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Name:  James F. Pastor  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Non-Fiction

Audience: Adult;


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Dr. Pastor lives in the Chicagoland area.

Biographical and Professional Information

Dr. Pastor consults, writes and speaks on a variety of public safety and security issues. He also serves as an expert witness and consulting expert in police, public safety, premises liability and security matters. He approaches these topics in a critical and substantive manner, being conversant in both the conceptual and practical applications of public safety and security.Dr. Pastor is an Associate Professor of Public Safety at Calumet College of St. Joseph, and President of SecureLaw Ltd., a Chicago based public safety and security consulting firm.

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The Privatization of Police in America: An Analysis and Case Study
ISBN: 0786415746

McFarland Publishing. 2003

Today the private security industry employs approximately 1.5 million people and spends over $52 billion annually. In contrast, public police forces employ approximately 600,000 people and spend $30 billion annually. Private policing promises to be a big part of the response to today’s increased security concerns, as citizens realize that security is much more than the presence of guards and the perception of safety. This book addresses the impact and implications of private policing on public streets, and begins with a look at private policing from conceptual, historical, economic, legal and functional perspectives. These approaches provide the background for the text, which focuses on a private policing patrol program in a community on the south side of Chicago. The text also demonstrates a number of substantive legal and public policy issues which directly or indirectly relate to the provision of security services some people see the need for a “dual system” of policing—one for the wealthy and one for the poor—and others see the provision of private security as the primary protective resource in contemporary America. The author also examines how private policing is different from and similar to public policing.

Security Law and Methods
ISBN: 0750679948

Butterworth-Heinemann. 2006

Security Law and Methods examines suggested security methods designed to diminish or negate the consequence of crime and misconduct, and is an attempt to understand both the legal exposures related to crime and the security methods designed to prevent crime. The clear and concise writing of this groundbreaking work, as well as its insightful analysis of specific cases, explains crime prevention methods in light of legal and security principles.

Divided into five parts, Security Law and Methods discusses the topics of premises liability and negligence, intentional torts and claims, agency and contract based claims, legal authority and liability, and the subject of terrorism. It also offers an evocative look at security issues that may arise in the future. The book serves as a comprehensive and insightful treatment of security, and is an invaluable addition to the current literature on security and the law.

  • Contains clear explanations of complicated legal concepts
  • Includes case excerpts, summaries, and discussion questions
  • Suggests additional research and relevant cases for further study

Terrorism and Public Safety Policing: Implications for the Obama Presidency
ISBN: 1439815801

CRC Press. 2009

The trends, data, and battle-tested logic don't lie. A perfect storm of extremist ideologies is on the horizon that threatens to challenge the current state of public safety―forcing police chiefs, public administrators, and security professionals to rethink their approach to policing the streets of America. Professor James Pastor, a recognized authority on policing and security, draws on three decades of experience fighting on the front lines against domestic terrorism to identify key indicators that point to an increase in extremist violence and terrorist threats here at home.

Merging public policy analysis with an understanding of human nature, Terrorism and Public Safety Policing: Implications for the Obama Presidency provides a unique and thorough examination of the current state of policing and reviews recent events to identify troublesome trends and potential vulnerabilities that must be addressed. This forward-looking guide introduces a new model of policing―Public Safety Policing―that accounts for the changes already underway and offers an organized and proactive response to the new breed of problems on the horizon.

Complete with supporting statistics, graphics, and photos, this book provides a realistic look into the future of law enforcement, public safety, and private security. By providing a narrative of the important decisions that need to be made, the author guides policymakers, police administrators, and security professionals with the vision needed to anticipate predicaments on the horizon.

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