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Name:  Lee Sullivan Hill  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Children;

Born: 1958, in Hartford, Connecticut

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Illinois Connection

Hill lives in Clarendon Hills, Illinois - a suburb of Chicago.

Biographical and Professional Information

Hill grew up in Massachusetts. In college she majored in engineering, worked as a land surveyor, and interned at a steel mill. After graduation she pursued a career in construction management. Ms. Hill's first book, ''Bridges Connect'', grew out of her fascination with structures. She has published eighteen books on topics such as towers, dams, libraries, tunnels, and monuments.

Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagement Availability (Yes) '''Author Visit Topics''' ''Engineering Fun'' - (grades K-6) Hill guides students through a design-build process using graph paper, pencils, and wooden blocks. Young engineers practice teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and math skills in this hands-on workshop. ''Creation of a Picture Book'' - (grade 1 through adult) Hill demonstrates each step in the creation of a picture book, from its start in a journal, through the many drafts, to a bound book. A question and answer session completes this author visit. ''Journal Writing'' - (grade 3 through adult) Hill shares techniques that foster creativity and develop connections between the mind and the written word. Each student receives a mini-spiral notebook to practice the daily mental workout of journal keeping. ''Creative Writing'' - (grades K through 8) Hill teaches strategies that help students develop ideas, organize stories, and edit work. Kindergarten students brainstorm for ideas. Primary graders find new ways to sequence ideas. Fourth and fifth graders wrestle with active verbs. Middle school students unearth details to enrich their work.

Selected Titles At Your Library

Bridges connect /
ISBN: 1575050218. OCLC Number: 34323049

Carolrhoda Books,. .

Introduces different kinds of bridges, their materials, construction, and maintenance.

Canals are water roads /
ISBN: 1575050242. OCLC Number: 34878758

Carolrhoda Books,. .

Describes different canals and explains their usefulness.

Dams give us power /
ISBN: 1575050234. OCLC Number: 34699437

Carolrhoda Books,. .

Introduces readers to dams, their purposes, and how they may be built.

Earthmovers /
ISBN: 0822506033. OCLC Number: 48223633

Lerner,. .

Introduces the parts and functions of different kinds of earthmoving machinery.

Farms feed the world
ISBN: 9780153524752. OCLC Number: 801696367

Harcourt School Publishers,. .

A simple introduction to the beauty and variety of farms from a wheat field in Montana to the harvesting of seaweed from the ocean.

Farms feed the world /
ISBN: 1575050757. OCLC Number: 36138336

Carolrhoda Books,. .

A simple introduction to the beauty and variety of farms from a wheat field in Montana to the harvesting of seaweed from the ocean.

Get around for fun /
ISBN: 1575053128. OCLC Number: 40256007

Carolrhoda Books,. .

Describes how people choose different ways to use transportation for fun, depending on setting, circumstances, and personal preference.

Get around in air and space /
ISBN: 1575053101. OCLC Number: 40738882

Carolrhoda Books,. .

Explains why people travel in air and space and introduces the various forms of transportation used.

Get around in the city /
ISBN: 1575053071. OCLC Number: 39195404

Carolrhoda Books,. .

An introduction to some of the different ways people get around in cities, from walking and biking to ferry boats and skates.

Get around in the country /
ISBN: 157505308X. OCLC Number: 39523411

Carolrhoda Books,. .

Introduces some different modes of transportation used in rural areas, including cars, trucks, bicycles, sleds, ferry boats, and even walking.

Get around on water /
ISBN: 1575053098. OCLC Number: 41017472

Carolrhoda Books,. .

Describes many of the ways people move themselves and goods around on rivers, lakes, canals, and oceans.

Get around with cargo /
ISBN: 157505311X. OCLC Number: 40734873

Carolrhoda Books,. .

Briefly describes some of the methods used to move goods from one place to another, including pack animals, barges and other boats, trains, and trucks.

Homes keep us warm /
ISBN: 1575054302. OCLC Number: 41892127

Carolrhoda Books,. .

A simple introduction to the variety and beauty of homes around the world.

ISBN: 0822515415. OCLC Number: 53993143

Lerner Publications Co.,. .

Introduces jet planes, how they work, and for what purposes they are used.

Libraries take us far /
ISBN: 1575050722. OCLC Number: 36824782

Carolrhoda Books,. .

Surveys all kinds of libraries, from a monastery library full of handmade books to a school media center to a bookmobile.

Monuments help us remember /
ISBN: 1575054752. OCLC Number: 42772807

Carolrhoda Books,. .

Describes different kinds of monuments from around the world while also explaining how and why they were built, how they are preserved, and their importance to one's memory.

Motorcycles /
ISBN: 0822506955. OCLC Number: 52937660

Lerner Publications Co.,. .

Introduces the parts and functions of different kinds of motorcycles.

Motorcycles on the move
ISBN: 9780761372325. OCLC Number: 701901279

Lerner Publications Co.,. .

Photographs and text show different kinds of motorcycles and how they work.

Parks are to share /
ISBN: 1575050684. OCLC Number: 36001145

Carolrhoda Books,. .

Explains what a park is, how and why parks are built or preserved, and why parks are important to us, using examples of different kinds of parks from around the country.

Roads take us home /
ISBN: 1575050226. OCLC Number: 34354781

Carolrhoda Books,. .

An introduction to the variety and beauty of American roads, past and present.

Schools help us learn /
ISBN: 1575050927. OCLC Number: 37400887

Carolrhoda Books,. .

Introduces various kinds of schools, their size and location, whether attended by children or adults, and the kinds of learning provided in each.

The Flyer flew! :
ISBN: 1575058553. OCLC Number: 56617083

Millbrook Press,. .

Learn about the Wright brothers and the invention of the airplane.

The Flyer flew! :
ISBN: 9780822565291. OCLC Number: 65431996

Millbrook Press,. .

Learn about the Wright brothers and the invention of the airplane.

Towers reach high /
ISBN: 1575050366. OCLC Number: 34894371

Carolrhoda Books,. .

An introduction to the variety and beauty of towers, including the purposes they serve.

Trains /
ISBN: 0822506920. OCLC Number: 48055514

Lerner Publications,. .

Describes the different cars that make up a train, including those for different kinds of freight and those used by passengers, and explains how trains change directions.

Trains on the move
ISBN: 9780761372295. OCLC Number: 701962465

Lerner Publications Co.,. .

It rumbles through the city and the countryside. It travels on a track. This train is on the move! What kinds of things do trains carry? And who controls trains? Read this book to find out!

Tunnels go underground /
ISBN: 1575054299. OCLC Number: 41488707

Carolrhoda Books,. .

Describes different kinds of tunnels, how they are built, and what they are used for.