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Name:  Richard Lundeen  

Pen Name: Rick Lundeen

Genre: Non-Fiction

Audience: Adult;

Born: in Galesburg, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Born and resides in Galesburg, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Richard "Rick" Lundeen was born in Illinois. He attended Carl Sandburg (Galesburg, Illinois) and Black Hawk (Moline, Illinois) Colleges where he studied biology and chemistry. He is a graduate from Western Illinois University in Macomb, Illinois where he then majored in political science. He served in the United States Navy and was stationed at the Naval cryptological school at Ft. Devens, Massachussetts before serving aboard the USS Ticonderoga CG-47. After his time in the Navy, he returned to the college environment and worked in Residence Life, then in Career Services at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois before moving onward to Carl Sandburg College.Along the books listed below, Lundeen has edited ''Boomer's Reference Guide to American College Fraternities and Sororities''. He also wrote a short story, ''Silent Gods'' in 2012. The short story was awarded third place in March 2012, in the "The Big Write", which is held each year.

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Titles At Your Library

ISBN: 1453863923

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2010

Remember us? We were Red Fraternity. We held court at COLLEGE, USA, from 1968 until the last hour before our Letters were removed. You may remember the news accounts pertaining to hazing madness, the time the SWAT TEAM surrounded our fraternity, the wet T-shirt contest gone bad or you remember the Brothers who sat around eating cookies while watching cartoons talking about instructors fist-fighting or chicks running wild, not to mention the drunken disorder and lewd sexual encounters in the name of Brotherhood. Enter the world of Red fraternity and meet Redberry, Cranberry, Tayberry as well as their sororiety counter-parts Acaria and Forget-Me-Not and read of the antics of fraternity life as well as the bonding of friendhsips then ask yourself was fraternity life at COLLEGE, USA, just drunken debauchery or was there something else a foot. This is a fictionalized account of true events. Rick Lundeen received a Certificate of Recognition for his creativeness and is a graduate of Western Illinois University. The Denver Gazette calls Fraternity, "antics that goad the reader into laughter . . . "

Black Dagger
ISBN: 1456341189

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2011

Jazz escaped the abuses of childhood by moving to Los Angelos. Despite being bipolar, he rose to the top in the adult film making industry. Him and his best friend Henry now live a life of parties, debachery and making bets with bookies. Then happenstance strikes Jazz and he finds himself with a one hundred thousand dollars of the mobs money and a small brown cloth bag. Taking filght, Jazz and Henry flee Los Angelos and end up in Blue Hills. They plan to start a new life and in the isolation of a small town think they are safe, they play the part of college students. Then they discover what is in the small cloth bag. But who can they trust and are people really who they claim to be. The mob and their associates will stop at nothing to get their money back and send word out on the streets about a reward for the capture of Jazz and his roomate. The Blood Wolves, a shady, specialized international network of people who are experts in finding people who vanish hears the mobs job offer and accepts it. Their acceptance trickers the roving eyes of the CIA, who have their own reasons for watching the Blood Wolves.

Duty Bound: A Guide to Boot Camp and to Basic Military Skills
ISBN: 1461156629

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2011

A description of life at Navy Boot Camp with information on the knowledge and military leadership skills,rates and rating, terrorism, ship classification, basic survival skills, markmanship, flag-etiguette as well as the Navy Chain of Command and navy terminology a potential enlistee will need to know. A good resource guide for anyone interested in joining the Navy.

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