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Name:  Troy Taylor  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Adult;

Born: 1966 in Decatur, Illinois

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Taylor was born in Decatur, Illinois and currently resides in Chicago's West Loop area.

Biographical and Professional Information

Troy Taylor is an occultist, supernatural historian and the author of 73 books on ghosts, hauntings, history, crime and the unexplained in America. He is also the founder of the American Ghost Society and the owner of the Illinois and American Hauntings Tour companies.

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Titles At Your Library

The Haunting of America: Ghosts & Legends of America's Haunted Past
ISBN: 1892523175

Whitechapel Productions. 2001

Book by Taylor, Troy

Confessions of a Ghost Hunter
ISBN: 1892523280

Whitechapel Productions. 2002

Author and real life ghost researcher Troy Taylor brought his years of experience with the paranormal to readers with his best selling manual, The Ghost Hunter’s Guidebook. But how did he compile that information and what experiences did he base his research on? Those questions are now answered in this account of the author’s lifelong fascination with the unexplained!

This unsettling book chronicles Taylor’s adventures, and misadventures, with paranormal research, recounting his own personal experiences with ghosts, hauntings, haunted houses and more. You’ll find the stories to be compelling, often humorous and sometimes chilling as Taylor recalls his first paranormal investigation, his trips to famous haunted places, his experiences with witnesses, houses that weren’t haunted, and real ghosts! In addition to Taylor’s accounts of his own experiences, each chapter includes new information on conducting your own investigations with new insights, theories and ideas on how best to track down authentic evidence of ghosts! It’s a strange and amazing journey and one that no ghost enthusiast will want to miss!

Field Guide to Haunted Graveyards (Haunted Field Guide Series, Book 4)
ISBN: 1892523345

Whitechapel Productions. 2003

Are there really ghosts in Utah? For a state that is said to have no room for ghosts, Utah certainly has a vast number of haunted places! In this compelling and highly entertaining book, author and Utah native Linda Dunning takes a trip back in time and uncovers the ghosts, legends and unusual lore of a state that is unique in the annals of American History. Travel along as she reveals the mysteries and miracles of haunted mansions and farm houses, ghostly hotels and public buildings, spirit-infested hospitals, churches and gathering places, eerie old schools, colleges and universities and finally, the phantoms of Utah's many old mills and abandoned factories. It is a journey that no reader will soon forget, filled with the lingering personalities of Mormon pioneers, miners, mill workers, millionaires and murderers, through a land that is like no other.

Ghosts on Film
ISBN: 1892523396

Whitechapel Productions. 2005

Author and ghost researcher Troy Taylor once again delves into the supernatural with a guide to the history and mystery of spirit photography. In this latest installment in the popular "Haunted Field Guide" series, the author takes an in-depth look at the controversial and mysterious history of spirit photography, including a look at the mediums and scientists who pioneered the field and the most famous pictures that allege to be ghosts captured on film. The book also includes a detailed exploration of the way that cameras have impacted the field of paranormal research and a recounting of some of the best-known cases where cameras played a crucial role, as well as a detailed guide for using your own camera in ghost investigations. Other sections of the book feature an examination of how cameras capture ghostly images, the forms that paranormal energy takes, hints and tips on using cameras in ghost research, step by step guides to photographic investigations and chapters on analyzing photos, detecting photographic trickery, accidental photos, camera operations and much more! This is a must-have book for any ghost hunter's collection!

