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Name:  Michael Fain  

Pen Name: Judith Michael - when writing with his wife, Judith Barnard.


Audience: Adult;

Born: 1937 in Chicago, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Fain was born in Chicago and currently splits his time between Chicago and Aspen, Colorado.

Biographical and Professional Information

Fain has worked as an engineer for NASA, was president of an electronics company in Canada, and published numerous scientific articles under his own name. He writes with his wife, Judith Barnard under the pen name Judith Michael. Jointly, under their two names, Barnard and Fain published articles on marriage and the family in Redbook, Readers' Digest, Ladies Home Journal, among others.

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Ann Garnett er skilsmisseadvokat i Los Angeles. Hun lever alene, slipper ingen mann inn i sitt liv og har ingen kontakt med familien. Men når hennes elskede bestefar dør, dukker hun opp i begravelsen. Hun blir trukket inn i et skjebnedrama fyllt av lidenskap, hevn og fortidens skygger. Hun blir konfrontert med Vince Chatham, mannen som kjenner hennes hemmelighet, og sommest av alt frykter at Ann skal avsløre ham og ødelegge hans strålende politiske karriere. Chatham er desperat og slu og skyr ingen midler for å bringe henne til taushet.

Pot of gold :
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In this sensational new novel, Judith Michael takes one of our most universal fantasies and spins it into glorious, spellbinding reality. Claire Goddard is thirty-four years old, of modest means and looks. She has raised her teenage daughter, Emma, by herself, working as a designer, but without the confidence or means to fully realize her talent. Her only indulgence, once a week, is buying a lottery ticket. Then, one week, she wins sixty million dollars. Overnight everything changes. She quits her job, indulges in the shopping spree of a lifetime - new house, new clothes, new car, new hairstyle and makeup - and then treats herself and Emma to a celebratory cruise in Alaska. There they meet Quentin and Brix Eiger. Handsome, glamorous, a wealthy entrepreneur, Quentin sweeps Claire into his fast-lane fashionable world, while his temperamental son, Brix, engages Emma in her first love affair.

Private affairs /
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Honor, love and corruption provide the themes for the new novel by the husband/wife team who wrote the popular Deceptions and Possessions. On their wedding day, Elizabeth and Matt Lovell are forced to "temporarily" shelve their bright dreams of a future in journalism and take over a family business in Santa Fe. Sixteen years later, with two teenagers and a house to support, the Lovells gamble their assets on revitalizing a failing weekly paper. Elizabeth pours her considerable talent into writing a column, "Private Affairs," but Matt's seething ambition is stymied until Keegan Rourke, a wealthy businessman, gives him the helm of a multimillion dollar newspaper chain. Reveling in the view at the top, Matt refuses to see that his integrity is threatened by Rourke's control of the political agenda, and Elizabeth's outspoken distaste for Rourke drives a wedge between them. As his wife's fame snowballs (her column now has national syndication) Matt succumbs to a fast-lane lifestyle, and their relationship crumbles. Curiously flat descriptions of the good life and padded dialogue slow the action, though glitz-and-greed fans may find enough to interest them as the scenes shift from Santa Fe to Houston, L.A. and the ubiquitous hot tubs of Aspen.

Sleeping beauty /
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Back in her hometown for her grandfather's funeral, high-powered divorce lawyer Anne Garnett resolves a conflict with her Uncle Vincent begun twenty-four years earlier when both vied for control of the family empire.

Stephanie og Sabrina
ISBN: 8259016184. OCLC Number: 1028359206

Hjemmet. .

Nilsen. Orig.tit.: A tangled web. ISBN 82-590-1618-4 Tvillingene Sabrina og Stephanie er begge litt lei livet de lever, de bestemmer seg for å bytte identitet i en uke. Men det som begynner som en spøk utvikler seg snart til en tragedie. Spenningsroman.

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. .

This is the ultimate Broadway fake book :
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