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Name:  Zach Parsons  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fantasy Fiction Horror Humor Non-Fiction Science Fiction

Audience: Adult;


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Illinois Connection

Zach is a Chicago based author.

Biographical and Professional Information

Parsons has been an editor at the satirical online comedy magazine ''Something Awful'', producing both comedy and serial fiction aimed broadly at 16 - 34 year old males.

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Titles At Your Library

My Tank Is Fight!
ISBN: 0806527587

Citadel. 2006

Soldiers that fly!
Tanks that fly!
Cruisers that . . . sink!

What Fight Have Been

My Tank Is Fight! contains a humorous and exciting examination of twenty real inventions from World War II that never saw the light of day. Each entry includes full technical details, a complete development history, in-depth analysis, and a riveting fictionalized account of the invention's success or failure on the battlefield. Lavish color artwork and technical illustrations are falling from the pages of this book like toenails from a trench foot.

Dive under the Atlantic in the turreted U-Cruiser, or rule its surface from an aircraft carrier made out of ice. Shred bomber formations in a high-performance flying wing fighter and then rocket to your untimely end from the cockpit of your very own suicide missile. We've got a pair of German armored land vehicles for you that are so large they had to be powered by naval engines!

My Tank Is Fight! delivers the thrilling action of the Second World War as it might have been with a touch of humor and a lack of class. Only the slow-witted are reading this anywhere other than in line at the cash register. Ask an adult to help you if you're still not sure you want to buy the book.

Your Next-Door Neighbor is a Dragon
ISBN: 0806527595

Citadel. 2009

Finally, a book about the Internet that takes place outside the Internet!

Your Next-Door Neighbor is a Dragon leaves the bleeps and bloops behind for a series of surreal interviews and adventures with the people behind the computer screen.

Something Awful's Zack Parsons risks life and sanity by meeting with people who believe they are real dragons and elves, attending a furry convention in costume, paying a visit to a white power group in Texas, talking shop with people who want to be swallowed whole, and witnessing the launching of the Ron Paul Blimp.

More than a year in the making, this epic adventure is full to bursting with the jokes about wieners and poopy that made Something Awful a true Internet sensation. Have you added the book to your cart yet or do you just hate yourself that much?

Liminal States
ISBN: 0806533641

Citadel. 2012

The debut novel from Zack Parsons (My Tank is Fight!) is a mind-bending journey through time and genres. Beginning in 1874, with a blood-soaked western story of revenge, Liminal States follows a trio of characters through a 1950s noir detective story and 21st-century sci-fi horror. Their paths are tragically intertwined and their choices have far-reaching consequences for the course of American history.

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