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Name:  Jack J. Rossate  

Pen Name: None


Born: 1944 in Chicago, Illinois

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Born and Raised in Illinois. Graduated from Loyola University.

Biographical and Professional Information

Jack Rosatte has enjoyed a broad ranging career mainly in sales and management for small manufacturing businesses. He has served in the military, gone to college, worked on the factory floor and filled a position in the boardroom. He began writing at the age of 50.

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The Hot Rod Lincoln
ISBN: 0738868825

Xlibris. 2001

Timothy Flynn Farrell is a cocky Marine War hero from the Gulf War. The only reason he came back to North Conway, New Hampshire was to see his mother. The town hadn't treated him fairly since he was a child but his mother loved the area. As a good son, he would come back for her sake.

But life offers it's own plan for him. Nothing happens the way he expected, but he also learns that perhaps nothing happened the way history had called it. The real story covers the way his character had prepared him for the challanges that lie in wait. As you follow him keep in mind that the more things change the more they stay the same.

ISBN: 0738837008

Xlibris, Corp.. 2000

DECEIT is a story about the Presidency of Bill Springer. DECEIT is the story about the President, Bill Springer. When you keep that in mind you will follow the frightening possibility for this fiction to become reality.The Presidency of the most powerful nation in the world is an tremendous responsibility. The “Noble Experiment” of the Founding Fathers has proven to be beyond the ability of rogues and charlatans to tarnish, try as they might. The American people have been able to survive and the country has grown stronger for it.The story begins with an innocuous piece of background, a small snapshot of the author’s belief that nothing “just happens”. In DECEIT you can see how a First Family also includes its own extended family and how each member’s goals can be subverted. Power, it has been said, corrupts. This book should leave you with no doubt that it not only corrupts but that corruption can flow like flood waters if left unchecked. You will see people struggling to make a better life for themselves finding that they are caught up in something beyond their control. You will find good people who are just going along with the program because they don’t want to make waves. These people suddenly find out that “the program” has taken them to a place they never wanted to go and now cannot get out of. But you will also see that some people have the courage or perseverance to either extricate themselves or combat the force that power exerts. There are good people out there and you will see them. The troubling characteristic that you will have to cope with is that there are also some bad people who do good things every once in a while. It will be left to you to make the moral judgments on them.The book is fast paced as it wings its way through but a few days in the life of the President and his family. The writing style keeps you moving so that you can see how seemingly unconnected events are truly connected, in some cases they are actually bound together. You will come away from the book with a new perspective on life and, perhaps, a new perspective on government. If nothing else, it should make you want to open your eyes and ears to learn everything you can about candidates for public office. It should have you make your right to vote into your responsibility to vote, and do it in an informed manner.

Search to Witness
ISBN: 0738869996

Xlibris. 2001

Book by Rossate, Jack J.

Justice in Carroll County
ISBN: 0738869988

Xlibris. 2001

This work is the third in a series of stories about Timothy Flynn Farrell, Flynn for short. He's a young man with a problem. See grew up in the 1970's but has wound up in 1941. He's seen a crime, he stopped it and then he was accused of it. He's cleared his name but he has to see the real killer convicted. Now he has to call on his new friends to help him. This is a cast of characters that is up to the job, but with a twist.



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