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General Information

Name:  R. J. Henne  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction Non-Fiction

Born: in Jacksonville, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Henne was born in Jacksonville and graduated from the old Triopia High School in Chapin and Flamingo Beauty College in Jacksonville.

Biographical and Professional Information

R. J. worked as a licensed cosmetologist at Jacksonville Developmental Center for more than 20 years. In 1994, she moved to Decatur and married James August Henne.To overcome her grief after losing her husband to cancer in 1998, Henne started writing books for publication, even though her eyesight was failing from cornea dystrophy in both eyes. Since then, she has received two cornea transplants.

Published Works

  • Harley Boogle and His Bulldog Buster (With Dr. Marlya Wilson), PublishAmerica, 2009
  • Cracker's Bend, PublishAmerica, 2009
  • Christmas in Oberammergau (With J. E. Westerfield) , PublishAmerica, 2010
  • The Talking Rabbit and the Farmer, PublishAmerica, 2011
  • Little Bit Vanilla: The Tiny Alpaca No One Wanted (With J.E. Westerfield), PublishAmerica, 2011

Selected Titles At Your Library

Harley Boogle and his bulldog Buster /
ISBN: 1606729551. OCLC Number:

PublishAmerica,. Baltimore, Md. :. ©2009.

This is a story about a dog that comes to inspire the love of a young boy and the admiration of the entire community of Cracker Bend, Illinois.

Cracker's Bend /
ISBN: 1448921945. OCLC Number:

PublishAmerica,. Baltimore :. ©2009.

Christmas in Oberammergau /
ISBN: 1451274785. OCLC Number:

PublishAmerica,. Baltimore, Md. :. 2010.

This story centers around the small farming community of Cracker's Bend, Illinois. Three orphan children are found rummaging in garbage cans on a winter evening. They are placed in the care of Horace and Sylvia Deterding whose ancestors are from the small Bavarian village of Oberammergau, Germany. This Christmas they journey back to explore their roots.

The talking rabbit and the farmer /
ISBN: 1456073370. OCLC Number:

Publishamerica,. Baltimore, Md. :. ©2011.

A farm girl who traveled to the big city and became a successful journalst returns to the home of her birth and realizes how much she misses the simple life she knew as a child.

Little Bit Vanilla :
ISBN: 1462656323. OCLC Number:

PublishAmerica,. Baltimore, MD :. ©2011.

A rejected alpaca bonds with a young anthropologist as both discover new purpose and new meaning to their lives. The adventures of the two unlikely companions take them on journeys leading from the Midwest to the shores of Scotland.

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