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General Information

Name:  Lyle Bidner  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Non-Fiction

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1922 in Mansfield, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Lyle Bidner lived and worked in Illinois his entire life.

Biographical and Professional Information

The late Lyle Bidner wrote four books after the age of 80. Bidner suceeded in virtually everything he attempted. He was a grain farmer, and raised prize-winning hogs. And all of his life he explored his religion, especially after his wife died from an extended illness. Souls is part religious thought, part observation, mixed with his experience.

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Heaven on Earth
ISBN: 1604941367

Wheatmark. 2008

When God called Mary Jane Bidner back to him, her husband and soul mate Lyle began to feel a divine force pushing him. Lyle, through Mary Jane and God, has been urged to tell stories about their life.

These writings of faith, devotion, and very large pigs are the result of one manĀ's love for his wife, his family, and his God. They show that through belief in God and striving to be a good person, Lyle Bidner has found heaven on Earth.

Without faith, these stories would not have flowed through him to share with the world.

Holy War
ISBN: 1604942096

Wheatmark. 2009

When Mary Jane Bidner passed away, her soul was forced into the mind of her husband, Lyle Bidner. Guiding his hand, Mary Jane's and Christ's souls work through Bidner to share Christianity with the world and explain the current holy war we face here on Earth.

Jesus is not coming back. He never left. Although his body perished on the cross, his soul, the Holy Spirit which is God, was released into the world forever. If you live life on Earth as in Heaven, you, too, will see Christ's work and will better understand how guiding angels and the soul of Christ are changing the world for the better, as is shown by the election of Barack Obama.

Christ, who is God, is not for war. It is the devil that brings the violent act of war. In Holy War, Bidner shows how God is against war and how battling the devil with the teachings of Christ is the only way to combat evil.

This is Bidner's second book. His first book, Heaven on Earth, is also a work mastered by himself and his guiding angels.

God, Good
ISBN: 160494272X

Wheatmark. 2009

This is third and last edition of the books written by God and co-prophets Mary Jane and Lyle Bidner. It is written for the entire world, including Muslims. The other two books are Heaven on Earth and Holy War. God, Good tells how a good person who leads a good life, even if he is not a Christian, is already living in heaven here on earth. When a good person dies, God will take his soul and put it into the mind of another good person, to help win the war against the devil.

ISBN: 1932278338

Mayhaven Publishing, Inc.. 2011

It might be said that most of us have experienced, at one time or another, the nearly tangible influence of a loved one no longer with us even if we dare not speak of it. Lyle Bidner was not hesitant to speak about such experiences....Souls reflects the author's spiritual views and his belief that the souls of others are ever with us.