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General Information

Name:  Thomas E. Krupowicz  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction Non-Fiction

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1938 in Chicago, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Thomas Krupowicz is a retired Chicago Police officer that served on the force for over 33 years. He still lives in the Chicagoland area.

Biographical and Professional Information

Thomas started his own publishing company and put his novels into print. He has also written a textbook on the Science of Fingerprints.

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Titles At Your Library

Death Danced at the Boulevard Ballroom
ISBN: 1881690008

Terk Books and Publishers. 1992

This is a book about murder, cunning and deceit, with a surprise ending. This novel is based on a true story about a cop killer and how he almost got away.

Murder In The Fourth Dimension
ISBN: 1881690059

Terk Books & Publishers. 1998

After a near death experience, unbelievable secrets are revealed to Chicago Police Officer Russell T. Wyer. His supervisors believe he is having a nervious breakdown, and suspend him. Russ must prove that his vision was real and come to terms with his feelings for his partner, Iris Cobb, the mother of two young children.

Dead Men Don't Drink Vodka
ISBN: 1881690032

Terk Books and Publishers. 2001

This book is a collection of short stories that will satisfy every reader's taste--whether it be in drama, humor, suspense, horror, or intrigue. The reader is in for a literary treat.

Fingerprints: Innocence or guilt : the identity factors
ISBN: 1881690016

Terk Books and Publishers. 2001

This book's purpose is to help technicians to become latent print examiners and also to be used as a reference guide as an aid in the forensic sciences for lawyers and all law enforcement officials. The book describes all facets of fingerprint terminology, questions that are often asked about the science, and photos to help the reader to understand the science.

The Lincoln Dollars
ISBN: 1881690067

Terk Books & Publishers. 2003

Jacob Ball was a Civil War veteran and a receipient of the Medal of Honor. While Ball is in Washinton, D>C> to accept the Medal,President Lincoln is assassinated. Jacob decides to travel west with his family to find a better life. Driven to hardship by several family tragedies, he decides to take his family back home to Iowa.

When he gets lost in the desert, Jacob discovers a treasure cache. A diary kept by his wife list small clues as to the treasure's location.

Don Vincenso Fracci, a violent leader in the Torgosa Crime Family in New York, was now retired. He acquires the diary and makes his remaining years a quest to find the treasure.

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