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General Information

Name:  Gus G. Russo  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Non-Fiction

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1950 in Baltimore, Maryland

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Illinois Connection

Russo has written books about the Chicago Outfit and mob lawyer Sidney Korshak - both Illinois' subjects of interest.

Biographical and Professional Information

Gus Russo is an investigative reporter, author of non-fiction books, and writer and/or producer of many national and international documentaries for major networks. Three of his books have been optioned for films. His book about the Chicago Mob, ''The Outfit'', was a Pulitzer nominee. Please Note: Since Mr. Russo has not lived in Illinois, the only books of his listed in the Illinois Authors Wiki are ''The Outfit'' and ''Supermob'' as they are his only books written about an Illinois subject of interest. You can go to [ his Amazon page] to find his other books.

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Titles At Your Library

The Outfit
ISBN: 1582342792

Bloomsbury USA. 2003

The never-before-told story of the great Chicago crime family called The Outfit.

It is a common misperception that all the true-life organized crime stories have been written. Yet perhaps the most compelling gangster tale is one that has been, until now, too well-hidden. This is the story of the Outfit: the secretive organized crime cartel that began its reign in prohibition-era Chicago before becoming the real puppet master of Hollywood, Las Vegas, and Washington D.C.

The Outfit recounts the adventures and exploits of its bosses, Tony 'Joe Batters' Accardo (the real Godfather), Murray 'The Camel' or 'Curly' Humphreys (one of the greatest political fixers and union organizers this country has ever known), Paul 'The Waiter' Ricca, and Johnny Rosselli (the liaison between the shadowy world and the outside world). Their invisibility was their strength, and what kept their leader from ever spending a single night in jail. The Outfit bosses were the epitome of style and grace, moving effortlessly among national political figures and Hollywood studio heads-until their world started to crumble in the 1970s.

With extensive research including recently released FBI files, the Chicago Crime files of entertainer Steve Allen, first-ever access to the voluminous working papers of the Kefauver Committee, original interviews with the members of the Fourth Estate who pursued the Outfit for forty years, and exclusive access to the journals of Humphrey's widow, veteran journalist Gus Russo uncovers sixty years of corruption and influence, and examines the shadow history of the United States.

Supermob: How Sidney Korshak and His Criminal Associates Became America's Hidden Power Brokers
ISBN: 1596912111

Bloomsbury USA. 2007

The widely praised and meticulously researched book that reveals the story of how, for fifty years, superlawyer Sidney Korshak and the nefarious Chicago Outfit pulled the strings of American business, politics, and society.

Investigative reporter Gus Russo returns with his most explosive book yet, the remarkable story of the "Supermob"―a cadre of men who, over the course of decades, secretly influenced nearly every aspect of American society. Presenting startling, never-before-seen revelations about such famous members as Jules Stein, Joe Glaser, Ronald Reagan, Lew Wasserman, and John Jacob Factor―as well as infamous, low-profile members―Russo pulls the lid off of a half-century of criminal infiltration into American business, politics, and society. At the heart of it all is Sidney "The Fixer" Korshak, who from the 1940s until his death in the 1990s was not only the most powerful lawyer in the world, according to the FBI, but the enigmatic player behind countless twentieth century power mergers, political deals, and organized crime chicaneries.

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