Mysterious Illinois
ISBN: 1892523434

Whitechapel Productions. 2006

For nearly two decades, Troy Taylor has been delving into the ghosts and haunted places in the state of Illinois but in this book, the author takes a journey down a darker road and takes readers on a search for the strange, terrifying and bizarre in this mysterious region. For centuries, Illinois has played host to the unexplained from the ancient mysteries of Cahokia, the stone forts of southern Illinois, anomalous petroglyphs and many other oddities from our distant past. Journey back in time to this lost era and then go on a hunt for the state's chilling creatures, including Bigfoot, Thunderbirds, phantom panthers, water creatures and some of the strangest beasts to ever walk on four feet --- or two! Finally, take the plunge into the depths of the unexplained as we search for answers to the state's greatest enigmas like the Macomb Poltergeist, Williamsburg Hill, Illinois' spook lights, Watseka Wonder, Illinois' sky mysteries, flying saucer invasions, Illinois vampires, the Mad Gasser of Mattoon and much more! Don't miss out on this amazing book --- including accounts, stories, eyewitness reports and in-depth research that has never appeared in print before! This is a book not to miss and a unique addition to the popular "Haunted Illinois Series".

The Possessed (Haunted Illinois)
ISBN: 1892523558

Whitechapel Productions. 2007

According to legend, one of the strangest possessions in American history occurred in the small Illinois town of Watseka in 1878, creating a mystery that endures to this day. But what really happened in this enigmatic case and how much of the mysterious story that has been told over the years --- about the spirit of one dead girl invading the body of a living one - is truth and how much is fiction? Author Troy Taylor, one of the leading researchers into the supernatural in the country, has spent years delving into the facts behind this chilling story - searching through dusty records, wandering through old graveyards and visiting the sites associated with the case. This book, which is the first full-length, non-fiction title to be written about the case since 1879, unveils the true facts behind what occurred in Watseka in the 1870s and allows the reader to judge for himself whether Lurancy Vennum was truly possessed by the spirit of Mary Roff. This eye-opening, and sometimes terrifying book, is a must-have title for anyone with an interest in the mysterious and a taste for the unknown!

Weird Chicago (Haunted Illinois)
ISBN: 1892523590

Whitechapel Productions. 2008

The city of Chicago is unquestionably the weirdest and most haunted city in America! With a history dating back to the early 1800s that is filled with violent events, mysterious happenings and a lot of very strange characters, there is no other place like it in the country. Now, in the most complete book ever written on Chicago ghosts and strange history, the creators of the Weird Chicago Tours reveal just how that homegrown weirdness has shaped the city that we know today - and shows that Chicago iw weirder than any city should legally be allowed to be! With notebooks and cameras in hand, the Weird Chicago crew has scoured the city in search of the haunted, the odd and the offbeat. They have tracked down bizarre history, unusual people, weird roadside attractions, forgotten remnants of the past, unexplained happenings and more ghost stories than have appeared in any other book before, plus the truth behind many Chicago hauntings that you only thought you knew! From Hull House to Resurrection Mary, to Dillinger to Al Capone, this book showcases the most unusual aspects of Chicago - and just what makes it so haunted, weird & unique! Packed full of stuff that you aren't going to find anywhere else, this is a journey that you're never going to forget!

Bloody Illinois (Dead Men Do Tell Tales)
ISBN: 1892523582

Whitechapel Productions. 2008

Join author Troy Taylor as his "Dead Men Do Tell Tales" Series continues with a terrifying and blood-soaked look at Illinois crime, mystery and tales of hauntings from all over the state - many of which have never appeared in any book before! In this volume, Taylor unlocks files of rare, seldom-told and favorite stories from both the cities and rural areas of the Prairie State, revealing true accounts of violence, murder, bloodshed and ghosts. Journey back into Illinois' past and discover tales of bandits, thieves, pirates and killers from the early days of the state haunted prisons, jails and police stations bloody vendettas Illinois hangings unsolved murders ruthless murderesses Charlie Birger, the Shelton Gang and War in Illinois Pat Quinlan, the Devil's Apprentice the Herrin Massacre the Hundley Murders the famous Coliseum Ballroom the Battle of Barrington Hell Hollow the Lake Club Fred Vannuci's "One-way Ride" the Starved Rock Murders Ghosts of the old Cook County Jail & the Joliet Penitentiary and dozens more! You don't want to miss this collection of uncut and uncensored tales from the pen of Troy Taylor. It's a chilling book that is not for the faint of heart!

