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Name:  John K Wilson  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Non-Fiction Other

Audience: Adult;


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Illinois Connection

John Wilson lives in Chicago, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

John Wilson is the founder of the Institute for College Freedom.

Speaking Engagements

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Selected Titles At Your Library

Barack Obama :
ISBN: 1594514763. OCLC Number: 174112694

Paradigm,. .

Explores the ideas that Illinois senator Barack Obama has about race, religion, and politics and discusses how he has been received as a presidential candidate by the far right, the far left, the media, and everyday Americans.

How the left can win arguments and influence people :
ISBN: 0814793622. OCLC Number: 55638554

New York University Press,. .

If we were to rely on what the pundits and politicians tell us, we would have to conclude that America is a deeply conservative nation. Americans, we hear constantly, detest government, demand lower taxes and the end of welfare, and favor the death penalty, prayer in school, and an absolute faith in the free market. And yet Americans believe deeply in progressive ideas. In fact, progressivism has long been a powerful force in the American psyche. Consider that a mere generation ago the struggle for environmentally sound policies, for women's rights, and for racial equality were fringe movement.

Patriotic Correctness :
ISBN: 9781315632995. OCLC Number: 932339809

Taylor and Francis,. .

Patriotic correctness :
ISBN: 1594511942. OCLC Number: 123284718

Paradigm Publishers,. .

President Barack Obama :
ISBN: 9781594514777. OCLC Number: 320192482

Paradigm Publishers,. .

President Barack Obama :
ISBN: 9781317263425. OCLC Number: 934433088

. .

The most dangerous man in America :
ISBN: 9781441779281. OCLC Number: 662601723

Blackstone Audio, Inc.,. .

With almost twenty million listeners on more than six hundred stations, Rush Limbaugh is the leading and most dangerous figure in the conservative movement today. John K. Wilson uses the most effective strategy of all--Rush's own words--to show how Limbaugh's flagrant disregard for the truth and penchant for savage personal attacks laced with racist, sexist, and homophobic slurs have held the political arena hostage. Limbaugh's machine has become so powerful that even Republicans dare not question his conclusions, while liberal shows are forced to engage with him, providing a forum for his venomous agenda.

The most dangerous man in America :
ISBN: 0312612141. OCLC Number: 651912565

Thomas Dunne Books,. .

A critical assessment of the conservative political radio host's ideologies demonstrates how Limbaugh's controversial stances on race and other civil issues are dangerously influencing politics.

The myth of political correctness :
ISBN: 9780822378570. OCLC Number: 603994737

Duke University Press,. .

The myth of political correctness :
ISBN: 0822317133. OCLC Number: 32625496

Duke University Press,. .