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Name:  Kathlyn Gay  

Pen Name: None


Born: 1930 in Zion, Illinois

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Gay was born and raised in Zion, Illinois. She graduated from Northern Illinois University.

Biographical and Professional Information

With more than one hundred books to her credit, Kathlyn Gay has established herself as a prolific writer of nonfiction information books for teens and juvenile readers.

Published Works

  • Caretakers of the Earth, Enslow Publishers, 1993
  • The Right to Die, Public Controversy, Private Matter, Millbrook, 1993
  • Getting Your Message Across, Silver Burdett/Macmillan, 1993
  • Breast Implants, Making Safe Choices, Silver Burdett/Macmillan, 1993
  • Pregnancy, Private Decisions, Public Debates, F. Watts, 1994
  • Rainforests of the World, Clio Press, 1994
  • The New Power of Women in Politics, Enslow Publishers, 1994
  • Pollution and the Powerless, F. Watts, 1994
  • I Am Who I Am, Speaking Out About Multiracial Identity, F. Watts, 1995
  • Keeping the Buttered Side Up, Food Superstitions from Around the World, Walker, 1995
  • Child Labor: A Global Crisis, Millbrook Press, 1998
  • Leaving Cuba: From Operation Pedro Pan to Elian, Twenty-First Century Books, 2000
  • (With Christine Whittington) Body Marks: Tattooing, Piercing, and Scarification, Millbrook Press, 2002
  • (With Sean McGarrahan) Epilepsy: The Ultimate Teen Guide, Scarecrow Press, 2002
  • The Encyclopedia of Women's Health Issues, Oryx Press, 2002
  • Eating Disorders: Anorexia, Bulimia, and Binge Eating, Enslow, 2003
  • Abortion: Understanding the Debate, Enslow, 2004
  • Volunteering: The Ultimate Teen Guide, Scarecrow Press, 2004
  • Religion and Spirituality in America: The Ultimate Teen Guide, Scarecrow Press, 2006
  • Am I Fat? The Obesity Issue for Teens, Enslow Publishers, 2006
  • Military and Teens: The Ultimate Teen Guide, Scarecrow Press, 2008
  • Mao Zedong's China, Twenty-First Century Books, 2008
  • Aftermath of the Chinese Nationalist Revolution, Twenty-First Century Books, 2008
  • Aftermath of the Russian Revolution, Twenty-First Century Books/Lerner, 2009
  • The Scoop on What to Eat: What You Should Know about Diet and Nutrition, Enslow, 2009

Selected Titles At Your Library

Caretakers of the earth /
ISBN: 0894903977. OCLC Number:

Enslow Publishers,. Hillside, NJ, U.S.A. :. ©1993.

Describes various ways both individuals and groups can get involved in helping protect the environment both locally and globally.

Breast implants :
ISBN: 0027379558. OCLC Number:

New Discovery Books ;. New York :. ©1993.

Discusses the benefits, risks, and legal aspects of breast implants.

Pregnancy :
ISBN: 0531111679. OCLC Number:

Franklin Watts,. New York :. ©1994.

"Controversies examined include abortion; fetal personhood; the impact of medical technology on individuals' choices; and the social mores affecting attitudes toward reproduction, surrogacy, and employment policies. The book concludes with a statement of some global reproductive concerns." SLJ.

Rainforests of the world :
ISBN: 1576074242. OCLC Number:

ABC-CLIO,. Santa Barbara, Calif. :. 2001.

"Provides answers to some of the most basic questions about the world's disappearing rain forests. Examines reasons for the forests' destruction, how it affects the indigenous animal and plant life, as well as the entire planet."

The new power of women in politics /
ISBN: 0894905848. OCLC Number:

Enslow Publishers,. Hillside, N.J., U.S.A. :. ©1994.

Recounts the history of political activity by women in the United States from the beginning of the suffrage movement to the present.

Pollution and the powerless :
ISBN: 0531111903. OCLC Number:

F. Watts,. New York :. ©1994.

I am who I am :
ISBN: 0531112144. OCLC Number:

F. Watts,. New York :. ©1995.

Child labor :
ISBN: 0761303685. OCLC Number:

Millbrook,. Brookfield, Conn. :. ©1998.

