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Name:  Thomas J. Keevers  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction

Audience: Adult;

Born: in Chicago, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

He was born and currently resides in Chicago, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Thomas J. Keevers is a trial lawyer and author. He is a former homicide detective for the Chicago Police Department.

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Five Star First Edition Mystery - Music Across The Wall
ISBN: 159414074X

Five Star. 2003

Thomas J. Keevers makes an assured debut in this tough look at broken lives and lost hopes in the inner city, featuring a new private eye hero with guts and baggage to spare.

P.I. Mike Duncavan is twice divorced, an ex-cop, and a disbarred lawyer. Hired by defense counsel to look into the murder of a "solid family guy," Mike is up against a hard deadline, with only fifteen days to conduct his investigation. Among the many unanswered questions: What was the deceased doing in the building in the first place? If he was killed in a robbery, why was his wallet left behind? With very little to go on, Duncavan follows a trail of cryptic clues, risking his life and what's left of his reputation, leading to an unlikely killer with the most likely motive.

Thomas J. Keevers lives in Chicago, Illinois.

Five Star First Edition Mystery - What The Hyena Knows
ISBN: 1594144419

Five Star. 2005

You might think that P.I. Mike Duncavan, disgraced ex-cop and disbarred lawyer, would have little pride left - but pride was one of the deadly sins that brought him down in the first place. So when his friend, criminal lawyer Stanley Janda, asks Mike for help in defending an accused child killer, he has some serious qualms. Janda's client, Justin Ambertoe, a gay freelance photographer, was seen loitering near the scene of the crime, an abandoned building in a Chicago ghetto, about the time the little boy was murdered. Out of loyalty to his friend, Mike takes the case, but as the investigation proceeds, the State's evidence against Ambertoe mounts, and so do Mike's own doubts about his client. Maybe Ambertoe really is the killer. But if pride has been Mike's downfall, persistence is his strength. Doggedly following a few feeble leads, he eventually uncovers a scheme so bizarre, so diabolical, that no one - not the police, not the prosecutor, not even his own ex-partner - will believe him. The sweep of Mike's investigation takes him through Chicago's seedy back streets, to a west Texas game ranch where African animals are bred for "hunting," to a South African village where witchcraft flourishes and ritual sacrifice is routine. In a deadly cat-and-mouse game, Mike becomes as much quarry as hunter, and wonders whether the forces he's battling might even be supernatural.

A Chicago native, Thomas J. Keevers is a trial lawyer and former homicide detective with the Chicago Police Department.

The Chainsaw Ballet (Five Star Mystery Series)
ISBN: 1594145806

Five Star. 2007

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