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General Information

Name:  Will Leitch  

Pen Name: J. More

Genre: Fiction Non-Fiction

Born: October 10, 1975 in Mattoon, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

He was born in Mattoon, Illinois and graduated from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign.

Biographical and Professional Information

Will Leitch is a writer and editor. He was the founding editor for Dead Spin, 2005-2008. He is a contributor to periodicals - ''Slate'', '''', ''Playboy'', '''', ''St. Louis Post-Dispatch'', ''New York'' magazine and the ''New York Times''. He is also contributing editor for ''New York'' magazine.

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Titles At Your Library

ISBN: 1595140697

Razorbill. 2005

Everything comes easy for Tim Temples. He’s got a sweet summer job, lots of love from the ladies, and parties with his high school buddies. Why does he need to go to college?

Then Tim falls hard for Helena—a worldly and mysterious twenty-two year-old. Their relationship opens his eyes to life outside the small town of Mattoon, Illinois. Now Tim has to choose: Will he settle for being a small town hero, or will he leave it all behind to follow his dreams?

The Anti-Valentine's Handbook
ISBN: 1595140492

Razorbill. 2005

For those sick of Valentine's Day, the companion book to Flirtology will help lovelorn readers laugh their way through the most brutal of holidays. Original.

God Save the Fan: How Steroid Hypocrites, Soul-Sucking Suits, and a Worldwide Leader Not Named Bush Have Taken the Fun Out of Sports
ISBN: 0061351792

It Books. 2009

Arch and unrepentant, Will Leitch, founding editor of, is the mouthpiece for all the frustrated fans who just want their games back from big money, bloated egos, and blathering sportscasters. Always a fan first and a sportswriter second, Leitch considers the perfection of fantasy leagues and the meaninglessness of the steroids debate as he exposes Olympic fetishes, parses Shaq's rap attack on Kobe, shares a brew with John Rocker and his surprising girlfriend, and reveals what ESPN and the beer companies really think about you. If you or a fan you love is suffering from a sense of listless dissatisfaction brought on by the leagues and networks, God Save the Fan is your new manifesto.

Life As a Loser
ISBN: 0974627003

Arriviste Press, Inc.. 2005

Every company he works for goes bankrupt within a month. His landlord just kicked him out. His parents think he's a failure. He can barely scrape up enough pennies to take the subway. Oh, and he's still dealing with his fiance leaving him on national TV.

Welcome to the world of Will Leitch.

In this hilarious, poignant collection of his award-winning Internet columns (with all new material), Leitch takes us on journey from small-town Illinois to the madness of Manhattan and back again.

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