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Name:  Eric Posner  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Non-Fiction Other

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1965

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Author is the Kirkland and Ellis professor of Law at the University of Chicago Law School.

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Climate change justice /
ISBN: 0691137757. OCLC Number: 593295812

. .

Climate change and justice are so closely associated that many people take it for granted that a global climate treaty should--indeed, must--directly address both issues together. But, in fact, this would be a serious mistake, one that, by dooming effective international limits on greenhouse gases, would actually make the world's poor and developing nations far worse off. This is the provocative and original argument of Climate Change Justice. Eric Posner and David Weisbach strongly favor both a climate change agreement and efforts to improve economic justice. But they make a powerful case tha.

Cost-benefit analysis :
ISBN: 0226007626. OCLC Number: 45575386

University of Chicago Press,. .

Cost-benefit analysis is a widely used governmental evaluation tool, though academics remain skeptical. This volume gathers prominent contributors from law, economics, and philosophy for discussion of cost-benefit analysis, specifically its moral foundations, applications and limitations. This new scholarly debate includes not only economists, but also contributors from philosophy, cognitive psychology, legal studies, and public policy who can further illuminate the justification and moral implications of this method and specify alternative measures. These articles originally appeared in the Journal of Legal Studies. --

Law and happiness /
ISBN: 0226676013. OCLC Number: 615629241

University of Chicago Press,. .

This book explores the rapidly developing area of research called hedonics or "happiness studies." Researchers from fields such as philosophy, law, economics, and psychology explore the bases of happiness and what factors can increase or decrease it. The results have implications for both law and public policy.

Law and social norms
ISBN: 0674001567. OCLC Number: 42953036

Harvard University Press,. .

What is the role of law in a society in which order is maintained mostly through social norms, trust, and nonlegal sanctions? Eric Posner argues that social norms are sometimes desirable yet sometimes odious, and that the law is critical to enhancing good social norms and undermining bad ones. But he also argues that the proper regulation of such norms is a delicate and complex task, and that current understanding of them is inadequate for guiding judges and lawmakers. What is needed, and what this book offers, is a model of the relationship between law and social norms. The model shows that people's concern with establishing cooperative relationships leads them to engage in certain kinds of imitative behavior. The resulting behavioral patterns are called social norms.--Jacket.

Law and social norms /
ISBN: 0674008146. OCLC Number: 48931781

Harvard University Press,. .

Terror in the balance :
ISBN: 019531025X. OCLC Number: 609351542

Oxford University Press,. .

Introduction. Part I: Constitutional Law and Theory. 1. Emergencies, Tradeoffs, and Deference. 2. The Panic Theory. 3. The Democratic Failure Theory. 4. The Ratchet Theory and Other Long-Run Effects. Part II: Applications. 5. Institutional Alternatives to Judicial Deference. 6. Coercive Interrogation. 7. Speech, Due Process, and Political Trials. 8. Military Force. Conclusion: Emergency Powers and Lawyers' Expertise. Notes. Index.

The executive unbound :
ISBN: 0199765332. OCLC Number: 704383264

Oxford University Press,. .

"Ever since Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr. used "imperial presidency" as a book title, the term has become central to the debate about the balance of power in the U.S. government. Since the presidency of George W. Bush, when advocates of executive power such as Dick Cheney gained ascendancy, the argument has blazed hotter than ever. Many argue the Constitution itself is in grave danger. What is to be done?

The law of international lawyers :
ISBN: 9781107193185. OCLC Number: 982287938

. .

This book provides original perspectives on the work of one of the most important thinkers in international law today.

The limits of international law /
ISBN: 0195314174. OCLC Number: 54913209

Oxford University Press,. .

"In this book, Jack L. Goldsmith and Eric A. Posner argue that international law does matter but that it is less powerful and less significant than public officials, legal experts, and the media believe. International law, they contend, is simply a product of states pursuing their interests on the international stage. It does not pull states toward compliance contrary to their interests, and the possibilities for what it can achieve are limited. It follows that many global problems are simply unsolvable."--Jacket.

The perils of global legalism
ISBN: 9780226675756. OCLC Number: 291908064

University of Chicago Press,. .

Drawing on such examples as NATO's invasion of Serbia, attempts to ban the use of land mines, and the free-trade provisions of the WTO, this title demonstrates that the weaknesses of international law confound legalist ambitions.

The perils of global legalism /
ISBN: 0226675742. OCLC Number: 503831184

University of Chicago Press,. .

The first months of the Obama administration have led to expectations, both in the United States and abroad, that in the coming years America will increasingly promote the international rule of law--a position that many believe is both ethically necessary and in the nation's best interests. With The Perils of Global Legalism, Eric A. Posner explains that such views demonstrate a dangerously naive tendency toward legalism--an idealistic belief that law can be effective even in the absence of legitimate institutions of governance. After tracing the historical roots of the concept, Posner carefully.