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Name:  Virginia Ruth Rackley  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Adult; Young Adult; Children;

Born: 1925 in Coles County, Illinois

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Ten Sisters : A True Story
ISBN: 1878044818

Mayhaven Publishing, Inc.. 1999

5rd printing of this book. First two editions were in hardcover (1997). This is the fifth edition of the book in softcover. But life was no paradise and in 1942, while their two older brothers served in World War II, the courts separated the sisters in a brief legal proceedings in Coles County Courthouse, Charleston, Illinois. Two were adopted, one went to live with grandparents, five were sent to an orphanage and the others worked for families and organizations. It took fifty years to heal the wounds caused on that winter day in 42 and for the sisters to build a new relationship. This book is sad. It is also funny. It has been highly praised for its unique approach to an all too familiar tale. Each sister wrote her own chapter.

Ten Little Sisters
ISBN: 1878044389

Mayhaven Pub. 2002

Based on the non-fiction book, Ten Sisters, this children's Illustrated book is both entertaining and factual and deal with the girls until they were separated in 1942.



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