunting vision of murder and a terrifying enemy emerges to threaten both their lives. . . .

The Night Drifter: A Novel (St. Leger)
ISBN: 0449005852

Ivy Books. 2000

The eldest son and heir to Castle Leger, Lance St. Leger is plagued by an infernal restlessness that cannot be appeased, perhaps because the family legacy of strange powers is most pronounced in Lance's own dubious gift. He calls it night drifting--his ability to spirit into the night while his body remains behind. And it is on one wild night that he finds Rosalind, a young, sheltered widow who mistakes Lance's "drifting" soul for the ghost of Sir Lancelot. Lance teases and tempts her, fills her with a yearning her chivalrous phantom knight cannot satisfy. But in this place imbued with both true love and otherworldly magic, a new dire portent vows to come full circle. As a murderous enemy challenges the St. Leger power, Rosalind must tempt magic herself to save her beloved from the cold depths of eternal damnation.

Midnight Bride
ISBN: 0345433971

Ballantine Books. 2001

In her award-winning historical novel The Bride Finder, bestselling author Susan Carroll bewitched readers with the legend of the St. Leger men--the descendants of a medieval sorcerer haunted by an unnatural past. Now Carroll once again conjures the unforgettable castle by the sea--a place where love is as mysterious and invincible as the family legacy. . . .

Valentine St. Leger is a healer with a wounded heart. Born with the amazing gift to eliminate the suffering of others by taking their pain into his own body, Val's gentle hands cannot change a tormenting truth: he will never marry. According to history, should he defy his destiny and wed, his unfortunate bride would be doomed to an early death. Though he aches for the one woman who knows all his secrets, he cannot return her passion. Until a night of magic transforms Val into a different man, a man with desires he can no longer resist.

Kate Fitzleger has loved Val almost her entire life and is not about to let a foolish superstition ruin her chance for happiness. Venturing into a forbidden room of the St. Leger castle to steal an ancient book of sorcery, she desperately hopes to find a powerful love potion. On All Hallow's Eve, when the spirits of good and evil mingle upon the earth, Kate tempts fate with an unholy spell that goes awry.

When Val awakens, he has no memory of the bizarre events that have changed him--the visit from an old enemy or the return of a lost heirloom that has altered his soul. All he knows is that life is for the living . . . and his fair Kate is ripe for seduction. He will tempt heaven and hell to have her--even if it means he could lose her forever.

Brimming with enchanting characters and stunning atmosphere, Valentine's Bride is a romantic masterpiece that will hold your imagination captive and provide a glimpse of a timeless world found only in dreams or the most treasured love stories.


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