Murder and Mayhem on Chicago's South Side (Murder & Mayhem)
ISBN: 1596296976

The History Press. 2009

Lurking below the Loop, behind the industry-driven energy of Chicago, lies the mysterious criminal underworld of the South Side. Recounting criminal exploits of legends like Alphonse Capone, as well as lesser-known stories like the Car Barn Bandits, Troy Taylor captures the intricacies of the most infamous stories of Chicago's South Side. From the gruesome murders committed by the unassuming H.H. Holmes to the mysterious death of Marshall Field Jr., join Taylor as he revisits the South Side's prosperous middle-class days and vividly depicts the strange and horrific crimes that have cast new light on the character of these too often overlooked neighborhoods.

Murder and Mayhem on Chicago's North Side (Murder & Mayhem)
ISBN: 1596296445

The History Press. 2009

In 1929, Chicago gangster Al Capone arranged a special St. Valentine's Day delivery for his favorite arch enemies: a massacre. Seven North Side mobsters were left dead. Yet random killings and bizarre murders were not unfamiliar in Chicago. Tales of the city's most violent and puzzling murders make this gripping work truly hair-raising: a deranged stalker kills his love object and then himself a sausage maker uses the tools of his trade to rid himself of his wife and a meticulous serial killer cleans his dead victim's wounds before taping them closed. Through accounts dripping with mystery, gory details and suspense, Troy Taylor brilliantly tells the twisted history of Chicago's North Side's worst.

Murder and Mayhem on Chicago's West Side (Murder & Mayhem)
ISBN: 1596296933

The History Press. 2009

Blazing from the West Side, the Great Chicago Fire left nothing but ashy remnants of the developing city, leveling its landscape but certainly not its spirit. While the West Side was home to the infamous O'Leary barn, it was also where news of some of the city's most gruesome and horrific crimes reverberated throughout the state and across the country. Read about the bloody end of Roger The Terrible"? Touhy, who, although he undoubtedly lived up to his name, met an ill-deserved fate. Troy Taylor also delves into the life of John Wayne Gacy, the depraved man masked by the clown costume, and yet again proves to be a master storyteller and historian of Chicago's criminal underworld."

Murder & Mayhem in Chicago's Downtown
ISBN: 1596296941

The History Press. 2009

In the company of author Troy Taylor, pull off the trick of coming back alive from some of Chicago's most infamous one-way rides." Meet the deadly womanizer Johann Hoch, who would propose to a woman within twenty minutes of meeting her and then poison her within a week. Follow "Terrible" Tommy O'Conner as he eluded the gallows for more than fifty years, until the city finally grew "tired of waiting" and dismantled them for the final time. Learn how even flower shops and cathedrals weren't safe from gangland violence, and relive the tragic fire at the Iroquois Theatre, where a "fireproof" curtain was made of cotton and did little to stop the blaze that killed more people than the Great Fire of 1871."

Murder and Mayhem in Chicago's Vice Districts (Murder & Mayhem)
ISBN: 1596296925

The History Press. 2009

From the very beginning, Chicago thrived on its reputation as a wide-open town. After the Great Fire, no part of the city was rebuilt more quickly than the vice districts, where bribed cops and brutal force emboldened professional wickedness to celebrate itself with gala events like the First Ward Ball, begun in honor of a madam's pianist and often so crowded that passed-out drunks couldn't even fall to the floor. Randolph Street was nicknamed Gambler's Row because men gambled with their lives by visiting it. In Little Hell, guns and knives could be rented by the hour. In these seedy areas only put to sleep by Mickey Finn's knockout drinks or Gentle Annie's knockout punches, it is no wonder that Detective Woolridge kept seventy-five disguises, made twenty thousand arrests and was shot at forty-four times.



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