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Name:  Bob Balaban  

Pen Name: None


Born: 1945 in Chicago, Illinois

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Balaban was born in Chicago, Illinois

Biographical and Professional Information

Balaban was born in Chicago, Illinois. He is an alumnus of Colgate University and New York University and lives on the Upper West Side of Manhattan with his family. He is a member of the Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity. Balban is an American actor, author and director.

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Beware of Dog (McGrowl #1)
ISBN: 0439401372

Scholastic, Inc. 2002

Meet Thomas and his new best friend McGrowl--a courageous canine who's bionic to the bone!

When Thomas's loveable dog McGrowl is hit by a car, Thomas is heartbroken. But just when he thinks McGrowl will be lost to him forever, the mysterious vet Dr. Minderbender steps in to save the day. After a strange operation, McGrowl is alive, but he has been changed forever. McGrowl now has super speed, super hearing, and superpowerful sight, smell, and strength -- and a few super-funny tics. Now Thomas and his bionic dog must take on the evil Dr. Minderbender and foil his sneaky plans. Can this one-of-a-kind canine superhero save the day?

It's a Dog-Eat-Dog World (McGrowl (Pb))
ISBN: 075697626X

Perfection Learning. 2004


Puppy Tales (McGrowl #6)
ISBN: 0439434599

Scholastic Paperbacks. 2005

There are some new little McGrowls in the neighborhood! Thomas's furry, bionic best friend is the proud papa of a few frisky new puppies...who may or may not be bionic, too!

McGrowl and his favorite doggy companion, Miss Pooch, have puppies! Thomas and Violet are thrilled with the adorable new playmates. But will McGrowl's cuddly offspring inherit their dad's incredible bionic powers--or their mom's predilection for naughtiness?!
Meanwhile, the diabolical Smudge and Bunting have been suspiciously silent. Are they taking a break from their relentless pursuit of McGrowl, or might they be biding their time, preparing for their sneakiest and most wicked plan ever? Thomas and McGrowl have to be prepared for anything!

Good Dog ! (McGrowl #4)
ISBN: 0439434572

Scholastic Paperbacks. 2004

McGrowl and Thomas are taking a trip to see McGrowl's former owner. But their fun adventure becomes a dangerous mission when they learn that the evil duo has devised an intricate plan to trap them!

When McGrowl saves the life of a neighborhood cat, the bionic superdog becomes a celebrity. McGrowl's original owner, the old lady, spots her former pet on TV and invites him over for a visit. So Thomas and McGrowl set off to the lady's house.Then their trip turns into a wild goose chase! The friends encounter many eccentric characters who send them from one weird and wacky location to the next. The mastermind behind it all is the Milton Smudge, who's determined to get McGrowl--no matter what! Thomas and McGrowl manage to escape unharmed, but Smudge vows he'll capture them next time...

It's a Dog's Life (McGrowl, No. 2)
ISBN: 0439434556

Scholastic Paperbacks. 2003

Thomas and his courageous canine companion are back in this exciting new McGrowl adventure. This time, they're out to solve a mystery involving a series of robberies and a new mayoral candidate.

It's election time in Cedar Springs, and the sleepy town is in an uproar. All the fuss isn't just about who will be the new mayor, but about a series of mysterious robberies.
It's Thomas and McGrowl to the rescue! The boy-and-dog dream team are on the case, determined to sniff out the truth behind the crimes. Things turn more exciting when Thomas and McGrowl meet Herbert Filbert, the mayoral candidate who seems just a tad bit suspicious. Is the candidate connected to the crimes? And if so, will Thomas and McGrowl be able to stop him before it's too late?

Every Dog Has His Day (McGrowl, Book 3)
ISBN: 0439434564

Scholastic Paperbacks. 2003

McGrowl and Thomas are off on a wilderness adventure! But will the bionic bow-wow and his best friend be able to stop an evil duo from destroying their hometown?

Thomas's class is taking a trip to Devil's Island, and Thomas is bringing along his bionic best friend, McGrowl. Thomas and McGrowl can't wait to take part in all the fun nature activities. But the boy-and-dog dream team soon notice something fishy about the trip's leaders, Pop and Mamie Keeler. Could this pair possibly be the evil duo, back to cause more mayhem? And if so, will they use a dangerous volcano on the island to destroy Cedar Springs once and for all? It's up to Thomas and McGrowl to find out the truth about the Keelers and put a stop to their plans..before it's too late!

Spielberg, Truffaut & Me: An Actor's Diary
ISBN: 184023430X

Titan Books. 2003

The actor's diary offers a behind-the-scenes look at Steven Spielberg at work and a portrait of the legendary Fran­cois Truffaut.

'Art' - Acting Edition (Acting Edition for Theater Productions)
ISBN: 0822216582

Dramatists Play Service, Inc.. 1999

The Tony Award-winning play that focuses on the meaning of art (in the form of a solid white painting) as well as the meaning of friendship, to both the man who bought the painting and the two friends who come to see it."

Close Encounters of the Third Kind Diary
ISBN: 0880641827

Fromm Intl. 1997

Puppy Tales (McGrowl (Pb))
ISBN: 0756976804

Perfection Learning. 2005

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