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General Information

Name:  Lloyd Wendt  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction Non-Fiction

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1908 in Spencer, South Dakota

Died: 2007 in Sanford, Florida

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Illinois Connection

Wendt lived in Chicago.

Biographical and Professional Information

Lloyd Wendt was a long time Chicago journalist and the author of a number of books. He earned a bachelor's and master's degrees in journalism from Northwestern University before starting at the Tribune. He had been a Chicago Tribune reporter and editor for more than 40 years, chronicled the city's most colorful politicians and venerable institutions in a shelf-full of books that are required reading for anyone interested in the city's history. While gaining an enviable reputation as a reporter and editor at the Tribune and its sister papers, Chicago's American and Chicago Today, Wendt worked nights and weekends to rap out a steady stream of books, many written with follow newspaperman Herman Kogan.

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Titles At Your Library

Lords of the Levee: The Story of Bathhouse John and Hinky Dink
ISBN: 0810123207

Northwestern University Press. 2005

In the early twentieth century, John Coughlin and Mike Kenna ruled Chicago's First Ward, the lucrative lakefront territory and nerve center of the city. It was one of the most infamous havens for vice in the entire country, home to gambling palaces with marble floors and mahogany bars, to a mini-city of thugs and prostitutes and down-and-outers, to dives and saloons of every description and a few beyond description. In short, the First was a gold mine. In a city where money talked, it made boisterous Bathhouse John and the laconic Hinky Dink Kenna the most powerful men in town. This classic of Chicago-style journalism traces the careers of these two operators as they rose to the top of the city's political world.

Give the Lady What She Wants: The Story of Marshall Field & Company
ISBN: 0897080203

And Books. 1997

Book by Lloyd Wendt, Herman Kogan

Big Bill of Chicago
ISBN: 0810123193

Northwestern University Press. 2005

Winner of 2006 Illinois State Historical Society Book Award-Certificate of Excellence

To some he was a humanitarian and builder. Others scorned him as a fake and friend of gangsters with "the carcass of a rhinoceros and the brain of a baboon." This rollicking history traces the rise of William Hale "Big Bill" Thompson, Chicago's famous reform mayor, from his upper class roots to his years as a teenaged cowboy, from his fame as a star athlete to the years as a master politician in a world where the ward boss ruled and whiskey for the voters cost a quarter a shot. Big Bill of Chicago profiles the whole brawling arena of city politics from the turn of the century to the Prohibition Era. It is a primer in the way American politics worked-and works-and a map along the countless winding ways even the dirtiest deal can lead to something great.