Examines child-labor practices throughout the world within a historical context and discusses ways of dealing with the problem.

Leaving Cuba :
ISBN: 0761314660. OCLC Number:

Twenty-First Century Books,. Brookfield, Conn. :. ©2000.

Considers the various ways children have escaped from Communist Cuba and found refuge in the United States through different plans set up to help them, from the early 1960s to today.

Body marks :
ISBN: 0761317422. OCLC Number:

Millbrook Press,. Brookfield, CT :. ©2002.

Discusses the history of various forms of body marking, current popularity of body piercing and tattoos, how and why these are done, and some things to think about before choosing to be pierced or tattooed.

Epilepsy :
ISBN: 0810858355. OCLC Number:

Scarecrow Press, Inc.,. Lanham, Md. :. 2007.

Discusses the myths and facts of epilepsy, including offering medical information, advice on how to deal with the disease, and candid stories from teens living with epilepsy.

Encyclopedia of women's health issues /
ISBN: 157356303x. OCLC Number:

Oryx Press,. Westport, CT :. 2002.

Eating disorders :
ISBN: 0766018946. OCLC Number:

Enslow Publishers,. Berkeley Heights, NJ, USA :. ©2003.

Explores the symptoms and history of anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating. Addresses the social factors that may contribute to these disorders and presents the treatment options available today.

Abortion :
ISBN: 0766021629. OCLC Number:

Enslow Publishers,. Berkeley Heights, NJ :. ©2004.

An overview of the issues surrounding the debate over whether abortion should be permitted by law, and under what circumstances. Unplanned pregnancy causes dilemmas for many women and their families. Induced abortion -- the deliberate ending of a pregnancy -- is a controversial choice. In Abortion: Understanding the Debate, author Kathlyn Gay addresses this topic in a balanced fashion. She explains the history of the procedure as well as the laws and court cases regarding abortion. Gay presents the different viewpoints evenhandedly, explaining the positions of those who describe themselves as pro-life as well as those who use the term pro-choice, and she explores the possibility of common ground between the two sides.

Volunteering :
ISBN: 0810858339. OCLC Number:

Scarecrow Press,. Lanham, Md. :. 2004.

An action guide for teens on how to volunteer their time and skills by working with the physically and mentally challenged, helping the elderly, tutoring younger children, and more.

Religion and spirituality in America :
ISBN: 0810855089. OCLC Number:

Scarecrow Press,. Lanham, Md. :. 2006.

Introduces some of the diverse religious practices, traditions, and expressions in the United States and focuses on how teenagers view their particular religious faiths--what they believe, what conflicts they encounter, and how they relate to others whose religions differ from theirs.

Am I fat? :
ISBN: 0766025276. OCLC Number:

Enslow Publishers,. Berkeley Heights, NJ :. ©2006.

Examines the causes of the obesity epidemic. Also discusses possible solutions, including diets, exercise and surgery, and examines the benefits and dangers of each method.

The military and teens :
ISBN: 0810858010. OCLC Number:

Scarecrow Press,. Lanham, MD :. 2008.

Covers the major issues young adults should consider before making a decision to join the armed forces; takes a pro-and-con look at military service.

Mao Zedong's China /
ISBN: 0822572850. OCLC Number:

Twenty-First Century Books,. Minneapolis, MN :. ©2008.

Discusses Mao Zedong's rise to power in China and what life was like under his rule.

The aftermath of the Chinese nationalist revolution /
ISBN: 0822576015. OCLC Number:

Twenty-First Century Books,. Minneapolis :. ©2009.

An account of the civil turmoil that began in China with the successful revolution led by Dr. Sun Yat-sen in 1911, and culminated with the establishment of the Peoples Republic in 1949.

The aftermath of the Russian Revolution /
ISBN: 0822590921. OCLC Number:

Twenty-First Century Books,. Minneapolis, Minn. :. ©2009.

Details the the history of the aftermath of the Russian Revolution.

The scoop on what to eat :
ISBN: 0766030660. OCLC Number:

Enslow Publishers,. Berkeley Heights, NJ :. ©2009.

"Discusses diet and nutrition for young people, including ideas for a well-balanced diet, good and bad foods to eat, the importance of exercise, and eating disorders"--Provided by publisher.



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