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General Information

Name:  Paul Simon  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Adult;

Born: November 29, 1928 in Eugene, Oregon

Died: December 9, 2003 in Springfield, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Paul M. Simon lived in Springfield, Makanda and Troy, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Paul M. Simon was an American politician from Illinois. He was a democrat and served in the United States House of Representatives from 1975 to 1985. He is best known as the United States Senator for Illinois from 1985 to 1997. He was a former newspaper man and Illinois Lietuenant Governor. Simon was an unsuccessful candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1988. During the campaign, he briefly captured the national attention and was considered a major candidate. This led to an appearance on the popular television show ''Saturday Night Live'', co-hosting with celebrated singer Paul Simon.After his retirement from politics, he continued to play a role in public life by writing books, and through the Southern Illinois University Public Policy Institute. He founded the Public Policy Institute at Southern Illinois University in Carbondal ein 1997 and served as director. There, he taught classes on politics, history and journalism. The SIU Public Policy Institute was named for him after his death - The Paul Simon Public Policy Institute.Simon was a prolific author. He came to national prominence in the 1960s, due in part to his well-researched book, ''Lincoln's Preparation for Greatness: The Illinois Legislative Years''. Despite being published 100 years after Abraham Lincoln's death, it was the first book to exhaustively cite original source documents from Lincoln's eight years in the General Assembly. He later went on to write more than 20 books on a wide range of topics, including interfaith marriages (he was a Lutheran and his wife, Jeanne, was a Catholic), global water shortages, United States Supreme Court nomination battles that focused heavily on his personal experiences with Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas (he was on the Senate Judiciary Committee during these hearings), his autobiography, and even a well-received book on slain Illinois preacher Elijah Lovejoy. His last book, ''Our Culture of Pandering'', was published in October 2003.Simon was noted for his distinctive professorial appearance that included a bow-tie and heavy-rimmed glasses.

Published Works

  • Lovejoy: Martyr to Freedom, Concordia, 1964
  • Lincoln's Preparation for Greatness, University of Illinois Press 1965 - reprinted in 1971 and 1989
  • The Christian Encounters a Hungry World, Concordia, 1966
  • Protestant-Catholic Marriages Can Succeed, Association Press, 1967 - with Jeanne Hurley Simon
  • The Ombudsman in Illinois, An Experiment in Government, Springfield, 1970
  • You Want to Change the World, So Change It, Thomas Nelson, 1971
  • The Politics of World Hunger, Grass-Roots Politics and World Poverty, Harper Magazine Press, 1973 - with Arthur Simon
  • The Tongue Tied American, Confronting the Foreign Language Crisis, Continuum, 1980 - reprinted in 1988
  • The Once and Future Democrats, Strategies for Change, Continuum, 1982
  • The Glass House, Politics and Morality in the Nation`s Capital, Continuum, 1984
  • Beginnings, Senator Paul Simon Speaks to Young Americans, Continuum, 1986
  • Let`s Put America Back to Work, Bonus Books, 1987
  • Winners and Losers, The 1988 Race for the Presidency, One Candidate`s Perspective, Continuum, 1989
  • Advice and Consent, Clarence Thomas, Robert Bork, and the Intriguing History of the Supreme Court`s Nomination Battles, National Press Books, 1992
  • Advice and Consent, 1992
  • We Can Do Better, National Press Books, 1994
  • Freedom's Champion: Elijah Lovejoy, Southern Illinois University Press, 1995
  • The Dollar Crisis, Summit Publishing Group, 1996 - with Ross Perot
  • Tapped Out: The Coming World Crisis in Water and What We Can Do About It, 1998
  • P.S.: The Autobiography of Paul Simon, Bonus Books, 1998
  • How to Get into Politics - and Why, 2000 - with Michael Dukakis
  • Healing America, Orbis Books, 2003
  • Our Culture of Pandering, Southern Illinois University Press, 2003
  • Fifty-two Simple Ways to Make a Difference, Augsburg Fortress Publishers, 2004

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Freedom's champion--Elijah Lovejoy /
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"In this revised edition of his earlier biography, Paul Simon provides an inspiring account of the life and work of Elijah Lovejoy, an avid abolitionist in the 1830s and the first martyr to freedom of the press in the United States."--Jacket.

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"Paul Simon, former U.S. Senator from Illinois, widens a national debate. September 11th, 2001 changed everything: we are beginning to realize what happens to one of us happens to all of us. And we are beginning to understand that what happens to others in foreign lands also happens to us. Mr. Simon calls for a new way of thinking, and challenges us to new priorities, a renewing of the best American values."

Our culture of pandering /
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"In Our Culture of Pandering, former U.S. Senator Paul Simon interrogates the arenas of politics, media, religion, and education to decry the compromising practices that confuse public service with profit making and popularity as he calls needed attention to leadership failures that undercut the best interests of the nation to appease a powerful elite."

Fifty-two simple ways to make a difference /
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In his book presented for publication just weeks before his unexpected death, Paul Simon issues a simple but profound invitation to public service and servant-like living.