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General Information

Name:  Fred Saberhagen  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Science Fiction

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1930 in Chicago, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Saberhagen was born in and grew up in the area of Chicago, Illinois

Biographical and Professional Information

When in his 20's Fred served in the Armed Forces in Korea. After serving he worked as an electronics technician for the Motorola Corporation from 1958 to 1962.It was while he was working for Motorola that Saberhagen started writing fiction seriously at the age of about 30. His first sale was to Galaxy Magazine, which published his short story "Volume PAA-PYX" in 1961. "Fortress Ship", his first "Berserker" short shory, was published in 1963. Then, in 1964, Saberhagen saw the publication of his first novel, The Golden People.From 1967 to 1973, he worked as an editor for the Chemistry articles in the Encyclopedia Britannica as well as writing its article on science fiction. He then quit and took up writing full time. In 1975, he moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he died in 2007 from prostate cancer.

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Titles At Your Library

The Dracula Tape
ISBN: 0671578391

Baen. 1999

Presents the complete transcript of a tape in which the inimitable count presents his side of the story about a series of ghastly incidents which occurred during his visit to England in 1891

The Holmes-Dracula File (The Dracula Series)
ISBN: 0765366134

Tor Fantasy. 2010

World-famous "consulting detective" Sherlock Holmes faces a terrible crisis: a ring of criminal masterminds has threatened to loose thousands of plague-infected rats into the streets of London. But the Black Death isn't Holmes' only problem. A lone killer haunts the city. His calling card is a trail of corpses, drained of blood to the last drop.

The key to solving both crimes rests in the hands of a mysterious nobleman recently returned to London on a personal matter. His name is Dracula. The Count is quickly entangled in a web of evil that even his immortal powers may not be enough to breach. Holmes and Dracula soon come to the peculiar realization that they may be each other's only hope.

An Old Friend of the Family (The Dracula Series)
ISBN: 0765363895

Tor Fantasy. 2009

The Southerland family left the old world to start anew in America, but little did they know that a blood-feud, older than history itself, would follow them through the generations to come.
Kate Southerland, the first born of the latest generation of Southerlands, has been murdered, but she is not dead. Her little brother, Johnny, has also vanished, a severed, bloody finger the only clue.
But the Southerlands have no clue what they've fallen into. Their enemy is no mortal madman, but the undying mistress of evil enchantment, Morgan Le Fay, and the Southerlands are not her true target. She seeks to do battle with their protector, their defender, the only man who is capable of saving this mortal family from a war they've never realized was waged.

Thorn (The Dracula Series)
ISBN: 0812503163

Tor Books. 1990

Jonathan Thorn, a vampire, tries to recover an unknown painting by Leonardo da Vinci from Ellison Seabright, who is suspected of murdering his half brother to acquire the priceless work

Dominion (The Dracula Series)
ISBN: 0765364840

Tor Fantasy. 2010

When two ancient, ruthless beings, locked in a struggle for the ultimate magic Weapon, bring their blood feud to New York, Vlad Tepes races to hide the coveted weapon.

The Golden People
ISBN: 0671653784

Baen. 1987

Emiliano Nowell, a wealthy, idealistic genetic engineer, secretly breeds a race of one hundred genetically perfect children, but one of the group sets out to use their extraordinary talents to replace the human race