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General Information

Name:  Dona J Young  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Non-Fiction Other

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1951 in Oak Park, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Dona is a life long Illinois resident.

Biographical and Professional Information

Dona Young is president of The Writer’s Toolkit and Writer’s Toolkit Publishing LLC. In addition to teaching professional writing at Indiana University Northwest, she designs and facilitates corporate training programs. Young speaks at numerous conferences and conducts training programs throughout the country. She holds a B.A. from Northern Illinois University and an M.A. from The University of Chicago. Young also earned a certificate from The Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis, which enables her to work with the emotional aspects of learning. She considers herself a life-long learner, believing that who we become is a result of what we learn. Beyond that, her dog Jake keeps her from taking work, or life, too seriously.

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Titles At Your Library

Foundations of Business Communication: An Integrative Approach
ISBN: 0072979542

Career Education. 2005

Essential communication techniques to streamline efficiency in every business

Foundations of Business Communication uses a selection of margin boxes including Coaching Tips and Communication Challenges to reinforce the hands-on techniques of communication in an increasingly arms-length and borderless environment. BusinessWeek cases and related assignments provide real-world exposure and support.

Business English: Writing in the Global Workplace
ISBN: 0073545422

McGraw-Hill Education. 2007

Business English: Writing for the Global Workplace includes all of the essentials of a traditional Business English text and more: its unique approach enhances its value for your students. 1. Students quickly learn that the value of speaking and writing Business English relates to our global marketplace: technology has made the world smaller, and just about every job today includes writing e-mail and speaking to people from diverse cultures. 2. Students use their own local language as a springboard to learn Business English, discovering that Business English is the best choice in formal environments with their local language remaining valuable in informal ones. Business English: Writing for the Global Workplace also takes the practical approach of using writing as a tool to have students apply their grammar skills: as your students’ grammar skills improve, so do their writing skills. This book provides the tools students need to compete in today’s global job market, and your students will find its unique presentation motivating as it leads them to solid skills they can use to enhance their career.

The Mechanics of Writing: Which Comes First, the Comma or the Pause?
ISBN: 098157422X

Writer's Toolkit Publishing, LLC. 2008

The Mechanics of Writing takes the mystery out of punctuation and provides practice on essential writing skills. This book uses a unique method to build writing skills.

The Little Prince Who Taught a Village to Sing and Andrew's Story
ISBN: 1461005183

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2011

If you believe in the magic of hope, courage, and faith, you will find value in reading about Andrew's incredible journey through three brain surgeries, intensive therapy, and countless MRIs. Andrew shares his story so that other boys and girls who go through a similar experience might learn what to expect and will not feel so alone. Andrew continues to help other kids with brain tumors, and 50 percent of the royalties that this book earns is donated to children's cancer charities.

The Writer's Handbook: Grammar for Writing
ISBN: 1456464647

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2011

The Writer's Handbook is a roadmap to correct and effective writing. This unique guide simplifies essential principles and orders them so that one concept builds on the next. By focusing on the sentence core, this book untangles grammar so that even complex concepts are easy to learn: as you improve your grammar and punctuation skills, you will improve your writing style as well as your confidence.

Angry E-Mail: How to Put a Lid on It
ISBN: 1463545894

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2011

Angry E-Mail: How to Put a Lid on It gives professionals options for managing e-mail effectively, especially when tensions run high. By understanding readers’ expectations, you can respond so that you not only solve the problem but also enhance the relationship. You see, it is your relationships that support you in getting your job done—not simply the exchange of information through messages. Also covered are e-mail facts and best practices, simple apologies, the "you" viewpoint versus "I" statements, micro-messages, and bad news messages.

Speaking Engagements

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Please contact Dona at or 219-763-9794