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General Information

Name:  Tami Rene Principe  

Pen Name: Tami Principe

Genre: Non-Fiction

Audience: Adult; Young Adult;

Born: in Columbia, SC

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Illinois Connection

I was born in Columbia, SC. My family moved to Illinois when I was six months old and have resided here ever since. I have lived in Manteno for eleven years now. Before that I lived in Tinley Park and Orland Hills for over ten years each as well.

Biographical and Professional Information

I have worked in the Customer Service, Sales, and Marketing atmosphere for over 20 years; mainly in a call center environment. My position was outsourced to India, leaving me without a job. I created my website to help other people. I started out with a four piece series on Domestic Violence, and continued with Teen Dating Violence, and then Cancer. I started my own radio talk show. I have interviewed over sixty authors so far. One of my interviews was mentioned by John Waggoner which is a Columnist for USA Today. From there I have published two books. Both are designed to give people hope and encouragement regardless of what they are going through. This is my theme for my website and my radio talk show. Here are my website addresses for my website and my radio talk show. My interviews that I have done on other shows about my books and author's that I have interviewed are on my website as well. I also taped a cable television show about Domestic Violence that will air on Oct 15, 2011. The name of the show is ''Everyone Has A Story...''. and

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Titles At Your Library

Walk in Peace
ISBN: 1414119704

WinePress Publishing. 2011

A personal memoir of moving on-and finding hope. • Have you been mistreated or misunderstood? • Betrayed by family? • Lost faith in those you love? If so, you're not alone-and there is hope. In Walk in Peace, radio talk show host Tami Principe presents her frank, personal memoir. This short, engaging book is designed to help others with their own personal journeys. As you follow her path through struggles and life's hard lessons, it's her hope that you will also find a sense of peace and understanding. She prays that through her story, you can learn to walk with a better understanding of people's journeys-including your own.

My Soulful Journey
ISBN: 1414119712

WinePress Publishing. 2011

After a forty-eight-year separation, Tami Principe embarked on a journey to find her estranged father. In doing so, she found a missing part of herself. My Soulful Journey models faith and offers hope to others who are searching for or have found missing family members. Through the author's personal story and by her advice that can only come from experience, Tami addresses: • Seeking an estranged family member • Planning a successful visit • Dealing with the pain, frustration, and joy • Staying connected Heartfelt and candid, My Soulful Journey helps reunite souls. Take the first step on a life-changing journey-a journey of love and faith.

The Wishing Well: Our Experiences Produce a Wealth of Information
ISBN: 146266203X

America Star Books. 2012

In The Wishing Well author, Tami Principe takes different scenarios and looks closely at the lessons learned from them. It is through experiences that lessons are learned and knowledge is gained. But more importantly they make up who we are. The Wishing Well discusses many topics such as: * Releasing * Forgiveness * Jealousy * Denial * Surrendering * Perception She prays, that with each situation you go through, you take a look inside yourself and see how strong you truly are.

The Green Rabbit: Rabbits Aren't Supposed to Be Green!
ISBN: 1462675093

America Star Books. 2012

In 'The Green Rabbit,' author Tami Principe teaches children how to be safe in fun, easy lessons with the help of Mrs. Smith and her green rabbit. 'The Green Rabbit' discusses many topics such as: Sharing Talking to strangers Halloween safety Appropriate touching Handicapped children Good and dangerous animals Ice safety Bullying Being nice and safe Water safety

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