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General Information

Name:  Merri Borkowski  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction Mystery


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Illinois Connection

The author graduated from St. Anne high school in Illinois and from the University of Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Merri Meier Borkowski grew up in St. Anne, a small town in central Illinois. Upon graduating from the University of Illinois, she started her teaching career in Orland Park, a suburb of Chicago. After marrying her husband, Bob, they moved to Michigan where she taught high school in Dearborn Heights and Ypsilanti before moving to Big Rapids when Bob joined the football coaching staff at Ferris State University. She retired from the Big Rapids Public Schools in 2004 but continues her career as a realtor with Big Rapids Realty.

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Titles At Your Library

The Bridge Murders
ISBN: 1418408247

AuthorHouse. 2004

A small, serene town on the banksof the Iroquois Riverin Central Illinois erupts into a flurry of activity asfour prominent women in the community, all members of the Tuesday Bridge Club,are murdered one after another. MollyDonner, mother of Bridgeville's Chief of Police, investigates the murders. She and her friends can't believe themurderer could be one of the residents of this peaceful town, but they areunable to find an outsider with a motive.

The Mixed Up Murders
ISBN: 1425923364

AuthorHouse. 2006

Collingsworth had driven slowly home. He sure didn't want to get pulled over by a cop for speeding. Not tonight of all nights. He drove down the alley and backed into the shed behind the Plum sisters' boarding house. There was plenty of room for the snowmobile trailer in there. He unhooked the trailer, closed the shed door and pulled his car into his assigned parking place. He climbed out of the car taking the souvenir he had removed from Debby DeYoung's body and the box containing the size 17 shoes. As he slowly climbed the stairs to his room, he carefully avoided step number five on the staircase. No sense in waking his landladies by stepping on a squeaky stair. He just slipped through the doorway into his room when a door farther down the hall opened and one of the other boarders headed for the bathroom. "Whew! Made it undetected," he thought. "But, boy, that was close." So far he had avoided any face-to-face meetings with the other tenet. He'd just had fleeting glimpses of his back as he closed the door to his room or as he went down the stairs toward the front door on his way out. Collingsworth headed to the closet, pulled the cord to turn on the light, and pushed aside the board covering the opening to the attic in the closet ceiling. He carefully laid his packages on the attic floor and replaced the board over the opening. He breathed a sigh of relief. He changed into his sweat pants and tee shirt for bed, sat down at the desk, and began peeling the super glue off his fingertips dropping the long strips of dried glue on a Kleenex that he had spread on the desktop. "One down. How many more before mother finally notices me?" he wondered.

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